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  1. what is plastic version.... dakjfkadsk should i buy it or not... all the songs on the album are recycled.. i hate when artists put out repackaged albums... may be the new pictures would do some justice... or not? but thanks for the translation ting :]
  2. ^ and a remixed version right? like Good Day season 2... yea.. they are gonna change the music around i think. at least according to some news articles
  3. another Kara thing. i think? This week's infinity challenge, they were training to be enter bobsleigh competition and like the captions said "if you wanna strong" and in korean, "Walk confidently everywhere" you knoww... jiyoung's line haha good enough to state it as a exposure in public?


  5. 300... DID THEY SAY 300? THIS. IS. SPARTA! HEAR THE ROARING OF SPARTANS' CHEER! its official. Kamilians = Spartans now. lol only official in my worrlldd.
  6. ^ just saying... i want to be part of this topic but i can't since i am already a guy... so i decided to put that... haha CUZ DANIEL HENNEY IS SMEXY~~ YUMMMM if i am allowed to add some more... George Clooney... Hyunjoong too after watching him in HYD... he is pretty SORRY FOR GETTING OFF TOPIC. now getting back on topic.... YEA COME ON PEOPLE! i mean Girls! VOTE FOR JIYOUNG. lol
  7. do i get to vote in this too.. cuz i am a guy. not IF I AM a guy. well but too bad. i already voted and of course jiyoung. then again, the whole group wouldn't be bad at all.notatall... since i am a guy..... if i was a girl, i would date Daniel Henney. JUST THROWING THAT OUT THERE
  8. I was watching Hana Yori Dango/Boys over Flower korean version and the main girl's best friend's cellphone ringtone was pretty girl~~~ :]:] i think it was lol it was on for like 2 seconds but it was def the chorus part of pretty girl or may be i just have bad ears... but yea :] tee hee
  9. I am sorry if this was posted before somewhre butttttttttttt a little repetition of jiyoung can never hurt right? haha soooo0o0o0o0o0o cute >_< playing with the confetti askjfkad sooo cute i don't know which music show this was but yea lol
  10. ^ this segment used to have a kid giving clues to words in his point of view he got really popular from this segment though if you remember from one of the episodes of Family Needed, Seungyeon goes around trying to sell her family's CD and she comes to this one comedian and and asks him if he wants the cd to be signed for his son but he tells seungyeon that he is more famous than her, thats' that little guy who was doing that segment before they got the foreigners back in. he was on that corner for quiet a while. but yea i think they were switching around people quite a bit in the beginning cuz they weren't really getting a lot of attention but ever since Nicole came on, it has been getting pretty popular so i think she's gonna stay there for a pretty long time i think. i hope. :]
  11. bahahaha this is what you call OTL for gyuri. 지못미!! (korean internet acronym that stands for sorry i couldnt protect you) haha find that guy and beat him rawr! haha kidding~
  12. bahahahahaha this article is pretty funny rofl SY feeling the age eh? woo ty for the translations Tingggggggg
  13. MY GOD it is IMPOSSIBLE to answer the questions with her clues. i seriously wonder how those people do it. like they must know the answer before they listen to the hints. it was seriously impossible for me. my mom was having a hard time too hahaha but it was funnnnnny as heckk her imagination is out of this world. how the heck do you get those kind of clues from those words? and for the mouse one the answer didnt translate to "Rat Poison" it was suppose to be "a Mouse in dok" dok in this place is not Poison but jang dok dae, a korean pottery where they ferment like soy sauce, kimchi and other food stuff. but poison in korean is dok too so she prob thought the idiom she was explaining said a mouse with poison or something... and one that was amazing last sat was the one where she used Bae Young Joon's japanese name the idiom was something about Mantis (can't remember the whole phrase) and mantis in korean is Sa Ma Gi and japanese people call BYJ Yon Sa Ma so she gave that name as one of the clues... WOW SOOOO FUNNY
  14. :] so cute so cute so cute sooooososososososoosos cute. just brings smiles to my face.
  15. !!!!!!!!!! I can teach Jiyoung her algebra!!!!!!!!!! kekekekeke man that was sooooo funny i had a good laugh watch that :] thanks for translating
  16. ^ MY GOD THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh man exceptional. and they used old old old commercial. made it 1000 times better. see that's what i am talking about rubber glove commerical is the best for Kara it will sell like crazy if kara made a cf for it :)hahaha
  17. ^ you only linked it to the front page of dc kara gal.. :[ i want to seeeee!! haha a coffee cf.. i dont think they would be asked to do a coffee cf cuz they usually ask actresses or actors. with some age... lol if i remember some of the coffee cfs correctly
  18. rubber gloves. i think its gonna be a hit.... and i would actually laugh my butt off and treasure it in my comp for 1000000 years if they actually do it. it would be FAHNTARSTIC. MIND BLAWSTING
  19. ^ noooo of course not! if it was random comedy thing then they wouldn't have written an article even before it aired! Wang biho is like one of the most popular comedian in Korea right now! and if he talks about you, then you are GOLDEN. he made fun of G-dragon before i believe Taeyeon from SNSD too and not too sure if he did WG but he prob did.
  20. nicenice if a celebrity is talked about on comedy program or appears on comedy shows, it shows that they are pretty darn popular and if wangbiho makes fun of them, that means they are REALLY popular. ah Kara. finally :] they are getting recognized so much brings tears to my eyes :'] the tears of joy! haha
  21. is that the picture you were looking for by anyy chance?? haha i thought that pic looked really similar to that turtle pic haha but she looks like a baby dinosaurs in this one.... :] many faces? haha
  22. wooo thanks for the dl! too bad it wasnt bora (video recording).. then we could have been able to see our SY and Jiyoung's beautiful faces haha
  23. oo i saw the first gif on dc jiyoung gal today~ so cute ^^ thanks for the new aegyolicious photos haha
  25. w00t! tyty for the pics! yay can i say my wallpaper for my comp?!?! kekekeke