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  1. Honestly my friend introduced SNSD first to me and I like it. About 3-4 weeks later I chose to support KARA because they need more attention with their talents. Still support KARA until now, but also support other groups like T-ara AS etc.
  2. Definitely Korean <3 but some Japanese songs are really good too.. I prefer Korean rather than Japanese songs, there are some + and - in my opinion. As long as it's KARA's songs, I will always enjoy listening to it~
  3. Yeay! Could you please share it to me? ><

  4. hey there, i have the files still

    can't pm you cause your inbox is probably full

  5. Hi there, do you still have Samsung Campaign Screensavers and Game? I want to download it but the links were deleted.. >_<

  6. Nice BG ^^ love it

  7. happy birthday ^^

  8. Kinda interesting o_O want to hear it.. But, where's Gyuri? xD Thanks for sharing ^^
  9. Kamsahamnida! she's too cute ^^ our Nicole~ I can't imagine if KARA without her, she could make good atmosphere in the group.
  10. Wow~ KARA always look amazing~ love their english especially Nicole ^^ Really nice performance =) thanks for sharing!