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  1. happy birthday~!!!!!

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Wah, I hope her crush is me! I wonder why do companies want to stop their artists from dating? I dun they would lose their fans even if they are dating! JuNiOrx3
  4. When I first saw Seung Yeon in some video clips! I was totally surprised, honestly speaking I think her eye smile looks much more charming than Fany's! JuNiOrx3
  5. I think she's the closest with Gyuri because they were around the same age! She may seem to be quite lonely sometimes but I guess her members will keep her company! JuNiOrx3
  6. What a great fan you are, I dun even think I have the time to even do this! JuNiOrx3
  7. I can't wait to see Seung Yeon in more variety shows! JuNiOrx3
  8. I personally thinks that her hairstyle during Lupin is great! JuNiOrx3
  9. She looks really amazing! I can wait to rewatch idol army again during my school holidays! JuNiOrx3
  10. I won't want to be Seung Yeon's pet! I would rather be just her younger brother if possible! JuNiOrx3
  11. I can say that the most popular person is Nicole among the Heroes because there's no SNSD member there! JuNiOrx3
  12. Haha, Ji Yound is like so tall! I guess she's taller than me when I'm 15! JuNiOrx3
  13. I have dimples too but it's only on 1 side! It's rather awkward though! JuNiOrx3
  14. I think I spotted her pimples on her face! I remember subbing this show! It was taken when Kara went to somewhere else! JuNiOrx3