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  1. awesome to see them in the nomination...esp gyuri....n maybe jiyoung...the 2 underrated members...when it comes to exposure n popularity... but truthfully..i don't want to put up any hopes for them to win...cuz they're competing with some heavyweight megapopular names which would always surprise.. Hara might have the biggest chance, then again....she has fierce competition from crowd faves such as yoona n iu.. iono...kara don't need these stuffs, they're awesome the way they are.....popularity based competitions are messed up...n predictable. anyway, i'll still be cheering them on... thanks for sharing.
  2. hello. just saw ur comment. lol. xD i'm still alive....just hiding behind the curtains....lurking around..xD miss u too....

  3. I miss you! Where've you been? Come Back~ :(

  4. i know there's a lot of jungmin-gyuri shippers and honestly i really love Jungmin in SS501, together with Hyungjun. however, the question is the boyband member that have same character with Gyuri. in that case, i'll have to say FT Island's Jonghun is the closest person i could think of when i think of Gyuri's characters. heck, even their 'beauty' is of almost similar level. maybe next would be Heechul n then, Jungmin.
  5. contrary to majority's opinion i've seen about this matter, i'm glad the outfits are banned lol. talkin' bout the shorts n over-revealing stuffs....and yes, i do find the outfits a little too revealing/sexually suggestive? maybe....(true traditional Asian here, hah) i don't really like it that kara is wearing even lesser n lesser ever since Mr. (although lupin wasn't too revealing) in the future then, what would they wear? umm...bikini?... i'm conservative n kinda over-protective of the girls. (n let's not bring America here, lol. i don't get why ppl compare them with America when Kara is a Korean girlgroup. why expect them to follow American/or even Japan standard of clothing? lol) n i don't care if other girlgroups get to wear more revealing stuffs, because i couldn't care less about them. but i just want them to be famous for their voices n music, not body parts. great performers/singers can even rock the stage in rags. and i don't see how the outfits are supposed to show anything powerful about their music, seriously. i doubt the changes would be big though. anyway, thanks for sharing.
  6. gah,... ppyong ppyong ppyong!!! Jiyoungie...why are you so damn cute?? the last perf was bursting...explosion of cuteness n they both sounded the best in that song out of the four songs. a bit sad they failed two songs...seemed like they're really unfamiliar with the songs n decided to gave up halfway... anyway, really happy to see my fav Kara couple in this show again. these two really need more opportunities. thanks for sharing.
  7. not sure if i have replied or not... anyway, omg. this is hard because i have tons of fav songs from kara. but after calculating back...i guess i'll stick with 'ol time fav... Don't Be Shy classy, jazzy, elegant, beautiful. simply in love with that song from the moment i heard it. ps: omg! i saw someone else up there chose the same song! yay~ xD
  8. now...this would be somebody i approve to be on WGM with Gyuri.... a total opposite (in terms of their image)'d be super interesting to watch... anyway, back to the topic, would be really awesome if he really is Gyuri's fan... (i hope it's not some random background like mentioned by some other comments here....)because in pops in seoul, when they're asked to choose a Kara member they want to be friends with, he chose Nicole(cuz she speaks English, lol) but i can tell Alexander is a fan of Gyuri for sure... (although he is her friend after all) now i want kevin-gyuri for WGM. omg! petition!!! xD
  9. i know ppl will call me over conservative n bla bla n i know sex sells as well... (not implying anything on Kara here, just their image/style) but seeing them continuously wearing lesser n lesser..iono.....i don't see how wearing less shows they're maturing. n i don't see how the 'belly fashion' makes them cute. cuz they're cute anyway. n iono, seeing the same fashion continues...i was hoping for something new n fresh for their wardrobe. even the shorts are continuation of their lupin style(well, after halfway promotion they started wearing shorts till the end, even for umbrella, plus every girlgroups are wearing shorts now.) maybe i'm just one of those old-fashioned (overprotective) fans who became their fan after being impressed with their awesome songs n performances without having to rely on being sexy n showing lots of skin just like every other girlgroup..., yeah, please ignore me. well, whatever...i still like them, although i used to like their styles even much more, classy n sexy without revealing much. i'll be waiting for the day they'll be recognized/gain attention for their music n performing skills again. thanks for the news.
  10. she only got a line and it had to be a shared line (btw, who did she share her line with?) eugh.... ...out of all Kara members Gyuri(n maybe Jiyoung as well) got the least chances to showcase their individual talent outside of the group..... and every time she got an opportunity, it turns out to be a wasted/one.... first it was that collab where she played keyboard and sang a bit as backup/background vocals... and now this..... oh man, when will Gyuri ever be appreciated for her awesome distinctive voice? ok, i should stop complaining n go emo-ing alone. thanks for sharing the vids here though.
  11. in terms of girlgroups, i'd say i was a pure die hard Kara fan.. i really didn't like the few other popular girlgroups i knew back then. but as time passes by, there are a few other under-rated girlgroups that i extremely like n want to support(Storm-awesome but disappeared; and JQT-awesome). i still love Kara, it's just that i don't feel as much excitement watching their perfs as i did before. in terms of overall though, it's always n forever Battle. i even learn about Kara's existence from fellow member at Battle's forum. well, there are other groups i love as well.
  12. hmm, well... Honey is really pretty.....dsdsdjhsd Gyuri is just so beautiful in there. (well, she's always beautiful anyway) heck all of them are, so angelic n pure lookin'. Wanna is not bad. i like that it has some story in it. i have to go for Break It though. it's sooo cool. and if it's not the coolness from that song, MV, style....i'm not sure if i'd have become a Kara fan.
  13. that's exactly what i want. Gyuri. with a soft/weak/feminine guy. they'd make one blasting couple. would be great seeing how they try to accommodate/alter their personalities to make the marriage work. frankly i'm tired of the idea of pairing Gyuri up with manly/macho looking guys just because they'd look good together. i don't want her with guys of the same onscreen personality as well. (because as we can see, every group has this Goddess/conceited persona) i'd love to see her with a guy who has different charms than her(guys who makes her go " do i handle this kinda guy?" lol, coz opposites attract FTW. woops. i went out of topic there. sorry >_< so like i said i want Gyuri, because: 1- she's my fav member. lol. 2- like others said..she'll bring something refreshing to the show. Kara members are all sweet n friendly n cute n funny, but we can already find a bit of each of those traits in WGM now...Gyuri, with her Strong, Goddess onscreen personality paired with her awkward/quirky sense of humour/cuteness n also her motherliness will make a new combo of personality.
  14. well, i'm not so pleased about this news. i heard the song, and it's stuck on my head alrite. but they released it as their first Japanese original song. i'd rather they keep it only in Japanese so that it appears as a serious effort to push their fame in Japanese market... and release a diff song for their Korean comeback, not a two way recycled song again. c'mon are they that short of good songs? one thing that i feel makes one of the reasons of Kara not being taken seriously by many kpop fans is the fact that they always end up promoting the so-so/mediocre catchy song and that's the song that those people will be listening n judging them by. a pity really, because they have tons of awesome non-generic songs that never got promoted. i wish they'd have a different set of Jap songs n Korean songs. well, that's more of a concern to me than their schedules, which i'm pretty sure all popular idols are struggling with as well. anyway, thanks for the news. ps: i'm not blaming Kara or whatever...pls don't misunderstand.
  15. well, this doesn't sound good at all... -__- of course most of us might not be that affected because Nicole is popular compared to maybe half of the members there... but just imagine if Kara was still under-rated and Nicole wasn't as popular as she is now..... just imagine of the feelings of the people who are deemed 'unpopular' regardless of who they are.... honestly, i'm a bit disappointed to see many comments are just happy that our idol is safe because she is popular.....but well, whatever.... they could've just create an opening game to determine the teams instead of hurting half of the girls' pride.....sheesh. but i'm pretty sure the cast members are just gonna laugh it off anyway since it's a show....and happy fans would go 'why so serious? it's just a game/show?' (i'm pretty sure they'd be so serious had it affected their idol though, lol) Thanks for the trans anyway.