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  1. I dont know........

    I dont want to be bias.....

    I TRIEDD to at least hate 1 of the song in this album........

    but..... I failed.....

    this could be the best KARA album so far if only they changed the outro into 1 more song instead..

    Since the outro is kinda a part of the step instrumental its kinda disappointing eventhough it sounds really great... -> My mistake

    How i wish they promote this longer in korea.. =(

  2. Someone mention that Dear Kamilia is going to be a korean version of IOA.. This is just a speculation right?? Cause when i first saw it I thought its going to be a new ballad.... but the song is 5:49 seconds long so I guess it is IOA?? I really really hope it is a new song >.<

    Teaser is amazinggggggg! I dont know why people dont like Nicole with long hair, but imo she looks gorgeous! maybe i can get drifted to being a Nicole bias now

  3. @kelvin

    the past winners should be this

    KARA Survivor 10 - WIN Nicole (p123)

    KARA Survivor 13 - WIN Goo Hara (p134)


    ^oh wow I missed 2 o.O

    haha guess im not patient enough hahaha

    Park Gyuri 7

    Han Seungyeon 6

    Jung Nicole 5-

    Kim Sunghee 5

    Goo Hara 1

    Kang Jiyoung 6+

  4. ^I dont know... Sometimes I just cant get it why they try so hard even when they're in pain... Even if she wanted a 2-3 month break I dont think fans will be disappointed.. It is for her own health + it will be a lot better in the future.. It won't be good if something terrible happen in 1 year because of this small injury =(

    Anyway, I've been watching Oh my school and here's a random Shinhwa member confession =P


    ^At first he answer he likes all KARA member, but then all of them start booing him for the general answer so he finaly said that he likes our hamster =D

  5. Hara 30


    NEW GAME!! =D

    Park Gyuri 5

    Han Seungyeon 5

    Jung Nicole 5

    Kim Sunghee 5

    Goo Hara 4-

    Kang Jiyoung 6+

    I checked the winner.. Poor Nicole =P

    KARA Survivor 1 - TIE between Sunghee & Nicole

    KARA Survivor 2 - WIN Han Seungyeon

    KARA Survivor 3 - WIN Han Seungyeon

    KARA Survivor 4 - TIE Hara & Seungyeon

    KARA Survivor 5 - WIN Han Seungyeon

    KARA Survivor 6 - WIN Park Gyuri

    KARA Survivor 7 - WIN Goo Hara (pg 77)

    KARA Survivor 8 - WIN Kim Sunghee (by vote pg 104)

    KARA Survivor 9 - WIN Park Gyuri (pg 119)

    KARA Survivor 10 - WIN Kang Jiyoung (pg 126)

    KARA Survivor 11 - WIN Kim Sunghee (pg 130)

    KARA Survivor 12 - WIN Han Seungyeon (pg 136)

    KARA Survivor 13 - WIN Park Gyuri (pg 141)

    KARA Survivor 14 - WIN Goo Hara (pg 157)

  6. I expected much more from them since they are claimed to have some experience already

    but I guess its the toughness in acting when you have to portrait a character thats opposite to your real personality. Hammie's character is too lively XD while Gyuri's one is too gentle, which bugs me too lol I need to wait for ColeJing's episodes to judge their characters, but so far I like Cole's one the most. At least her character already shows me its own individuality, which I don't see from others'.

    ^Wow! That is probably why Gyuri and SY episodes doesnt really come to me.. Nicely said pim! I never thought of it that way =D

    As for the OST.. i've been wondering.. is the "ima, okuritai" full song out yet?