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      Hey Karaholic! Since all of the members are now with different agencies, we thought it'd be appropriate to create new subforums so members can stay in touch with their activities. Please try to post here from now on with future updates and events.  Here are the new subforums we've created:
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  1. lol they played Honey too. and i heard Pretty Girl Big Bang's Red Sunset. heard Norazo too. but yea. we prob could find them.... but prob have to go through the whole game... -__- lol but yea. AKLJDAKFJADJFAKDFJKDFSJFKDAJF kOREA LOST DAFKLJADKFJADKFJAKLFDJAKDFJAKLFD GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH H
  2. ^ which show was that last gif from? i have never seen it! i must know!
  3. hi there Alexa.

    just call me peter :]

  4. she looked tiny here lol you could really tell how short she is from this performance loooooooooool hahahahaha but das what make SY cute :]:]
  5. ah. i teared up while watching the ending. ah T_T thanks for the translation Tin!
  6. ^ lol pretty much all the fans know where their home is you know... where they live and where they go to school isnt very secretive i guess... ahaha and yes ima good boi and thank you anne for saying thanks ^______________________^ me so happy
  7. ^ no remember that article from few months ago?... lol it said like they are gonna end their mini album promotion after honey but they are gonna come back with a new MINI ALBUM in like may?!?!?! i want new mini album instead of promoting an OST song ^^ yee
  8. jiyoung is like fan of every single male actors out there... she came out on this show called Jung Woo Sung Project and she said hi to him and walked away blushing lol THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR TRANSLATING TING!
  9. @Karaokeing I understand your reasoning. there are many times I kind of sigh and shake my heads when i watch what they do on Korean Tv shows. but it happens for every single korean celebrities out there... i guess its more like a "korean" thing. I think koreans like to just tease around with people's mistakes a lot... even my parents are condescending to me when i make mistakes but its just a "korean" thing. i think?
  10. lol i never seen anyone criticizing her for bad korean before i got this article for translations... -__- when did that happen lol the only i remember is korean people liking Nicole on Star Golden bell... lol weird article... Thanks Peter for the Translation... (just making myself feel good)
  11. Telecast... they dont usually telecast a fanmeeting.. and for korean fan meetings, there is always a "host" or an MC so this "talk show" is just host asking questions... lol and thank you for your thank you Anne. :]:]:]
  12. lol the scenes and the stories didnt really move smoothly in my opinion. did you watch today's episode? lol

  13. now they just need to reach number 1 in korea yea? THANK YOU tinggg _______________- am i allowed to do this? FIRST! ..... i just really wanted to do that... i got my wish come true so i am done ^___^
  14. ^ Dear Silencer, I believe that the project for subbing this prank is going to be in action starting today. or may be when my lazy butt decides to move -____- ~ Sincerely, Peter Hong haha ^___^
  15. o wow i finally got an email that someone left a message on my profile -_- but of course i have been watching BOF!!! so good. except episode 12's editting was kinda baddd lol

  16. lol i thought she said that her dad was old -__-? or i just have a bad memory. but dang i thought that was her teacher first lol ah i want to graduate.....
  17. omg the plastic version is so good hahahahaha they should promote What's This remix instead! hahahahaha
  18. I believe for Gom you have to have the Gom player installed on your computer... and you should be using Internet Explorer. gom's the best for me both daum and mgoon is slow..
  19. The pension house I went along with many friends whom I took many auditions with... After the JYP audition, we got together as a birthday party along with other friends. but it got out of hand... -- It's kind of ridiculous that even the trip that only Hara and Sol went got out of hand... Na yun, Hara and Me... We all wanted to get into a good entertainment company and wanted to leave a good memory... After the audition, we met and went on trips many times but I am bewildered that only scandalous pictures were spread... It is frustrating that with only a single picture, things get overblown and false rumors are created just because it is about a celebrity... It's frustrating to think that Hara and Sol are getting distressed from this incident... I guess, the internet is really this scary... One word is transferred and it becomes a thousand different stories... Tip off: Anne Translated by: Hopelesshong@Karaholic DO NOT TAKE OUT FROM KARAHOLIC It looks like this guy is more of a fellow trainee/friend Hara met during her auditions for JYP. Either way, bf or not, that's Hara's personal life. ________________________________________________________________________________ okay buddy... are you just dumb?... or are you just naive...? cuz last time i checked, people want to bring down a celebrity even if the celebrity made a small mistake... that is why there are paparazzi everywhere following Hollywood Stars... In the case of Korean celebrities, there are netizens replacing Paparazzi's job... think before you do something boy.
  20. lol i wonder if they will ever mention Karaholic fans.... lol i mean we've sent some stuff to them right..? (except me...) its in english so its not that hard to notice... from other presents... lol thanks for the translation ting :]
  21. -___________________________________________- i searched for other pictures -_____________________________________________- no comment. lol i will trust this article haha
  22. @ Annloveskara yes they all live in the same house/apartment. all the idol groups do. may be except for like DBSK... well actually not sure but practically they are living in the same house cuz they have to go everywhere together... and they go to school in that area. so pretty much fans know where they live and which schools they go to. so like on DC Kara for Jiyoung, there were fans who were planning to go to her graduation lol and lastly, they would meet their parents when they have like a day or few days off... thats's why like in interviews, when the question asks about the bad part about living in a dorm, they always say they miss their family and stuff @mae lol they should get a new dorm... but i know that SNSD's dorm room isnt that much better than Kara's.. just a little bigger cuz they have nine people lol. I know SUJU has two dorm rooms. 2PM's dorm is pretty nice too. Big Bang's dorm is pretty darn nice. i haven't seen other groups' though.
  23. ahh... the first picture... so sad... they should, by now, at least have an LCD TV or something better than that small tube... cuz LCD TVs are pretty much standards these days... kay. not should. they must. or i am, personally, going over to DSP headquarter RAWR haha Pretty Girl got so much attention!
  24. ^ lol no ^___^a that's why i dont like repackaged albums haha i remember like... being angry? at snsd's baby baby repackage album... hahahaahaha but oo i didnt see the 32 pages of picture book... HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM