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      Hey Karaholic! Since all of the members are now with different agencies, we thought it'd be appropriate to create new subforums so members can stay in touch with their activities. Please try to post here from now on with future updates and events.  Here are the new subforums we've created:
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  1. IF I POSTED THIS AT THE WRONG SECTION, PLS EDIT FOR ME IF THERE'S ANY SIMILAR POST, PLS DELETE THIS xD Well..Im sure those who join this fansite must be a Kamilia.. You dont join a fansite to be an anti..do you? hahaha Ok.. Although all of you guys here are fans of Kara.. But im curious if all of you love Kara until the end of your life.. Or you're just a normal fan with your fav group.. Vote now!! * If you vote for the 2nd choice..pls state the fav group that you like..
  2. After the recent unveiling of the pasts of our K-Pop resident fairies, such as Goo Hara, Park Gyuri, and Ga-In, another celeb has been added tonight on MBC Sunday Night Star Ranking! While some celebs were proud to see their similar-looking past-present photos, others were ashamed to publicly display their "pre-surgery" photos. Of course, no one shall ever know whether they actually went under the knife or just had a dramatic make-over. But one thing's for sure, no celebrities look as beautiful as they are now, back when they were younger. Now, let's see if this little superstar fixed her face before joining the K-Pop realm. Who is it, you ask? None other than the host of the show herself, Nicole of Kara! Many of you might be familiar with the style of her photo - classy black-and-white printing, corny little smile forced by the photographer, a boring backdrop... Yes, this indeed is a picture taken in the United States, extracted from her seventh grade school's yearbook. Nicole of Kara, as most of you fans already know, was born and raised in Glendale, California. I am pretty sure you guys are astonished by the significant differences between the Nicole, then, and the Nicole, now. Although her irresistible smile remains the same, her make-up-less face is very much new to most of us. Lee Sung Mi, one of the hosts, expressed, "It feels like she was a quiet and diligent student." She must be good at judging people, since she was recently recognized as a genius by her fans for her first place ranking in academics back in her middle school days. After carefully analyzing the picture, Kim Goo Ra made the studio burst into laughter by saying, "Excellent with no surgery." After the discussion over the photo was done, Nicole quickly folded the picture in half and moved onto the next topic. So what do you guys think? Info: http://www.allkpop.com/index.php/full_stor...photo_revealed/ Credits : rameninmybowl Ps : Sorry if i duplicate any post or if i did any mistakes in my post.
  3. I'm sure that most of u have watched the Kara ~ Zoo Zoo club, isn't it?? After Seung Yeon kept Kangee and Hara kept Kkuli, lots of problem are created.. As u can see, because of Kangee and Kkuli, the relationship between Hara and Seung Yeon seems to be loosen a bit.. I was just wondering, is this program planned up or is it real and does not had any editing to it? I think it's a planned up video, because if it's real, then Seung Yeon and Hara's relationship will be loosen and it'll affects KARA, don't you think?? Well, after u guys/ gals watched the video, what u think?? Planned up or real?? Curious, is Seung Yeon and Hara still keeping them??
  4. The girls are getting more and more creative every single day.. =D
  5. Yay!..The female representative of Korea xDD Its true that Kara has the purest image among all girl band.. Kara xDD
  6. oh..sorry for the late reply..You're a Malaysian too?..O.o..You'rea 94-er too? hehehe...Looks like you're a Jiyoung lover xD

  7. hahhaha... goddess is a goddess and mirror is a mirror xD
  8. O.O... Spreading popularity =P
  9. Of course it will be stronger with all 5 members around..They are Kara!! Together as 1 xD
  10. aww... Thats a sad news.. She's been hurting a lot of parts this few days.. Hope she will recover soon.. Yeah..Thats the spirit of a teen idol.. I likey likey.. Hwaiting Seung Yeon xDD
  11. hehehe..its good to hear that.. Now they got a bigger dorm.. they can sleep more comfortably compared to last time.. Wider space to work..or study.. hehe.. Its good for Jiyoung that their parents moved to Seoul.. This means that they can meet each other when they're free xD Ah...Im so happy xDD
  12. Cute charts.. especially Seung Yeon's and Jiyoung's one.. Hahaha.. If i become Kang Dongwon..I could date Hara.. Hahaha..does this mean that Seung Yeon likes Hara.. Hahah..No 1 knows =]
  13. Get your minds out of the gutter, folks. We're only talking about the friendship between these two female idols. Kara's sexy and bubbly personality Nicole has recently introduced her mother to the world via the program KAIST. What several people are not aware of is that Nicole's mother owns a ramen shop around KangNam. So what's so special about this ramen store? Well, the members of SNSD have dropped by this place quite a few times in the past. Their autographs, along with several other celebrities', were seen around the store by those eagle-eyed netizens. The two representative girl groups debuted around the same time and often competed with one another during similar promotional periods. However, instead of deepening their rivalry throughout the years, the members of Kara and SNSD have deepened their friendship with one another. It helps that they're all around the same age, hmm? Fans of both groups have even christened them the "SoKa Line" (So Nyeo Shi Dae and Kara Line). Earlier in 2008, fans also included the Wonder Girls to this girl group line and called the power trio "WonSoKa Line." SNSD has been focused on individual and group activities as of late and the members of Kara have just enjoyed a nice vacation from their fast-paced promotional period for their last album Revolution and are to return some time this month. Info : http://www.allkpop.com/index.php/full_stor...snsd_are_tight/ Credits : kjpop Ps : Sorry id i duplicate any post or if i did any mistakes in my post.
  14. Aww.. its very sad actually... Who dont miss their parents after not seeing them like 2 or 3 YEARS?? DSP should spare them sometime myabe once in a month... To visit their parents or something like that... Haihhh..Stay tough Hara!!
  15. Awww...pls Kara dont end.. Pls..the Kamilias' are going to miss Kara a lot.. (why am i talking till like its ending now?)= = Lol..Thats kinda...unexpected.. Hahahah..well.. Hwaiting..No matter what u wanna be after Kara ends... We'll support u all to the max...
  16. that is so cute and LOL.. what a cute Nicole.. How can she ever know her birthday when she doesnt know her omma's age?? or is it just the date and the month..hahaha
  17. its true.. Anyone's fat would had just come out in that kind of position.. I wonder who doesnt..
  18. aww.. our goddess.. Always think on both sides.. the positive and the negative.. And yeah..its hard for an entertainer to survive in the industry if he or she does not have the self confident.. Hahaha.. Goddess forever..Park Gyuri Forever xDD
  19. lol..she must be kinda upset.. could that guy..be Kim Jongguk? Hahah..just guessing
  20. aww.. Another fan ehh? hahaha
  21. DSP Media on Wednesday played down rumors from earlier in the day which said that their group SS501 and possibly even KARA will not be attending the event.