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  1. Ahhh tough one...I was deciding between Rock You and Jumping and eventually chose Jumping . Girls that can pull off short hair are sexy hehe.
  2. After seeing her with some hair extensions for the MBC Song Festival, it reminds me how much I like her with short hair and not long hehe
  3. Wow I really like the new layout! You guys did a great job with it Good work you guys ^^
  4. Fanboy! Looks like there's more fanboys XD But yea the amount of fanboys/fangirls is pretty close!
  5. It's nice to see her on a variety show again. I thought she got the Jaws tune correct too lol. Maybe they were looking for something at the end as it seems they just skipped the question XD. I wish they showed Nicole dance with Taeyang just to see how she would react. Yeaa I agree. I'd rather have her just be herself than try to do something just to get airtime. When people try too hard to gain airtime, it can sometimes end up unappealing.
  6. I'm going to have to go with Hara! She has the prettiest set of eyes I have ever seen hehe. Second would have to go with Gyuri!
  7. She definitely looks cute with bangs...but I still prefer her without it. But maybe it's just because I'm so used to her without bangs.
  8. Definitely love her short hair! Surprisingly fits her well and she can pull of a sexy look or a cute one still ^^
  9. I voted Shindong...I think it would be an interesting couple for the show haha
  10. Obviously Lupin! haha I also like listening to Lonely...
  11. If she's taking the American High School Exam she'll pass easily haha. Well even though it should be easy good luck to Nicole on the exams ^^
  12. Ahh poor Seungyeon!!! She looked hurt when she was getting up >.< . It DID look painful but man, she still performed well after the fall!
  13. Well...I'm a guy so I guess it wouldn't be IF I was a guy right? haha Anyway...if I could only choose one I think it would be Nicole. She seems like a fun person to be around and as a bonus, she speaks English lol. But I would date all of them if I could hahahah ^^:
  14. Yay...finally! Well the wait didn't seem too long for their comeback hehe. Only awhile longer till the teaser woo!
  15. Ahhh can't wait to see what they're going to bring to the new year . February is close so the wait isn't too long ^^
  16. Aww the joke towards Seungyoung was a bit harsh but at least she's able to laugh it off and like it has been said that's his style anyway hehe. Anyway pretty amusing..judging from screen caps the girls looked like they had a good time.
  17. I'm 21 going to be 22 in February. So far there are more 19 and older people woot!
  18. HAhahaha Bob Sapp...that guy is hilarious as always! It looked like at one point when Hara was in that bag that she was about to clash heads with Seungyeon o.o lol. Jiyoung looked a bit frightened of him at times too when he would scare off the guys hahaha.
  19. Aww she looks so cute in that school outfit! I was pretty disappointed when I read that Nicole left SGB, so I'm pretty happy that she's going to be in a new show I'm sure we all are though hahaha. Well can't wait to see this! So much Kara activities going on lately ^.^
  20. Aww poor Nicole in BOTH cases...first a guy choosing Hara over her (if it was me I wouldn't know who to choose!) and then the toothpaste thing! Hara was pretty witty with her answer/reply about the guy lol.
  21. Awww how sweet of the fans! I bet she loved it...wish I could have seen the reaction from her hehe. Too bad she could only have a small party in the dorms...but I hope she enjoyed it!
  22. Yaeaa...not feeling the outfit either haha. I just saw this on KBSWorld and I really thought she did great! *SIGH Kim Shinyoung...she beat out our Seungyeon lol.
  23. Lol I was the same way. Someone else had to tell me about this little tease of hers. She really does tease us well doesn't she?
  24. Thanks for the translation that was a really great article on Kara ^^ It's too bad Hara fell in the race...but it was cute how Jiyoung was worried for her unnie when that happened hehe. The girls looked so pretty without make-up...why even bother putting any on? Hhaha. I would talk about everything but lets just say that every segment they were in was really enjoyable to watch and I find myself re-watching it a lot. I'm glad KARA was in the Chuseok specials because it just made me enjoy the shows even more.
  25. Yay...they finally get a break! They really deserve it and need it. Too bad it's only three days, but it's better than have no vacation or rest! Hopefully they can enjoy it and re-energize themselves!