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  1. Thats quite an evil of YS,... But considering it was the cutie pie SY he was dealing with, then i guess his action was understandable.... wkwkwkwk... Anyway i've watched the show and i think they didnt actually reveal who's that male singer is....
  2. What a lovely hammie.... sHE really do look like a baby,.. with a flawless skin that make me want to pinch her cheek.... Guam seem to be a very nice place to make ur holiday...
  3. Kyaaaaaa that was full of awesomeness gift for a birthday present.... SY must be so touch and happy receiving those things... GOSHHHH... Im so envy her....
  4. This is so damn Funny..... Sy totally rock it... And just look how big Onew and TaEC smile at it.... And i just love how she burst out herself at the first time when she look herself wearing the sunglasses... And also the last smile when she become so proud of herself for doing such a great impersonation.... WELL DONE HAM!!
  5. Haha our Ham is an adult now....... She look so lost and innocent here.... Still the same baby-face as now.. And i remember she ever said that she feel embarass when one of her fans found out bout her childhood pic... LOL... Why need to felt that way Hammie????
  6. LOL... i never knew ham like WG's Sunye, i thought she's in love with SNSD's Taeyeon... And the way she describe her really sweet and its like telling us that she trully admire her... Sweet Ham, never hesitant to show her admiration toward her "Idol" ... WonKa Fighting!!!!
  7. Long Time not posting Picture of our Hammie.... So here you go... Credit: Kara-T ^ She look so sweet here... Make my day goes brighter....
  8. LOL... NO one vote for Heechul..... I'll go with Taeckyon... Love them in SSGB... And their height diferrence will make them a cute couple... But Chansung will be good too.... Hmmmmm........ *confuse* *confuse*
  9. Hey just currently read ur post at sy's ssgb thread...

    The ep where sy stole the food was at 2009.03.25...

    Hope its help and not late...^0^ Miann...

  10. We all know how close Nicole and her mom are.... so its not surprise me if she constributed in the fund whether it was just for at least or for full cost.... Plus i love the way they named the restaurant... coooollll....
  11. I wouldnt mind if their comeback concept will be like this.... Jing,Hara, and Seungyeon hairs are awesome.... Now at least we have something to cling on while waiting for their comeback.... Thx for the translation
  12. Bout this polling i think we should ask the PD of the show that SY is/was on... Cause afterall they are the one who demanding her to be on their show right??? And the more they over her to be on their show it mean the more opportunity that sy herself and Kara will be recognize by peoples right?? And i think sy herself is fine about this condition, even if she didnt have many chance to resting herself and enjoy her personal life, there's also lot of advantage of all the jobs she has done, like: meeting and knowing new peoples, learning new thing bout entertainment bussiness and maybe practicing what she has learnt from her university...
  13. T o be honest i doubt SY will won that competition... Her and her partner food look the messiest.... But maybe it taste great, lol who knows.... Hara's food seem the most complicated, And i wanna try Nicole's mixed fruit punch.... Cant wait to watch this and Thx for the translation...
  14. Ahhh thanks for posting those pics.... She look so darn adorable in Vitamin show's pics..... Now i really want to have an eye smile like that.....
  15. Credit:Naver