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  1. Happy Birthday!!

    Have a nice day~♥

  2. mmm...I think Kara's improvement started at the release of "2nd revolution"... Compared to their songs before that, their vocals improved a lot... But the thought of them being lazy never crossed my mind...I think they're really hardworking... I think it's because they didn't receive much attention back to their debut days~~ And I consider Kara as one of the most hardworking idols in Kpop...
  3. WOW!!! That's really nice~ Kara really deserve the attention and success they're receiving right now...
  4. WAHH!!!! I can't wait to see this!!!I would really like to see Kara animated... I hope it happens...
  5. It's a relief that everything's alright... Her voice is so beautiful... I hope she gets well better and continue being an amazing goddess~~~
  6. Woah!! Kara and Kamilias powers are really great when combined~~~ I' proud being a Kamilia=)
  7. GYURI fighting! our goddess is really adorable... she's really beautiful in and out.~~~
  8. Last time it's mister...But now I like STEP more!!! It's dance is really nice, and I thinks it's better than mister's choreography (except of course for the butt dance, I think nothing can beat the butt dance...) I also like jet coaster love's choreo a lot...
  9. WAHHH!!! We finally made it!!! They really over came all the hardships and now, they finally got what they always dream...
  10. Thanks for the add~♥

  11. If I were a guy, I would marry Gyuri... I think she would really be sweet, and she would really be a good wife~~~ So if ever I became a guy, I would really ask her to marry me..(if I were lucky enough)
  12. Nicole is really cute in this photo shoot~~~ I was really happy to hear this news because I ship JinCole so hard... Finally, there would be some JinCole moment...
  13. WAHHH!!! Seungyeon fits this show really well... I'm so excited to know who seungyeon pairs with... too bad onew is not here...T.T
  14. WAHHHH!!!! I'm excited!!! I really want to know what concept they're going to make.... AHHHH.... DSP is really getting smarter... KEEP IT UP, DSP!!
  15. WAHHHH!!!! I'm really excited for this... too bad I'm still a student who doesn't have any money to go to Korea.... But I'll watch all the fancams available, and I would get all the pictures... wha.... Those K- kamilias are super lucky...
  16. Happy Birthday xiaomao!

  17. Happy Birthday cecelialorene!

  18. Happy Birthday Junrong!

  19. Happy Birthday starbuck are sweet!

    Lol I love your name...

  20. Happy Birthday Malvenia nency!

  21. So cute~♥ Hara is cool while Jiyoung is cute... I love how Hara "saved" her...Their expressions are so CUTE...
  22. Happy Birthday maarcosy!

  23. Happy birthday Joanne!!

  24. Happy Birthday waffle monster!!

    LOL...I love your name~~