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  1. Omg your profile just gave me life!

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      Kek -w- You're welcome ^^

  2. Sojin unnie! Rest in peace! I still can't believe this. I'm in shock. Like what I posted in the SBox, even after losing and not debuting, Sojin was still our idol. I swear, Sojin had what it took to be an idol, but DSP over looked it. I was actually hoping to see Sojin debut in the group April.
  3. Yonghwa oppa! What about the coffee he was drinking when him a Choa(AOA) were talking? lawl PhotoBomb level 100!
  4. Spazz

    Cheese or Kimchi?
  5. KARA's youngest member, Youngji, celebrated Hara's 25th birthday with a special self-decorated cake and a cute selfie via Twitter. In the caption, Youngji wrote, "Birthday of Hara unnie, whom I love. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday dear Hara, happy birthday to you. I'm happy to be with you." Fans also joined Youngji in celebrating Hara's birthday with adorable tweets and complimented Youngji on her cake decorating skills. Meanwhile, Hara celebrated her 25th birthday with fans and fellow KARA members on January 13. Happy Birthday Hara! Cr. ALLKPOP Woah! GOOD JOB OG! Happy Birthday Hara-yah!
  6. On the January 13 edition of SBS's 'Roommate,' Jackson, Youngji and Lee Gukjoo entertained the viewers by forming their own sub-unit called, We-jang (Stomach to intestine), dancing to EXID's "Up & Down." The hilarious trio decided to make their own comedic remake music video for the hit song. While Youngji and Lee Kuk Ju were seen dressed in matching animal print dresses, Jackson was seen in a mix-match fashion with chic sunglasses and flashy glitter jacket. Throughout the clip, the trio can be seen dancing around the house, making faces at the camera, and creatively adding different angle shots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zI0iQbFT4g Check out We-jang's version of EXID's "Up & Down" above! Cr. ALLKPOP Lawl this is hilarious! Them hip thrust though! I would like to see more from We-Jang! Oh yeah, EXID, Wejang! FIGHTING! (Had to show a little Leggo pride hehehe)
  7. KARA's Youngji took selcas with her 'Roommate's GOT7's Jackson and 5urprise's Seo Kangjun! Youngji tweeted on January 8, "To the fans who came out to see us despite the cold weather today~<3 Thank you so so so much!! Everyone, be careful of catching a cold and Happy New Year once again. <3 From cool Kang Jun, cool Jackson, and pretty Youngji <3." The friendly snapshots follow the love triangle theme on the show with Jackson's facial expression looking like he wants the other boys to back off the 'JackJi' couple. No matter who you ship though, fans were happy to see that they are all good friends. Catch the maknae trio on 'Roommate' every Tuesday at 11:15 PM KST! cr. ALLKPOP To all you KangJi shippers(cough,cough APPLEJAJING!) here's your fan service. But my ship is better than yours! *dramatic hair flip* lol just kidding!
  8. G.O.D's Park Joonhyung, GOT7's Jackson, and KARA's Youngji welcomed guest 2PM's Taecyeon to their 'Roommate' share house in a photo shared by the g.o.d member! Park Joong Hyung shared on his Instagram on the 9th, "Yooo~ Our 'Roommate' maknaes and my JYP fam lil bro Taec!keke Ah~ Also, Jjoon will greet you twice each week with another family~! 'Roommate' on Tuesday and MBC 'Animals' on Sunday! I'm so happy that my family is growing~! Please support my two families and please look forward to it~!" As mentioned earlier, Taecyeon met up with his JYP family members Park Joon Hyung and Jackson, and helped Jackson prepare breakfast. Continue to tune in for the show to see how that all went! cr. ALLKPOP Omg, my husband is on Roommate as a guest! Isn't he just gorgeous? ILY TAECYEON! Sorry, *90 degree bow* I went to hottest mode. But Jackson, Youngji, what are you doing? Youngji looks like she was enjoying whatever it was.....
  9. Big Byung's follow-up girl group Cham So Nyeo made their entrance on the 5th episode of MBC Every1's 'Hitmaker'! KARA's Youngji, After School's Lizzy, 4minute's Sohyun, and G.NA met at a cafe where they planned to pull a hidden camera prank on Brave Duble Tiger (Jung Hyung Don and Defconn) by acting catty and choosing Youngji as the one to play the innocent girl who cries due to the discord. Meanwhile, Brave Duble Tiger put on makeup and fancy clothes with the thrill of possibly meeting their ideal girl group members SECRET's Ji Eun, EXID, AOA, or BESTie. Jung Hyung Don also mentioned that he especially hopes that Lizzy is not one of the members. When the duo finally entered the cafe, they turned about face in disappointment and started to search for the girl group members they were hoping for with Jung Hyung Don taking off his stylish jacket, saying that this is not the girl group they were expecting. Once they settled down, Brave Duble Tiger revealed that they already prepared a song for the group with the members they hoped for in mind and told them that only Youngji would fit the feel of the song. Sohyun also showed off her rapping skills with her self-written rap lyrics to show that she's fit for a hip hop song. Meanwhile, G.NA was the only one who played along with the hidden-camera prank by acting as if she had a lot of complaints. Seeing how her expression didn't look too happy, Defconn asked, "How ya feel," to which G.NA fired back in English, making Brave Duble Tiger go, "Okay." Then Lizzy acted like she was tired, making Brave Duble Tiger set out chairs for her to sleep on and revealed that she needs rest because she recently broke up with her boyfriend to which Jung Hyung Don asked, "Why are you saying that here?" Then G.NA said that the girls will leave the meeting first with Youngji staying behind. Youngji tried to make tears, but right at that moment, the other members came back and started laughing, telling Brave Duble Tiger that it was a hidden-camera prank. To get revenge, Brave Duble Tiger pulled a hidden-camera prank on them when they met again at their rooftop by not smiling and acting harsh towards the members, leading G.NA to cry. But Brave Duble Tiger later came back with a cake, telling them it was a hidden-camera prank and made them feel better by congratulating them on joining the group. Big Byung and Hyung Don & Dae Joon (Brave Duble Tiger) also performed at the '2014 MBC Gayo Daejaejun' where Big Byung met up with Youngji, and BTS were also seen asking Brave Duble Tiger if there will ever be a Big Byung 2, showing their interest in joining the program. Next week's preview also shows Big Byung filming their MV! Cr. ALLKPOP This line up is all slay, again! First BB now this!! GO BRAVE DUBLE TIGER! Cham SoNyeo FIGHTING! Waiting for Big Byung!
  10. GOT7’s Jackson and Kara’s Young Ji argued with one another on Roommate. During the January 6 broadcast of SBS’ Roommate, Young Ji imitated Lee Guk Joo by saying, “Unnie, I’m married too.” Upon hearing Young Ji talking about marriage, Jackson asked, “What do you mean marry? Who are you getting married to?” and Young Ji responded, “It’s a secret.” Lee Guk Joo asked, “Oh, are you getting married to Jackson?” Startled, Young Ji denied, “No not Jackson,” and Jackson said, “Nah, I wouldn’t…” and laughed. The two then started bickering, saying, “I’m not going to marry you” and Lee Guk Joo commented, “You guys will get married to each other after arguing like that.” Cr. MWAVE I mean duh, Youngji is married to us, the Kamilia's. Or since it's a secret, she is marrying her antis/haters *starts blasting Epik High's Born Hater*
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    The second and fifth pictures are my favorites! Omg Jing,SLAY!
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  13. BamBam is so cute! #ShipJackBamTho
  14. Some couples begin as friends, and others…as roommates? Well, that’s our hope for GOT7’s Jackson and Kara’s Young Ji of SBS’Roommate, at least. These two may be bickering now, but with the New Year comes a new season – spring. We know these idols are close, but will love blossom in the share house in 2015? Jackson’s feelings for Song Ga Yeon may not have been reciprocated, but we think the sweet and bubbly Kara maknae Young Ji is just the girl to mend his broken heart. cr. MWAVE BUT, BUT, Jackson wants to be in a different JackJi(15&'s Jimin and himsef). But really Jackson? Gayeon, Gukjoo, Youngji, Jimin AND Mark? Wow. Still love you though WangKong! JackJi shippers unite! *runs to Kara+Got7 thread* But tbh, I don't think Jackson and Youngji will become a REAL couple. But thats just me.
  15. Woah welcome, and thanks for adding me! I have a same aged friend! See your around?

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      Yes, I will definitely see you around! I love hearing everyone's warm welcomes for me, it's really nice :D I'm so happy that I have a friend my age too! Talk to you later!

  16. I think JackJi will be like TaecYoon(Taecyeon and Yoona) from Family Outing2. Everyone was shipping them but they never had interest Yeah, I dunno if she understood either.
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  18. Omg adorable!
  19. Lol Key just has to be the diva to someone
  20. Goo Hara showed her interest in younger men. During the fifth episode of MBC Music’s Hara On & Off that aired on December 29, Kara’s Goo Hara revealed that she has been falling for younger men these days. Goo Hara said, “When girls gather, they never leave out talking about men. From ideal types to dating stories, the unnies tell me many things. I usually just listen.” While talking about her past dating experience, Goo Hara said, “I’ve never dated a younger guy. But I’ve been into younger guys these days who can do the push and pull.” Cr. MWAVE If you're a 92-liner and under, you might have a chance! LOL sorry
  21. Goo Hara confessed that she had a traumatic experience making confessions. On the fifth episode of Hara On & Off, which aired on December 29, Kara’s Goo Hara confessed her experience of getting rejected by a man during high school. While talking about dating, Goo Hara said, “I was once rejected by a man in high school,” and shared, “I had one girl friend and one guy friend who I grew up with. But that girl and I both liked the same man.” Goo Hara said, “I confessed to him first but he rejected me saying, ‘I want to remain being friends with you.’ Then the girl confessed to him and they started dating. Sometimes I see them at gatherings, but I don’t keep in touch.” Goo Hara then revealed, “After I was rejected once, it became a trauma so I can’t bring myself to confess anymore.” Meanwhile, Hara On & Off is Goo Hara’s first exclusive reality program showing her candid sides. Cr. MWAVE You'll have to go first if you want some Honey! (lol what am I saying?) *90 degree bow* Sorry
  22. Kara’s Goo Hara showed off her tight relationship with Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Tiffany. On the fifth episode of MBC Music’s Hara On & Off that aired on December 29, Kara’s Goo Hara revealed that SNSD’s Tiffany is like an older sister to her. On this day, Goo Hara confessed, “I usually hang out with unnies and oppas instead of people my age. I don’t have many friends that are my age.” Then Goo Hara enjoyed a meat party with SNSD’s Tiffany. About Tiffany, Goo Hara said, “She is an unnie who is really like my older sister. I’m acquaintances with all the members of SNSD and contact them occasionally, but Tiffany unnie is the one that gives me a lot of advice and takes care of me.” About Goo Hara, who was grilling the meat for her, Tiffany said, “Hara is really feminine. She takes care of her unnies when she is at a place like this,” and smiled satisfactorily. Meanwhile, Goo Hara’s first exclusive reality show Hara On & Off is a reality program that shows natural sides of ‘human’ Goo Hara. Cr. MWave
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    Ah I missed it! I saw the full 1st part but then I fell asleep
  24. The year end ceremony starts at 8:55PM KST. I'm not sure when Kara will perform but they will be there. If you want to watch/stream it live, please go HERE This event goes on for two parts Part 1: 8:55PM KST-10:55PM KST Part 2: 10:55PM KST-2:10AM KST For more info and streaming links, go HERE Mcs: Kim Sung Joo, Jun Hyun Moo, Lee Yuri, Soyou and Hyeri. Performers: TVXQ, Lovelyz, Red Velvet, MAMAMOO, BTS, BOYFRIEND, Block B, Big Byung, Sunmi, Girls’ Generation, Soyou x JunggiGo, CNBLUE, Ailee, INFINITE, Lim Chang Jung, Taemin, Tae Jin Ah, T-ARA, Planet Shiver, Huh Gak & Jung Eunji, Hyungdong and Daejune, Hong Jin Young, Hyorin x Jooyoung, 2PM, 4Minute, AOA, Apink, B1A4, BEAST, BTOB, Crush, Dynamic Dup, EXO, Fly to the Sky, Girl’s Day,GOT7, KARA, SM THE BALLAD’s Taeyeon & Jonghyun, SECRET, SISTAR, TEENTOP, VIXX, Zion.T. Not that any of you guys would care, but if there are any Elvis(AOA), Pink Pandas(Apink) and/or Red Velvet fans, the maknae's are doing a special performance of Park Jiyoon's song, Adult Ceremony and I'm freaking excited!
  25. "Is it possible for one girl to be THIS adorable?"