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  1. I have a great feeling this song will be a bigger hit in Japan! It's got the Japanese feels :3
  2. It's no wonder Gyuri is the leader. Her words are wise yet straightforward. It's very rare to see a leader, an idol, speak up about their real feelings on these kinds of situations. I admit, I was really disappointed in the admission of Young Ji, but as a fan who's been following them since debut in 2007, I felt it'd be wrong to give up and leave them after all these years. I have hope in these ladies & DSP!
  3. Ya, I'm still kind of stuck on the old Kara :/ Lol, my favorite songs mainly consist of songs from the previous years!
  4. Eh, not a big fan of the songs the composers have previously composed. But I believe they will be able to give Kara some songs that will definitely fit them. August 18 seems too far of a wait :/ I swear I saw August 8 & not August 18!
  5. I'm really liking this concept. It's simple yet beautiful. Gyuri definitely looks like a goddess!
  6. Holy crrappp . It's been months since I've been on here. But yes! Kara is finally coming back after such sad news of members leaving Excited to see what new things DSP has to show to us! This will be interesting with Young Ji now in the picture.
  7. It's been in a while...lol

    Sori if u mad at me not disturbing u these days o_o

  8. AHHH. Finally KARA returning (: I've been waiting for a while. Nowadays, the music performances have quite boring =.= Now I can wake up knowing KARA will be performing and appearing on shows!
  9. Aha, well you can make the videos private on YouTube & only send me the link ... but sure, just send me the link when you are done.

  10. Lol YT? no way...

    I dun want someone to say..."your video quality sucks" o.o

    Well I try to upload on FB...u still can view...

    I going to edit and make compilation of all vids I recorded xD

    But recently, internet at home is down...I upload maybe this saturday...or sunday...

  11. Ahaha, lol. Well, I don't have a Facebook anymore so upload on YouTube & share the link with me on here?

  12. Hmm...but I'm sure the audio sounds great

    But just he so far...I zoomed my video lol

    Where I should upload...FB?

  13. Oh yes, you should upload all the pictures/videos you took at the event.

  14. I hate when coming to limit number

    If u still wanna upload from my cam...ask me ^^

  15. Well yeah true can see him

    But not all the time...

    Sooo many cameras rising to the sky...

    Blocking my view and camera as well...

    And I'm standing like 20 meters away from him =='

    Okay my camera that time is nooot sooo good quality...

    U can see from radio broadcast photographer

    Here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.286560768102266.65581.1276904...