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      Hey Karaholic! Since all of the members are now with different agencies, we thought it'd be appropriate to create new subforums so members can stay in touch with their activities. Please try to post here from now on with future updates and events.  Here are the new subforums we've created:
      Park Gyuri: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/158-park-gyuri-solo-activities-motion-media/
      Han Seungyeon: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/159-han-seungyeon-solo-activities-jwide/
      Goo Hara: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/157-goo-hara-solo-activities-keyeast/
      Jung Nicole: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/160-jung-nicole-solo-activities-b2m/
      Kang Jiyoung: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/161-kang-jiyoung-solo-activities-sweetpower/ For Youngji, we've opted to leave the forum as is as she is still with DSP Media.  Thanks for your attention, hope you continue to drop by and visit.. new members and old! 

      -KH Staff


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  1. came here just to steal all this HD picture!!! Thanks and keep uploading pleaseeeeee!!! Goshhh hammie so pweettyyyyy! This concept is <3
  2. ^I came to look for that gif and bam u posted it! thank you! =D I can die happy now
  3. People, read this before you comment, thanks. Quoted from another thread -- xichigo They're not. Those lingerie aren't even the girls', haha. It's just for sponsors. The sponsors probably just told them something like, "here, can you please take a picture with these?" Something along that line I'm guessing. Besides, other groups do this too. SNSD, to name one of a few. (: I hope that clears up the misunderstanding. (: ARE YOU SURE YOU'RE OLD ENOUGH TO OPEN THIS?! Like some of you maybe have seen the picture leaking.. because I did saw Nicole's pic the other day (not remember who gave the link). What Do you guys think of this?? Since they are becoming more mature and sexier nowadays, do you think they are going to advertise lingeries?? o,o cred:kara-T
  4. Album

    okay so i've been waiting forever for Jiyoung's wanna do studio version (and of course the other members =P) but wait! They're not going to release it in the korean version?? WHY?!?! =O
  5. thanks for sharing!! Are their solo performance a new song or a cover from other artist?? F! I love Jiyoung's and Seungyeon song so muchhhhhhhh!!! Why there's no close up clear fancam of seungyeon solo?!?!
  6. that little girl!! She memorized go go summer dance step and put the adults on shame!! =O
  7. damn its been a while since I last saw them... Now i fall in love all over again xD
  8. hey yes i remember back in the day hahaha.. I'm not that active anymore now though xD

  9. Album

    I dont know........ I dont want to be bias..... I TRIEDD to at least hate 1 of the song in this album........ but..... I failed..... this could be the best KARA album so far if only they changed the outro into 1 more song instead.. Since the outro is kinda a part of the step instrumental its kinda disappointing eventhough it sounds really great... -> My mistake How i wish they promote this longer in korea.. =(
  10. Album

    Someone mention that Dear Kamilia is going to be a korean version of IOA.. This is just a speculation right?? Cause when i first saw it I thought its going to be a new ballad.... but the song is 5:49 seconds long so I guess it is IOA?? I really really hope it is a new song >.< Teaser is amazinggggggg! I dont know why people dont like Nicole with long hair, but imo she looks gorgeous! maybe i can get drifted to being a Nicole bias now
  11. wow fancam quality is getting better and better every time hahaha.. Seungyeon slipped =/ look at her hair how is it so longg?? extension?? She looks amazinggggg! <3
  12. Ah I like! I dont really like gogo summer that much.. sigh... I need to spend another $20 because of this?? why japan likes to ripped people money like this? they should just make one album with lot of songs T_T
  13. wahahahahhahha NICE one!!!!!! I have a new alarm now! wake up wake up this is seungyeon!! <3 thanks a lot for sharing man!! hahehehehhee
  14. so.... when can we download them??? Its not in mediabox or sweetmelodix box =(( For me, I think Nicole is the prettiest here.. I dont know why,hahahah.. usually i have Seungyeon bias =P
  15. woooahhhhh my mouth just went =( ) when I logged in xD It is really cute! props to KH staff! Keep on going! and I really love the video on the top of the page Hope KARA & KARAHOLIC will keep running 9-10 years from now or forever if its possible!
  16. Spazz

    ^I dont know... Sometimes I just cant get it why they try so hard even when they're in pain... Even if she wanted a 2-3 month break I dont think fans will be disappointed.. It is for her own health + it will be a lot better in the future.. It won't be good if something terrible happen in 1 year because of this small injury =( Anyway, I've been watching Oh my school and here's a random Shinhwa member confession =P ^At first he answer he likes all KARA member, but then all of them start booing him for the general answer so he finaly said that he likes our hamster =D
  17. FAQ

    This is getting ridiculous! I thought they're gonna discuss this properly until everything is finalize and make sense... but what is this lawsuit that is happening again?
  18. DVD

    ^Wow! That is probably why Gyuri and SY episodes doesnt really come to me.. Nicely said pim! I never thought of it that way =D As for the OST.. i've been wondering.. is the "ima, okuritai" full song out yet?
  19. DVD

    ahah just finish watching ep 3 thx sweetmelodix xD I still think Hara episode is the best so far.. I think Seungyeon's story is a bit too forced.. I can't wait to see Jing's episode.. I also see her playing kendo? =D
  20. what cny stands for?

    hmm im having my midterm next week.. but im too lazyyy to do anythinggggggg D;

  21. hey caly! =)

    im addicted to urakara i wish sub will come like a flash! hahahah..

    what you been up to? =)

  22. DVD

    effffff... I'm sooooooooo addicted to this show!! I don't really like Gyuri episode, but ep 2 is beautiful! =) I'm really thankful that sweetmelodix spent time subbing this show.. but half an hour for 1 episode is too short dont you think? + there's like ~2minutes of showing their clip performing somewhere =P
  23. gw di AI Santa Monica..hehe.. lu ada fb? add gw donk Kelvin Hidajat =D

    emang tiket seat HB mah gila2an.. tapi biasanya itu yg beli tiket depan gtu bisa jual tiketnya ke orang laen 2 3x lipet pas artisnya uda di announce.. cari untung tuh gtu hahaha.. gw si ga mampu de beli yg depan2 =P

  24. ahahaha iya ini kelvin yg gila kara =P

    lu skolah mana? PCC sama pieter?

    gw taon ini kayanya si pergi lagi.. tapi tergantung juga si kalo tiba2 yg dateng ga memuaskan ya nga haha.. ga mungkin ada KARA sihh =/

    lu pegi?

  25. di LA? kenal Pieter Prasetya ga? sorry kalo salah orang =P