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      Hey Karaholic! Since all of the members are now with different agencies, we thought it'd be appropriate to create new subforums so members can stay in touch with their activities. Please try to post here from now on with future updates and events.  Here are the new subforums we've created:
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  1. And then she could dedicate it to Seungho who at that time would probably be in the army He'd definitely appreciate it kekeke I knew You Were Trouble would be great coz then she could dance to it ..
  2. Cole's a true blue Taylor fangirl.. wouldn't it be great if she covers one of Taylor's song during the next Karasia concert?
  3. Thank you for ur heartfelt fan account. And i'm happy to hear that you're committed to helping KARA secure a concert in Tokyo dome.. we will also support you in this IMO, for some Kamilias, KARA is no longer just a Kpop group that we follow, KARA has become a part of our lives whereby each obstacles they face also impact us.. and each success they achieve make us so proud and happy! thanks again superkarafan
  4. Jing is definitely benefiting from her exposure in Rainbow Rose And yes, she's one of the cutest and prettiest idols around. This is a real time ranking which means the results will keep changing from time to time. But I'm psyched to see GyulColeJing to be in the lists. The KARASIA experiences hv enabled the Japanese Kamilias and non-Kamilias to see how talented and precious our bbs are And i agree with their impressions in general: Jing as the cutie, Gyuri as the goddess and Nicole as the cool persona Congrats babes!
  5. OMO! This is the awesomest news I've heard this year.. and Cole's collabo is something that all Nicoholics hv been dreaming of and waiting for since last year. So looking forward to it, I really hope both Cole and her partner will perform live stages for the song Besides Cole, I'm also looking forward to the others' solos as well esp Gyuri's and Ham's. Another wish of mine is to see GyulHamCole as a sub-unit releasing vocally-strong song... just like KARA4 I know they can pull it off perfectly
  6. Happy for Cole even though it's just a small cameo. But a bit miffed that she got it thru her own contacts instead of DSP No matter, she always give it her best anyhow. Hope it'll open up more doors for her. Unlike many others, I feel that she's quite talented in acting and hope she'll get a meatier role that allows her to show it off
  7. Well, I guess it's quite difficult for our bbs to win any awards in Korea.. no worries, coz they're always winners to us coz they always give their best and throught thick and thin, they will persevere. But I do get pissed off, when KARA are treated wonderfully in Japan and some antis rant abt how they don't deserve it, how XX group also became a success in Japan, how XXX group is more deserving, etc etc... GTFO!! Our bbs hv worked hard to get where they are... even if they don't hv awards to show for it, they'll hv the 'love and support' from fans in Japan, Korea and all around the globe..
  8. They all hv dazzling smiles but.. IMO, Corii has a very genuine and infectious smile! You can feel the warmth it exudes and see the sparkles in her eyes When she smiles, I cannot help but smile along with her and feels my heart is lighter
  9. I love KARA and I love rock so when this two collides .. i go nuts! I stumbled upon this guy rocking his guitar to Jumping .. simply awesome If it's been posted b4.. sorry and pls remove it
  10. On the contrary, I think Seulong is quite close to Cole.. I've seen them waved and joked with each other on the ending of music shows. And I also remembered in the HahaMong show where they played a prank call on Cole.. Seulong's expression was of concern for Cole .. very sweet of him. IMO, Cole is close to all members of 2AM, closest to Jinwoon of course. She's also close to all members of Shinee except Taemin
  11. Happy that our bbs are getting the recognition and love they deserve .. and i love the shades of pink/peach they are wearing ..
  12. ^^ Thanx so much for the Super duper HQ bts photos .. amazingly HQ and a fantastic way to appreciate Cole's beauty Anyway, i think this photos were for the photoshoot, right? The shoot where Cole had to Bo-Beep or s'thing like that .. kekeke thanx again...
  13. i am so happy to read this hope we can see them soon and hope they will come back better than ever
  14. meet missing HamColeJing so much T_T Glad to know they'll be back .. yeayyy!
  15. I'm not surprised much coz our girls hv always persevered and they'll always slowly win the race Hoping for to see them conquer more charts in japan AND korea AND other parts of the world