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  1. Spazz

    I'm glad Youngji got another CF! I think she can do really well for herself if DSP keeps promoting her and getting her out there.
  2. I just ordered my copy! Hope Hara sells well! Strong fan-chants during her performances, so I hope Kamilia can support her.
  3. Really wanting to buy Alohara... not sure where I should purchase it from. The song was much better than I expected. I think it gives me 10 mins (hyori) vibes. It's a relaxing song. Not every song has to have a lot of bass or be a "bop"
  4. Spazz

    Her hair got so long! I prefer her without the bangs. It shows off her fame more and it actually slims her face too. The bangs gives her face a younger rounder cute. Both look good but bangless is definitely better IMO.
  5. Hara looked really great with the long style earrings. Normally she wears the stud style or none at all. These looked nice on her.
  6. Spazz

    Gyul looked so pretty on FH! I love her with simple looks like that, you can really see her amazing bone structure and she just exudes class and sophistication. Hope she keeps that look for a while. The hair color is perfect too.
  7. Spazz

    I've been saying bang-less 0G for a while now. Her middle part hair during Mama Mia was perfect, shows off her features a lot better.
  8. Spazz

    I think she looks chubbier cause KARA is really skinny. Seungyeon and Hara are small, gyuri is more toned/defined than 0G. She's not "chubby" in actuality, just compared to them, who have been dancing/ working-out and eating super healthy for years now, she looks a bit soft. I'm sure she'll tone up more as time goes on. Especially once they start preparing for the tour.
  9. Spazz

    Yes! No Bangs 0G is my favorite, she really looks good with the Mama Mia hair with the center part, no bangs, but that side swept style is really nice too. I'm glad 0G is getting so much love. she's likable in character and that's the most effective networking tool there is.
  10. Spazz

    Who was that guy on KoR? I couldn't recognize him. 0G is so freaking cute you guys; I can't even deal with her level of cuteness.
  11. It's cause the top is too big on skinny mini Hara. You can see in the back all the excess fabric that is still bunched up. She would need a tighter top band or maybe even some tape to keep everything secure.
  12. Youngji, Jackson, Guk Joo are really funny tbh. Joon is a bit over the top for me, but it seems like he and Jackson will get along well. And I love Nana but I'm so over the whole "idol girls are terrible at cooking and can't even slice cucumbers routine; I'm also people being surprised at idols who can use a knife.
  13. Spazz

    My view on DSP, I won't say it since it's a topic that causes controversy here...but either way, I think they do the best they can. KARA and now OG didn't get famous off of hype, they got famous off of hard-work, in the end, it always shows who deserved their fame and who didn't. I think as time goes by, we will see that KARA deserved their fame and it wasn't simply handed to them just because, I would like it to be the same way for OG, if people like her, if she works hard and she if remains humble, she will accomplish all her goals and dreams. I'm glad DSP is taking offers for her so soon is all...I'm sure it makes her confident in her future and it also makes fans more confident in the future of KARA. I think OG is genuinely a likable person and if a standoffish/shy type person like Hara and Seungyeon can like OG then I am confident in her character. I think someone not "tainted" by the idol or celeb life so fully is what gives her the freshness and adds to the cast since most of them are pretty famous and used to the celeb life.
  14. Spazz

    This is so great! She deserves it! This is the way for her to build her brand and create a name for herself. Aside from love and singing, dancing and performing, people also want to make money so this is also good for that too! Youngji doesn't have years worth of KARA salary to live off of, so I'm glad DSP is getting her income earning opportunities left and right! Stay in good health OG and keep smiling!
  15. SOOO PRETTY!! Hara gets prettier with age it seems. Love her with black hair.
  16. Spazz

    Happy Birthday Youngji!!! I wish you much success!
  17. Oooooo I'm excited. Jiyoung is really popular in Japan, I think she can survive over there as an actress if that's what she prefers. I wonder why Japan instead of Korea? Can't wait to see her walk at the Tokyo Girls Collection. Most of the girls who walk are really popular magazine models in Japan; maybe not professional runway models, but they make a really good living and are really famous. Even Angelababy walked TGC. I think it's a way for her to grow her following there. I wish she had singed with keiko's agency but baby steps I guess.
  18. Spazz

    Thanks!! People are saying the song is flopping....it's bothering me because I know that's not true. It's not the #1 song (yet) but it's receiving positive feedback in Korea and I think it's a song that will grow like how Honey was at the beginning, definitely had a slow start and then they finally won something. I think this song will win something which will be great. I also hope the album sales do nicely. It's mainly so-called international Kamilia who are disliking and bashing the song/promotion. Saying KARA failed/isn't the same/sucks now is not helping and not brining anyone back. Like I said before, aside from the other, for me, I want this for Youngji. Hara/Gyuri/Seungyeon will be happy too, but this will be great for Youngji to see she does deserve to be in KARA and that she has what it takes.
  19. Spazz

    I don't know if this was posted anywhere yet but OG has a fan club!! They sent rice for the showcase!! So happy, especially after seeing that one reef.... cr. teamyoungji.tumblr.com the fanclub is wisdom! It's not as much as Hara and Hammie but it's still a great start and it's good for her to see she has support!
  20. Spazz

    I wouldn't worry. I've seen Hara interacting with Youngji quite a bit during the BTS, Seungyeon isn't as outgoing but I'm pretty sure she has interacted with OG well. I think OG will do well. This is a time to show people what she's made off. She doesn't have time to "adjust" or get "used to" anything, she has to just do. For now, she's doing really well. I think I'm more interested in how the song performs. I think for OG, more than anyone, the performance of the song will mean a LOT. I know it will mean a lot to GyulHamHara but for OG, this is her debut song, and if it doesn't do well, we know she will have that weight on her shoulders. She's handling the pressure well and I'm proud of what I've seen from KARA thus far. I wish KARA much success with Mamma Mia. It's a catchy song that is a good foundation for the point of rebuilding. They schedule they have seems very packed in an effort to win back many fans very quickly and hopefully catch some new ones, also going over to Japan to rebuild over there. I'm proud that they are willing to put much work into it.
  21. Spazz

    BOOO...they suck. Essentially, OG HAS to dance in the front. She's YEARS behind in promotion compared to GyulHamHara. Plus, It looks like Hara is the lead/center dancer for the black outfits so I'm sure it's a trade off. Plus, she looks so great with that hair and that outfit. Stop hating haters and just enjoy the show.
  22. Spazz

    I'm glad they are getting her out there asap. No need just letting her sit on the sidelines, especially considering the other members have such a large "publicity gap" for her to cover. I think Gyuri is the perfect person to "tag-along" with. She's mature and very respected for her professionalism. Hahah, I don't think we have ever disagreed, that is true! I like Youngji! I want KARA to succeed and I want Youngji to succeed too; this needs to be a good experience for her. She has a lot of potential to help KARA usher in a new era. I'm eager to see how she sounds in the group too but I'm sure everything will work out well. I'm sure some fans will still be bitter about the whole thing but being angry or bitter doesn't change anything. If they disrespect her, they are disrespecting KARA, as she is now a member. Hopefully no one is so immature as to designate anything as "Kara3" It's not her fault that they held auditions. We should all support Youngji!
  23. Spazz

    I figured the main thing that would happen is that they would put her on a diet, she's not fat by any means, but when idols are walking around at 43-45kg, Youngji is considered "heavier" of all the criticism she's gonna get, at least no one can say she's "too fat" fat KARA. She looks great!
  24. For me, 2,3,5 show the most promise for commercial success. But I like the sound of everything.
  25. I'm so excited!! Everything looks like it's coming along well! Hara looks happy at the fanmeeting. I'm anticipating the choreography.