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  1. (: This will be interesting. I'm glad that they will be doing the bakery show. Wonder Girls did a great job. Let's just hope that they have fun and don't get too worked up when things don't go as they expected!
  2. If I didn't like F.T. Island, I would have been annoyed. But since I like them, it's alright haha Then again, with shows, it is really all about concepts. Most things shouldn't be taken seriously.
  3. I'm glad that I am not the only one who thinks they look alike =) Hara is prettier though! It must be the face shape, hairstyle and the skinniness!
  4. She's pretty enough already, but with long straight hair, she's even prettier!
  5. I realized how wrong the lyrics can be interpreted after listening to the song a few times. If they promote the song or perform it, hopefully the music industry won't ban it from being performed or played!
  6. I think their impression of me will be somewhere along the lines that I am a quiet and shy person. They might think that I am around the same age as them since a lot of people think I am younger than I actually am - in reality, I am a 88er and a bit older than Gyuri. As for appearance, they might think I am the laid back and chic type? People say that I have the chic style and because I don't follow the trend (I go with what I am comfortable with and like), they will have more clues about how I'm like. But after they get to know me and I break out of my awkwardness, they will probably think I am weird. I don't say I am weird for attention, but because everyone tells me that I am. Unfortunately, I don't agree with people who say that.
  7. It's hard to choose, but I guess.. Hara or Seungyeon. Hara is younger than I am, but she is out-going and she seems to be the more aggressive type. By aggressive, I mean that she grasps the opportunities she have. It's something that I have to work on and to be friends with someone who takes care of others, maybe she can help me. Not to mention, her dorky character will go well with mines when I'm being myself. As for Seungyeon, we are both 88ers! From what I see, she isn't very loud and she tends to stick to herself? I'm like that, too. I remember watching a show about them and she said something about having to smile more. People tell me I should let it loose and smile more often.
  8. Seungyeon? I don't know why, but I think she's the best singer in the group. The others are talented, too, but it's something to do with her voice and powerful vocals. I guess her voice is just more suitable for the majority of music genres? Watching her most recent performance on 1000 Songs Challenges says a lot about her talent.
  9. I cried when they cried -.-" Hara still looks stunning with tears running down her cheeks. I loved how Wooyoung passed the flowers to her =) Seriously, if the two ever started dating or something, I wouldn't mind haha As for Seungyeon, what happened to her statement about how she will never cry again after watching herself cry on TV? =P Either way, I'm happy for them!
  10. Result: Gyuri. Kind of true and not true. Not true about the very confident part. True about how people think I'm cold when I'm not. I'm quiet and I am not the type of person who really reaches out to people whenever I am bored or something. As for being fun and caring, people say that I am. It's just that my idea of fun is "different" - people say I'm fun because I'm weird -.-" I think they are the ones who are being weird!
  11. I'm excited for this. From my point of view, it's all about Nicole and Minji =P It will be a big battle!
  12. Not surprised - considering how a lot of groups are performing each others songs these days. I am looking forward to it though! I definitely want to see who will sing whose parts! Not to mention if the girls will surprise the audience like how Junsu (drools) made everyone scream with his lip-finger move.
  13. The song is addictive, but it is true that the line mentioned in the article is VERY addicting!
  14. I read about this on some news article site yesterday and it is pretty freaky. I don't think it's Nicole's hand since both her arms are in the front. At one point, it is covered by her body, but you can see her right hand in front of her and not behind her when the hand appears. I read through some people's comments on the news site and someone pointed out that it might be Jiyoung's hand. In other words, she clasped them together to grab hold of Nicole.. only to realize that she didn't. Maybe it's true, but who knows? If she clasped her fingers to her own palm, it wouldn't stretch that far.
  15. I'm fine with their new concept, despite the fact that they will always be adorable to me. I personally think it's a good change since it suits their age more - well, at least for everyone since Jiyoung is still a "baby" =)
  16. Like a few others, I like her with Jae from 2PM. I think it is due to the fact that they are both from the states and because of that, they are adjusted to the same lifestyles and ways of thinking. Not to mention, they can bounce more knowledge of the Korean language and culture off each other - although it might not be a good thing at the same time since they might end up speaking in some unknown language =P They are both outgoing and goofy at the same time, too.
  17. Now that I think about it, there are several groups other than Kara where the mankae is the tallest or is one of the tallest members. I think it is cute since they are the tallest, but they are the baby in the group - more likely to be teased by everyone. The only thing that bothers me about this is how those born in the later years tend to be taller than the average height of those who are older than them. I think the food we eat and the environment has a play on this factor.
  18. A lot of siblings look alike in some features. But Jiyoung and her older sister? If they really want to, they can pretend to be twins! Hm, I wonder how her parents look like =P
  19. All of their voices attracts me, but I have to go with Nicole. I don't know why, but her voice stands out the most and she can pretty much pull off any song. But in the end, I like all their voices.
  20. (: Very sleepy. Not much sleep and long day ~ How are you? Seems like we like some of the same bands!

  21. I'm sure we are not the only ones (: If we do start our own club, we will be the presidents!

  22. (: So how are you doing?

  23. I can imagine Nicole bowing her head or something when she was apologizing for her mistake (: Haha It's okay, Nicole! Everyone makes spelling mistakes - especially for languages that they aren't that good in!
  24. Nicole! All of them are charismatic in their own way, but Nicole stands out the most. I think the biggest reason as to why she seems to be more charismatic than the others is due to the fact that she interacts with the audience - i.e. screaming out to them.
  25. I'm really excited about their comeback! A mature look, eh? That will be cool to see since it will be totally different from their recent hit songs. Not to mention, they are straying away from the images the other girl groups have these days. Hopefully it will be a mature look with some attitude. It will be a good mix since other groups are all about sexy or attitude these days. Can't wait to see them compete with the others. This year seems to be all about girl groups!