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  1. They are getting REALLY rich... They really deserve this...They work so hard..the deserve all the success they are getting now~~~
  2. It's going to be so much fun learning Korean with kara!!! Too bad I don't have any money.... but if I did....
  3. I hope they'll take care of themselves and be healthy.... It's a great news but they should not tire themselves... Be careful!!
  4. YEAH!!!! as expected, kara made it again!! I'm so proud...and HAPPY!!!
  5. My name in facebook is mikee nadonga...

  6. haha...I want my country to be the next victim... But it won't probably happen..maybe china... but I really am proud of our girls, they really did "pawned everyone in Japan"!!!
  7. Happy birthday nicole!(1992)

  8. Happy Birthday amir m!

  9. Happy Birthday ms. simply rated!

  10. Happy Birthday Ppfdee!

  11. MIKee

    Happy Birthday ars!

  12. Happy birthday jiyoungsunflower!

    Lol...I love your name:)

  13. Happy birthday ichigo!(lover)

  14. Happy Birthday samuel!

  15. Happy Birthday fernee!

  16. Happy Birthday zealousy!

  17. Happy Birthday chris!

  18. Happy Birthday Dora!(doraemon)

  19. MIKee

    Happy Birthday yuzi!

  20. Happy Birthday enishim!

  21. Happy Birthday karafanaticinphil!

    maligayang kaarawan!

  22. Happy Birthday Nicolefanboy!

  23. Happy Birthday pioneerLtTwinkle!

  24. Happy Birthday BananaLupin!

  25. Happy Birthday WChang!