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  1. thanks a lot !! =)
  2. Spazz

    LOVE those pics in black and white! thanks a lot for sharing. ^ ^
  3. The main and lead are kinda confusing to me too at first. ><" but now based from "main" and "lead" in Kara and some groups, I think Lead is like leader of the song which means lead > main. Though I like Gyuri & her voice the most,I have to admit that Gyuri's singing skill is still far behind from Seungyeon.(but yes...I still hope she will get much more line too...)
  4. Spazz

    From what Gyul said on "Radio Star".I know that sounds a bit scary.But I bet that lots of people do that.seriously.just ...consciously or not. And Gyul talked about that honestly.I admire that point of her. However I personally agree with @red4summer that what she tried to tell is that she might be alone (on her purpose) sometimes but not a loner. At last, As usual thanks for all nice pics sharing here .She's so cute<3 My favourite is Gyul in white dress and uniform teehee.Though it's clear that Gyul didn't know how to act playing violin . Whatever still love her~
  5. @red4summer & gel Thanks a lot for sharing I saw Gyul& Sungmin following each other's twitter for so long.Since there's no interaction between them on screen before or may be it's me who couldn't see that. I still wonder how can they become close. (although it sounds reasonable to me cuz personally I think they emit some alike vibe. teehee) Whatever I like to see suju/kara interaction.
  6. Gyul is so cute in vid.It's a relieve to see her smiled so brightly. Thanks a lot for sharing!
  7. I don't know about this... but I think that she's a bit distant from others comparing to before that incident,which may not represent anything.They may be still close or not,who can tell?. BUT I WISH that there's nothing changed. I can see that after the incidence Nicole seems to become closer to Jing whereas Seung & Hara who were already closed become closer. about Gyuri I don't know T_T I just feel like she's a bit sad all the time which breaks my heart T_T
  8. Congrats girls! They totally deserve this T^T I'm impressed. Kara phenomenon in Jap! woohoo ))
  9. They're all so cute together.Look like they're really close. Kang family members are looking good.What a good genetic ^ ^
  10. Spazz

    She's so cute in URAKARA. >////< meakes me missing her blonde hair... she's gorgeous in blond too <3 I really wanna watch drama in sub! I have to wait patiently ^ ^
  11. The last pic,...Gyuri's hand is on Kwanghee shoulder!?(Is he? I'm not sure sbout his name...) I know he's often SSTP guest but wow.... never know that they're quite close or at least it means Gyul's comfortable with him.... I mean Gyuri rarely show skinship with man.... this really freaks me out a bit. ><"
  12. Spazz

    @ stevenstanley Thanks a lot ^ ^ WOwwwwwww LOVE IT!!! She looks really chic and cool and sexy in this style >/////< Gyul is LOVE <3
  13. Gyul 's also gorgeous in blonde. >< (I'm pretty relieved that it's not in the orange shade.) in the last pic,she looks a lot like an elf to me. O_O @lyNk.zEk Thanks a lot for sharing!!
  14. I like gyuri. and think she may go well with blonde . but NOT THIS BLONDE !! It's way too orange. T_T it makes her face pale...... I guess I have to wait patiently. this style may be changed later on or may look great if she wear some more make up.
  15. Thanks for sharing! ^ ^ I myself always love that motion(last gif) of gyuri. It's pretty HOT. but since everyone focus on Nicole's butt dance, she's not getting much attention for that sexy motion. What a pity.><" I'm glad you make some gifs here, Thanks!!
  16. her goddess image/princess syndrome is obviously something she created for entertaining . I feel sorry for her when a lot of people hate her without even know her real personalities. to me, she looks like a nice,caring one. bit by bit some who used to dislike her,become more understanding that it's just an image she created. I wish SSTP will show more of her sides and people will recognize more of Gyul's charm. <3
  17. Seriously Gyul looks EXTRA GORGEOUS!!! That's why I really like Karaya photos teehee. I love most of them. My favourite ones are blue jumpsuit and Gyul in plain white T-shirt in the car.<3
  18. Gyul looks great in that style. SUPER CHIC and GORGEOUS!!! >/////////< thanks a lot for sharing. ^ ^
  19. @mae love gyul look here! She looks so fierce and chic <3 thanks a lot for sharing ^ ^ I love the first pic. It's so funny. but Gyul looks extra pretty there. LOVE IT ><
  20. I'm a bit angry and feel sorry for her. Why she's hated by someone, who don't even know her. gosh but I have to admit that for someone who don't know her well may find her act(of course it's an act!!) too arrogant. Because they don't know her well.So I can't blame them(as much as I want to). = =" But now I feel a lot better 'cus there're a lot more people who started to find out that it's just an act. (except....her love for mirror is REAL LOL)XD Plus Kamilia always protect her when somoene badmouth about her on YT.
  21. Congrats Gyuri!! ^ ^ I personally think She has a good voice for this kind of job(DJing, MCing that kind of stuff) Gyuri Fighting<3
  22. OMG I like this!! >___________< They all look great<3 LOVE GYURI look here!!! so gorgeous and friendly~
  23. Spazz

    thanks a lot for all photo sharing!!! ^ ^ @daebak I'm in LOVE the first photo of gyuri. her expression there is really refreshing <3 >< b plus your signature avatar gyuri ais kinda funny LOL
  24. Spazz

    @daebak and @curbow Thanks a lotfor sharing ^ ^ She's really gorgeous. Love her<333 I like it when she have a soft,comfortable feeling face. What ever still love the last photo. It's so OMG sexy. ><
  25. All of them are so pretty~ <3 Glad to hear that they're doing well in japan.^ ^ wish them a success in Japan!!!