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  1. I was surprised that no one posted this! I thought it was really adorable and I thought I would post it in a JiYoung forum because she is such a dork in this! I laughed really hard @ 0:31. LOL. Well enjoy our little maknae and our beautiful goddess dance to Heartbeat.
  2. My favorite hat on her is when she wear the black beanie with a pom pom. It's so cute on her.
  3. Haha. The alcohol part is an assumption made by allkpop and viewers. So, I find it hardly fair to believe. To be honest and all, skipping class isn't that big of a deal and I am not saying this because I am a fan of Nicole and all. I bet tons of Korean college students do it all the time. Nicole can't be the perfect student, she's only human. *TOTAL SIDE NOTE: This sort of reminds me of the time Seo in Young did this show, she didn't even show up on the first day. Haha.
  4. Is she really like that or is it like a joke concept? LOL. I always thought it was a joke. But I still find it funny real or not.
  5. I personally think the wavy side bangs looks the best on her. Wow, I never knew she had so many hairstyles.
  6. LOL. I love the dad one. It made me laugh so hard.
  7. I think she was sick that day. I am not sure, but she sounded pretty tired when she was singing.
  8. Whoaaa. I have noticed that and I have seen both pictures before. LOL. They are both very good looking in my opinion. <3
  9. LOL. Her surprised face is so funny. It's like the cutest surprise face I have ever seen.
  10. OMO. She looks soooo cute as a baby and she looks beautiful as a kid. Damn, that rumor about cute babies turning ugly when they grow up is so untrue. Well, in her case, it is. LOL
  11. That's such a funny dance and I love how it's like their trademark now. LOLOL, that's too funny. I really have to find that episode of the Idol Show. LOL.
  12. Hahaha, Seungyeon raised her hand. Awww, that's so cutee. But I am curious..people said she was joking, like it's just a joke concept. Is it true or is she really just this confident?
  13. Ahha, the first picture is really cute. It looks like they are dating. That's a cute couple.
  14. She looks a little foreign. Is she really full korean?
  15. Ah, I love her eye smile. It's almost like Tiffany's eye smile.
  16. I am sorry I don't see a resemblance. But I think she looks like Wonder Girl's SoHee when SeungYeon was younger.
  17. Awww, the last is too cute for wordssss! Ohmygoodness. I would steal her.
  18. omo. She looks like SoHee especially in this one: http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee195/spicedeli/pssy1.jpg
  19. Aw, man. I love all the gifs. They are all so adorableeee. I love her hair, it makes her cute.
  20. The sushi one is just too cute for words!!! Her face when she looks up at the camera is soo cuteee.
  21. That's quite a twist. And she looks cute when she is showing the pictureeee. Awww, she's absolutely adorablee!
  22. She has the most adorable laugh ever. The first one is my favorite, she's too cute for words.
  23. I think she's cute in a dorky kind of way. I never really understand what she is doing, but she's so cute like that. LOL.
  24. I didn't understand why they were covering her face in the beginning, but when she turned around I died of laughter. I never knew she could be that funny and dorky. That's so funny ohmygoodness. Nicole was like falling off her chair in the background. LOLOL.