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  1. Even though I'm tired I can't seem to fall asleep. I acquired a bad habit of sleeping late and waking up early. It's a beautiful night... '_'? Tip off: Mae Translated by hopelesshong @ Karaholic.com CREDIT PROPERLY WHEN TAKING OUT. DO NOT ADD IN OR REMOVE.
  2. The rising Girl Groups are friends with each other? WonSoKa line? The Girl Groups’ friendships are unlike from all the others. It would seem like these three girl groups would have rivalry feelings of each other, but it has been revealed that they were all close friends and it is gaining a lot of fan’s attention. Even though SNSD and Wonder Girls were rivals of each other ever since the beginning of their debut, they have become well accustomed to each other through various TV Shows, and both groups became big supporters of each other. They are the opposite of the antifans of each group. Sun Ye and Yoo Bin from Wonder Girls and Taeyeon from SNSD have established a strong friendship with each other. Yoobin also have read a text message that she had received from Taeyeon, on a radio program. It is also known that SNSD’s maknae Seohyun is also a close friend with maknae Sunmi Kara is also known for having friends in both SNSD and Wonder Girls. Kara’s Han Seung Yeon, and Wonder Girls’ Yeeun are fellow schoolmates at Kyung Hee Univeresity. Kara Park Gyuri and Wonder Girls Yoobin knew each other ever since their high school days. Kara’s Jung Nicole also built a strong unni-dong saeng relationship with SNSD’s Tiffany, given that they both lived in America before becoming celebrities in Korea. Nicole also has been close friends with Hyoyeon even before they debuted. Because of these strong friendships that the groups have for each other, the fans also have been voicing out to cooperate and to support each other. These fans named this friendship as “WonSoKa Line,” after taking out a part of each groups’ names and putting them together in to one word. Credit: Newsen Tip off: Anne Translated by: Hopelesshong@Karaholic CREDIT PROPERLY WHEN TAKING OUT. DO NOT ADD IN OR REMOVE ________________________________________________________________________________ dearest peter: read Tin's post. i helped you to edit it out. stop stressing yourself. - anne
  3. Nicole, one of the members of the five girl group, Kara, has expressed her frustration after people have criticized her for acting like she doesn
  4. At the first fan meeting of Kara since their debut, the five members each talked about the first impression they got from each other. On the 22nd, Kara had their first fan meeting at Gwang Oon University
  5. The once cute Kara is standing in front of the fans with different image these days. The 5 member girl group, Kara, has been promoting their 2nd song,
  6. On the 22nd, Kara talked about the first impression they had on each other at the Chocolate Party. Along with their first impressions, they also talked about their ideal guy. To this question, Kang Jiyoung replied with
  7. The five member girl group, Kara, has announced another promotion of their album without a break. After making
  8. “After Wonder Girls end their promotions, we must give all we got until SNSD comes out” This is what Han Seung Yeon said at an interview in mid-December after coming out with the second mini album. The “three people”, and “Dead Idol” are the nicknames that used to describe the three original members of Kara. But this has changed. This is because the ever-believed “indestructible” Wonder Girls and SNSD are being challenged by Kara. This is a fact that can easily be seen by all the people associated with music industries as well as the general masses. What is the reason behind Kara’s sudden booming popularity? Who brought Kara to where they are today? Shin Hae Chul “Kara is the ‘IT’ now” The Samchon fans have changed. Especially the support from the celebrity samchons helped greatly in raising the popularity of Kara. Among these celebrity samchon fans, there was Shin Hae Chul. Through a radio show, Shin Hae Chul confessed his support for Kara. Shin Hae Chul has been known for his love for Wonder Girls and SNSD. Because of this, his confession for his support for Kara has gained a lot of attention. Kara’s popularity was not even being compared to the popularity that Wonder Girls and SNSD were getting. After Shin Hae Chul proposed his support, things have changed and Kara popularity is now getting compared with the two top girl group'. Shin Hae Chul isn’t the only one. With Boom’s performance of ‘Pretty Girl’, the internet has been hot with his performance. Also, Yoo Jae Suk said in Family Outing, “I wish that Kara actually comes on the show and sing ‘Pretty Girl’. If Kara comes on the show, I have to get new clothes for them”. Lee Soo Geun and Jung Joon Ha also celebrated Kara member, Kang Ji Young’s birthday on their variety show. Samchon fans are a big part of girl groups’ popularity. Unlike boy idol groups, these samchon fans have been showing their importance. Among these groups, Kara’s association with samchon fans are more special than any other groups'. We are going to raise Kara. Fans’ colorful and unique cheers. Kara’s fans are well known among the music industry associates. Even though the fan numbers are not as big as the Wonder girl and SNSD’s, the fans never lost their volume in cheering. It was the fans’ way of going through the unknown days of Kara. Because of this dedication of the fans, Kara was able to be where they are right now. Kara’s fans were not satisfied with just being fans. Their promotions of Kara and their albums are few examples of this. The red rubber glove that defines Kara now also came into existence from the fans. By dancing along to the “Ye Ye Ye” dance with a red rubber glove on, the red rubber glove became a huge hit. Because of this cheer, Kara name became known among the top stars like DBSK, Rain, Kim Jong Gook, Big Bang, etc. The red rubber glove cheer is famous among the broadcasting associates too. It was also one of the factors that allowed Kara’s continuing appearance on various music shows. The music show staffs also tried to catch Kara’s fans’ red rubber glove cheer on screen, and they did not hold back on giving a pre-recording session for this “new” group because of the fans’ unique cheering method. Only the ones who have experience failure know success. Kara. Kara has walked a different path than all the other popular idol groups. Unlike the groups that are cruising on high popularity even from the beginning just by joining a big name company, Kara came where they are through hardships and failures. They unveiled themselves as the “2nd Fin.K.L” in the beginning but the people’s response to their first album was lukewarm. Because of this response, Kara became a hard working group, unlike the other idol groups. They have been running not to gain popularity or to reach number one but just to survive. And, their effort is now getting paid off. Recently, Kara’s leader, Park Gyuri, confessed, “If we had succeeded even from the beginning, then I would not have known the importance of the fans”. The other original members, Han Seung and Jung Nicole also stated, “Because we failed, we learned how to succeed.” The new member, Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung, also have been running around in their busy schedule but they have never given less than 100%. Credit: Newsen Tip Off: Mae. and then when I slacked off and not translated it right away, the MEAN anne contacted me to get on with it... (JUST KIDDING ) Translated by: Hopelesshong@Karaholic CREDIT PROPERLY IF TAKING OUT. DO NOT ADD IN OR REMOVE.
  9. The real appeal of the stars is that they have many different characters. The girl group, Kara, is getting a lot of attention for having a completely different personality when they are off the stage. Like their nickname, the
  10. Is it because of the addition of young members to the group? Kara who was reborn with 5 members (Park Gyuri, Jung Nicole, Han Seung Yeon, Goo Hara, Kang Ji Young) is getting younger and prettier. After Goo Hara (18) and Kang Ji Young (15) joined the group, the group’s average age became 18.6 years old, 1.4 younger than before. “With the addition of younger members, we were able to adopt the cute image. After the new members were added to the group, the original members are responsible for leading the group while the new members are bringing new fresh air to the group.” (Han Seung Yeon) The former 4-member group Kara went through at hard time after Kim Sung Hee left the group. When the former main vocal, Kim Sung Hee, left the group, Kara was in danger of being disbanded. Even though they auditioned 5000 people to replace Kim Sung Hee, they weren’t able to find the right person fast. “Because of all the hardships we went through, I think that is why all the members in Kara are so close together. Wonder Girls is a good example of a success after a member switch. I believe that the members took these hardships as a chance to become one.” (Park Gyuri) The most recent mini album, “Pretty Girl”, showed the cute and bright side of this group. The music video teaser received 50,000 views in mere 12 hours since its release, and also, the new members, Kang Ji Young and Goo Hara, were one of the most searched on the internet. Their cute dance moves like the make up dance or the Yea Yea Yea dance make us feel like as if we are watching the early days of Fin.K.L again. “We are now hearing that we have finally got the 2nd Fin.K.L image. Whenever we meet Hyori Unnie, she would always compliment us and encourage us to work harder” (Jung Nicole) The middle schooler, Kang Ji Young was able to join Kara through her relative’s introduction to DSP Entertainment. Goo Hara from Gwang Joo was working as a model before joining Kara. Goo Hara has a lot of male fans because of her similarity to a Japanese star, Amuro Namie. “During our comeback stage at Music Bank, I accidentally stepped on Nicole’s foot and made a sound. After that incident, the video clip of my mistake became the most searched on the internet.” (Goo Hara) Goo Hara thought that she would get scolded by her manager because of the mistake but, “I was able to spread my name more through the mistake,” Goo Hara said while smiling. To Kara, the year 2009 is the year for them to re-enter the battle to become the best. “We are all charged up and ready to go. All the girl groups out there! get ready!” (Laughter) Link:Ilgan Sports Tip off: Anne Translated by Hopelesshong @ KARAholic Take out with full credits, do not add in or remove anything.
  11. On the 14th of March, Nicole gave the audience and the guests a big laugh on KBS 2TV
  12. The members of Kara battled each other in order to win Lee Chun Hee
  13. Goo Hara, one of the members of a popular girl group, Kara, almost became a scapegoat of a rumor. After pictures of a girl, who looked similar to Goo Hara, and her boyfriend spread throughout the internet, the netizens started to criticize Goo Hara as a
  14. Singer Kang Gyun Sung gave Nicole, one of girl idol group members, a DSLR Camera as a thank you gift. Before he entered the military, Kang Gyun Sung recorded 'Happy and' with Nicole. He said, "I am really thankful for Nicole. I really contemplated about what to give her. I remembered Nicole telling me that she really likes taking photos but her camera got broken, so I gave her a camera as a gift. I really wanted to do something for her hard work for my music as well as the music video." Kang Gyun Sung's agency, Woolim Entertainment, said, "Nicole was really happy after receiving the gift. The other members were jealous of her." Currently, 'Happy and' is in the top 20 on various online music charts and it took only five days for the song to gain a huge popularity. The fans said, "We only thought that Nicole raps, but her voice is really pretty. Nicole's and Kang Gyun Sung's voices are a very good combination." On the other hand, Kang Gyun Sung was enlisted into the army on the 9th of April. Credit: Newsen Tip off: Mae Translated by: hopelesshong@Karaholic CREDIT PROPERLY WHEN TAKING OUT. DO NOT ADD IN OR REMOVE
  15. Girl idol group, Kara, finally has become the MC for the first time since their debut two years ago. Kara found out that they became the MCs for cable program, MBC Everyone
  16. On the 21st of March, the recently came back Super Junior came out on KBS 2TV
  17. Members of popular group, Kara, Han Seung Yeon and Gyuri will be Radio DJs along with Evan who came back with a third album. They will be replacing 'SS501 Music High's' DJ, Kim Hyung Joon, who will be going to America and Japan to perform, for 12 days. Kara's Han Seung Yeon and Park Gyuri will be DJing from May 7th to the 13th. Then, on the 14th, Evan will take over and DJ until the 18th. Kara and Evan's take on being Radio DJs will air 2:00 AM live and it will include 'bora', live performances, and phone calls with the listeners. 'SS501 Music High' has been on air since last April, and has been gaining a lot of listeners, albeit the fact that it airs 2 in the morning. Credit: Newsen Tip off: anne Translated by hopelesshong@Karaholic.com CREDIT PROPERLY WHEN TAKING OUT. DO NOT ADD IN OR REMOVE.
  18. A huge number of 1,800 fans came to the Kara