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  1. I was so shocked when I woke up today and saw all the news about Kara and DSP. I would've NEVER expected Kara to have problems with DSP. I always thought DSP was a bit nicer to their idols than other companies, even if they sucked at promoting. But it seems like they are unfair with them too. I'm glad they don't want to deal with DSP anymore, but now I'm worried. DSP is trying to put a copyright on their name, and Gyuri didn't even know about the contract terminations. I wonder why the other members didn't tell her about it? So strange... and now Hara canceled her contract termination. Is this going to be another 2v3 thing? :/ Kara! ;~; First my favorite boy band does this, and now my favorite girl group does this. I hope they can settle their differences and find a way that all members can be together and be happy.
  2. Woo pretty Karaholic again! I didn't know the layout would have such an effect on my activity on a forum, but it makes me want to be more active when it's all pretty and interactable like this. Good job design team~
  3. Found another Gyuri look a like. Of course not everyone will agree, but I see a resemblance personally. Also, yes, yes, Gyuri is more beautiful, everything else a fan will say, etc lol. She's just as pretty as Gyuri imo.
  4. omg! They rerecorded Break It? I can't wait to hear it... I always like to hear a newly recorded version of an old song to see how much they have improved vocally... also it'll be interesting to see how they redistribute the singing parts.
  5. It would be cool. I think Kara would still be able to keep their current concept. Then Kara could be 6 members SungHee would really boost up Kara's singing abilities too... sigh. It would be great haha. But I don't that'll happen. SungHee left DSP, didn't she? I wonder if she'll return as a singer some day. She seems to rarely be around anymore.
  6. You're welcome! ^^

  7. Aww thank you so much! :)

  8. Happy Birthday! Best of Wishes! Stay strong, healthy, & positive! ^^

  9. So they're not going to promote any other song on the album? :/// DSP has a bad habit of only letting the artists promote one song on an album. Rarely do they ever get to promote a follow up track after they end the promotions for their title song. And since they're going to Japan next, I'm hoping for an extra spectacular good bye!
  10. I really like the knew layout I love how it changes according to the time xD I thought that was really cool~ Great job at designing it! <3
  11. I actually like their strong woman/tomboy/mature image the most. The image that they had during their first album. But I'm happy with any concept Kara chooses
  12. I've seen them on the Arirang channel before, but I guess that doesn't really count since it's specifically for Korean music and stuff lol That was cool when DBSK, SHINee, and SNSD were on the Fuse channel on that one show.
  13. Aww Gyul I'm stupid for being so happy over this, but I'm like that too. I like to just sort through my thoughts and reflect on things that upset me rather than talking to someone about it. I usually go out and get a cup of coffee at a cafe or I sit by the window alone in my room and think. I think it's just as healthy as talking to someone, it's just a personal preference really. I like the imagery of her drinking beer and eating chicken haha. She's so goddess-like and here she is eating "manly" food.
  14. This image really makes me wish that Kara would do a performance of mister wearing cat tails and ears. That would be so cute and sexy