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  1. Kara has become one of the three leading girl groups of today, along with Wonder Girls and SNSD. Kara told us that they wanted all the girl groups to succeed in their own color. Kara told Joy News 24, “we were able to find our own color in year 2008. Rather than being just pretty like dolls, we wanted to emphasize our natural and ‘free’ image.” Kara also even told us, “It is true that we are always checking and curious about what the other girl groups are going to bring out next time. But, we also want the other girl groups to succeed rather than thinking of them as our archrivals.” Even though some people may call these groups rivals, the members are good friends with other groups’ members. Park Gyuri and her high school friend, Yoobin, keep in touch and encourage each other. Nicole is a good friend with SNSD’s Hyoyeon and Tiffany. Seung Yeon also told that she cheered for her Wonder Girls friends by dancing and singing along to Wonder Girl’s Nobody in KM’s SSGB where she is one of the MCs. “We hope that all the girl groups and their fans to become the best. The three girl groups haven’t really been active at the same time. Because we want to have a fair competition with just returned SNSD, we have been working hard to improve.” After releasing their second mini album, “Pretty Girl”, Kara has been acquiring a lot of popularity. Kara told us, “With the member swap, we were able to spread our name with our first mini album, “Rock U”, and we were able to find our own color through our second mini album, “Pretty Girl”. “ In addition, “We want to be known to be remembered as the girl group with natural and carefree image. We want to be known as the group with their own distinct color.” Lee Hyori’s “U-Go-Girl’s” little version, ‘Pretty Girl’, is gaining a lot of popularity with its catchy melody, Kim Gook Jin’s Ye Ye Ye Dance and fans’ red rubber glove cheering. source: Joy News 24 Tip Off: Anne! (As always ) translated by Hopelesshong@KARAholic. CREDIT PROPERLY IF TAKING OUT. DO NOT ADD IN OR REMOVE
  2. Actress, Han Ye Won, showed some disappointment on her singing days when she was one of the members of a girl group, Sugar. In a recent interview with Newsen, Han Ye Won expressed her jealousy toward the girl groups who are at the forefront of the 'Girl Group Craze', such as SNSD, Wonder Girls, Kara, etc. .... "I wasn't able to receive as much love as current girl groups like SNSD, Wonder Girls, Kara, etc, are receiving today. During when Sugar was active, it wasn't possible for girl groups to be this popular. I sometimes believe that it would have been a totally different story for Sugar if they were to debut today. Even though I am an actress now, there are times when I feel disappointed. I am really jealous of Kara these days. ... *Only part of the article that is relevant to Kara was Translated Credit: Newsen Tip off: Mae Translated by Hopelesshong@Karaholic.com CREDIT PROPERLY WHEN TAKING OUT. DO NOT ADD IN OR REMOVE.
  3. Nasun, who got a lot of attention by being featured on Lee Hyo Ri
  4. The second OST for Boys Over Flowered will be unveiled to the public in early march. OST Volume 2 of the popular drama,
  5. Each of the three girl groups have achieved something that they were running for, in the first week of march. The five girl member group, Kara, has achieved something that they will never forget, in the first week of March. The reason is that they have finally achieved a first place on a music show for the first time since their debut in 2007. On the 5th of March, Kara was able to rise to the top with 'Honey', which was first introduced to the mass through their 2nd mini album, last December. Last year, Kara also had a member change, transforming from a 4 member girl group to a 5 member girl group. Even though the title track of their second mini album, 'Pretty Girl', was one of the candidates for the first place many times, it was not able to reach the number one spot. But, on the 5th, they were filled with emotions and tears, after winning first place on 'MCountdown' with the second track 'Honey'. Having won the first place, Kara has marked their spot among the top girl groups. Only the part that was relevant to Kara was translated. Credit: StarNews Tip Off: Mae Translated by: hopelesshong@Karaholic.com CREDIT PROPERLY WHEN TAKING OUT. DO NOT ADD IN OR REMOVE
  6. Tsunku, one the most prestigious producers in Japan, has been getting a lot of attention for his interest in Wonder Girls, SNSD, and Kara. Tsunku had a news conference on the ninth at the Intercontinental Hotel Allegro Hall about the first ever Korea-Japan joint audition project called
  7. Last few months in the music industry have been dominated by the nine girl member group, SNSD. But, amidst of SNSD
  8. Group Kara signed a contract with a Cosmetic brand, 'Ecorre', to become their new face. An Ecorre associate said that they are expecting to garner a lot of customers through Kara's lovely charms. Ecorre will be using the five different charms that each members of Kara brings, to appeal to the customers. (The strong leader, Park Gyuri, baby face Han Seung Yeon, 3-D Nicole, like doll Hara and cute maknae Jiyoung) An Ecorre associate said, "The hard working Kara's clean image matches perfectly with Ecorre's. Along with Ecorre's growth, we are expecting Kara to progress as well." Kara said, "We really wished that we could become models for a cosmetic brand before. After finding out that we will be modeling for a cosmetic brand, we all were extremely happy ." On the other hand, Kara has gained a lot of fans through their promotion of 'Pretty Girl,' and 'Honey.' Credit: Hankyung Tip off: anne Translated by hopelesshong@Karaholic.com CREDIT PROPERLY WHEN TAKING OUT. DO NOT ADD IN OR REMOVE.
  9. Come2Us revealed today that they have signed a contract with a popular girl group, Kara, to promote their new stylish rhythm game, ‘Imusician’. ‘Imusician’ will be out for the public on the 27th of May, and to match the game’s trendy feel, Come2Us have put forth Kara, a popular girl group, as models to promote the game. Currently riding on a huge popularity wave, Kara will be promoting ‘Imusician’ by putting out game’s photo spread, recording the game’s OST, and many others to help advertise ‘Imusician’. ‘Imusician’, with its trendy interface, allows the users to download users’ preferred music, as well as allowing the users to design their own album cover on the arcade mode. Also, through the network function, different users can play together or battle each other. Unlike many other rhythm games, ‘Imusician’ has a ‘Part-Play mode’ where the user can try out different kinds of instruments. ‘Imusician’ also boasts its ability to auto-sync, as well as its ‘replay function’ on the mobile version. Kara from DSP Entertainment led the girl group craze with their hit songs, ‘Pretty Girl’ and ‘Honey’. It is being expected that Kara’s cute and lively image will complement ‘Imusician’s’ trendy interface. Come2Us’ associates, Cha Moon Gi, said, “The image of very talented group, Kara, and the stylish image of ‘Imusician’ will make a perfect combination. Come2Us and Kara are planning to meet with the gamers through various events.” Kara will be having a photo shoot for Come2Us, and in the near future, Come2Us will be releasing behind the scenes video on the internet. Credit: Artsnews Tip off: mae Translated by hopelesshong@Karaholic.com CREDIT PROPERLY WHEN TAKING OUT. DO NOT ADD IN OR REMOVE
  10. Girl group, Kara
  11. haha thanks anne! i hope you are doing fine as well. i am just catching up with my sleep :P i think merry christmas is too late now so HAPPY NEW YEARS!

  12. i have seen the new light! Nicole's body is a work of art! dang she became so sexyyyy
  13. Kara, Predicting another success with new single, "Same Heart" Five girl group, Kara, is planning on sweeping another popularity with the new song,
  14. let's play a game. can you spot Kara? lawlz i was just watching this new drama called "Just been staring at you" (i dont know the exact english title for this drama) and i saw Kara's first mini album jacket picture in the background haha
  15. haha. but dramas these days are pretty bad. like horrible haha. Star, there are times when we need to change, and embrace the change. so far i am embracing this change whole heartedly. lol

  16. lol yea she does haha yup she's an actress. have you not watched 과속 스캔들? it was like THE movie in 2008! haha

  17. ^ yea i think the alerts were last month's event thing.
  18. haha park bo young :]


  19. uh i think you call the number, say the phrases that is shown at the bottom of the page, and the machine will play the pre recorded message of Kara pertaining to the phrase you chose to say. lol weird. edit oh okay, there are more things than that. i think that one is just monthly event... apparently you gain star points by sending them a voice message, playing a quiz (?) and stuff... and if you have enough points, you get automatically entered into this raffle thing where you receive prizes if you get chosen. i think ha
  20. ^ lolz no i dont live by Los Angeles... lol i watched it on the TV.
  21. WBC is short for World Baseball Classic. They played Kara and bunch of other singers' songs while there were breaks in the game. like over the speaker, not actual singers performing at the stadium.
  22. rigged umpire. 'nuff said. lolz but yea it was a good game. both team played really well. intense.
  23. ^ did you not watch the game?.... Star! i am disappointed in you. it was the championship!... intense game though...