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  5. For now we need to get a lot of photos first, then we'll proceed to sorting it out On a different note, we've been getting some great pics lately! I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed so far but we're far from over so don't stop sending those pictures!
  6. lol that's actually not a stupid question at all It would be better if it was a photo of you WITH kara. if not, then you can always just provide kara pics and/or your pic with the i love kara banner. I believe we can use the fantaken pics from korea, but I believe we'd need permission for that. or I could be wrong. calling @Lupang @Yong @flamestalker lol
  7. Currently, there is no definite deadline. And you are more than welcome to participate and share! Thanks for your interest!
  8. Hey guys! Anyone still remember me? Xp Hoping you guys are all okay Remember how there used to always be something big whenever I post announcements? HOHOHOHOHO Anyhow, as the title states, the admins and I had a talk about wanting to make a majoooooor tribute gift for the girls and here's what we came up with: We will be creating an online photobook that would contain everything that we can relate to them. This will be hosted under karaholic We thought about creating a history portion of kara wherein we compile photos of their journey and milestones. For example, a pic of their 1st gathering during the original kara4 run, up to their first number 1 win and so forth. It can be within a fansign event, a fanmeet,a fancam and so on. The possibilities are endless and it'd be a great way of showing the world our passion for the girls. P.S. As much as possible, please use images without watermarks. We can also insert a year long calendar containing all the memos from the past online project, the KARAlendar! The next portion we came up with is the fan section. The idea is to do a compilation of photos that are filtered per country. The plan is to have a picture along with a banner/sign that says "I love KARA". It can be on a beach, below the statue of liberty or even on top of the eiffel tower! The choice is yours. It can also be from your country's landmark. In the end, it's all about being creative What makes this project so meaningful and special is that: 1. Its full of effin effort. - the girls need something that will constantly remind them that we kamilia are always by their side! And what better way to do that than to show them that we've always been with them every step of the way? By letting them see theirselves through the eyes of a Kamilia. 2. It gives off a more hands on feel. - our projects usually are comprised of donations from various people. Then we buy a gift and send it to them. With a project like this, we get to show them more of our love. I mean, come on. You wont do something like this just for anybody right? 3. Effort > Money - this wont cost us a lot of money which has always been a constraint to every project. And simply because effort is > cost. Just to add: we plan to make this into something really big. Not just within the confines of karaholic. If this goes viral, it would be a whole lot better. EDIT: GUYS PLEASE MAKE THIS VIRAL. lol. It doesn't have to be viral with the whole world. Help us spread this throughout the whole Kamilia population. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's how you can help: 1. Contribute by sharing your KARA photos with us! Rules: a. must be good quality b. must have KARA! hahaha 2. Take a photo of yourself with an "I LOVE KARA" sign or KARA merchandise for the fan section! 3. If you'd like to help us prepare the photo book (GFX, photo organizing, promotion, etc), please PM one of the admins (flamestalker, Yongery, Lupang, r0nald222) Important Links: "Drop Photos Here" Folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B2vnmEr6cFJ-TXA1VFZ0MHF4cDA For kara!
  9. I do feel her presence on SNS, but I didn't know she was being active with variety shows lately. </3 My pace seems to be slowing down...
  10. I wish she was a bit more active! :'c I'm missing her badlyyyy~

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