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  4. Park Seojoon and Goo Hara who are currently actor and actress under KeyEast are currently in discussion to be moved to KeyEast's subsidiary company. On April 18th, a representative from KeyEast told Newsen, "The thing about Park Seojoon and Goo Hara moving to a new subsidiary company under KeyEast has not yet been confirmed". The representative also continued saying, "Since it's still in the process of being discussed, there's nothing confirmed yet". The new subsidiary company will have a capital of 1 billion KRW, KeyEast is expected to have 70% of the share, and the CEO for the new subsidiary company will be KeyEast's Entertainment Business Department's representative Yang GeunHwan. A representative of KeyEast have also said, "Some actors and actresses from KeyEast are expected to be moved to the new subsidiary company and there will also be new addition to the company". Original article: Newsen Translator: Chiaro
  5. The pajamas that were worn by an ex-member of f(x), Sulli and an ex-member of KARA, Hara has been receiving attention due to its price. Following her birthday which was last moment, Sulli recently uploaded a picture with Goo Hara to her private Instagram. The pajamas that they wore turns out to be Burberry's Flutter Sleeve Floral Lace Dress. The price for this pajama on Burberry's official website is $2026(USD). In the photo, Sulli was wearing it in the color of Dust Pink while Goo Hara was wearing it in the color of Slate Blue. The total price of the two pajamas exceed $4000 (USD). Meanwhile, the two have proven to be best friends as they went for a friendship trip to Paris. Original article: Here Translator: Chiaro
  6. Why does she unfollow KARA members & fanaccs?
  7. TV Show

    YAY! Youngji on hello counselor <3 why haven't I heard of this
  8. Woops, haven't seen the thread in a while. What has yet to be done?
  9. Goo Hara who has currently signed an exclusive contract with Key East catches the attention of public by mentioning KARA ex-member's name. In the previous MBC Music Program 'Hara On and On: The Gossip', Hara talked about Jiyoung & Nicole. At that time, Hara mentioned on the program "People always told me don't say that it's tiring but i really can't. It's really sad how people say it like that because after all this is my job". Regarding to Jiyoung & Nicole who quit the group, she said, "If I say I wasn't sad, I'm lying. They didn't do it because they hate it". "What I really admire from them is that Jiyoung & Nicole are brave enough to start a new beginning while i'm here, in KARA choosing the safe way. At first i was a bit disappointed, but now i'm cheering them to the fullest. Because that's what it should be," she said. (for everybody who's confused about what is this, the article is basically a flashback where KARA talked about the other members quitting while now she herself, is not part of KARA anymore as KARA have been disbanded) Original Article: here Translated by: Chiaro
  10. KARA's ex-member, Heo Youngji for the first time (after KARA disbandment), attended the VIP premiere for the film 'Thinking of Oppa' and could be seen at the phototime at Mega Box COEX, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul on the afternoon of January 18th. Original article: here Translated by: Chiaro
  11. Will always be supporting you Hara! good luck for whatever you're doing in the future <3
  12. > Twist and turns in the past 10 years... what is the next move of these KARA members? Girl Group KARA which consisted of Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, Goo Hara, and Heo Youngji have finally disappeared into the past. Park Gyuri and Han Seungyeon who was the original member of KARA who have been active since 2008 and also member, Goo Hara have announced to leave their previous company, DSP Media on 15th of January. Ever since their debut on 2007, they have been through member replacement, addition, and also a lot of up and down but they have managed to be the top girl group for 9 years. Even though the group itself has disappeared into the past, the activities of the 4 members are gaining a lot of interest. > Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, and Goo Hara, starting fresh as actress? There has been a rumour that after leaving DSP, Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, and Goo Hara will pursue career as actresses. It is well known that member Goo Hara has been talking with Key East Entertainment. Also all three members, while still actively promoting as KARA, has been active and made a lot of appearance on screen too. Especially Park Gyuri who made her initial debut as an actress on 1995 MBC's Today's A Good Day's popular corner, Sonagi. Not only did she appeared on SBS ' 'Yeoin Cheonha' before her debut in KARA, she was also in the movie 'Two Dates', she showed her acting with Kim Jae Wook and Chae Jeong An. This film was nominated at the 20th Busan Film Festival. In Han Seungyeon's case, after KARA promotion on 2014, he accomplished herself as an actress by appearing on SBS Plus Drama 'Her Lovely Heels' and MBC Drama 'She Has Come! Jang BoRi'. She also took a leap forward by also appearing on MBC 2015 Drama Festival - Guitars and Hot Pant which was broadcasted on November 2014. Even though we are still not sure what they're next activity is going to be, we know that the acting companies got them on their back. It is known that Han Seungyeon is in talk with WidMay Entertainment which is a home of actor Hong Jonghyun who she have showed a chemistry with in the previous drama 'Her Lovely Heels'. Until now, WidMay entertainment is still closed about this. Recently, it has been confirmed that Goo Hara have made a contract with Key East entertainment. Key East is an entertainment which has a lot of Hallyu actors such as Bae Yong Jun, Kim Soo Hyun, and Kim Hyun Joong. > Will Heo Youngji catch two rabbit at once as a Solo singer and Variety star? We are anticipating Youngji's more appearance in variety show as 'Variety's Blue Chip' as she have appeared before in many variety shows right after her debut with KARA as in MBC Everyone's Weekly Idol as a member of Cham Sonyeo and in SBS Roommate. Right now, Heo Youngji is part of MBC variety program 'My Money Partner: Neighborhood CEOs' with Defconn, Hwang Jae Geun, Shim HyungTaek, and Park Narae. Heo Youngji is establishing her own character in variety like someone who has more than 3 years of experimence as an idol and doesn't seem like an idol group member. There has been a solid rumour that she's currently preparing for her solo debut and you'll be able to see things you've never seen before. Of course it's a fact that Heo Youngji and the other members will stay in the entertainment industry even in ten years. But the future is not dark for them as they will also follow Nicole, who left KARA in 2013 and establish a new kind of image for themselves. On one side, DSP Media has confirmed on January 15th that the three members Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, and Goo Hara will be moving to another company. DSP Media's representative said, "We are supporting and wishing them all the happiness for Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, and Goo Hara. Heo Youngji will strive to bring better images of her as our artist". Original article: here Translated by: Chiaro
  13. (originally this is a video. You can open the link on the original article below and watch it) <Encore Ment> KARA is a group that received a lot of love through 'Mister' and 'Honey'. It's a disappointment that the news (rumor) of KARA's disbandment is surrounding. <Report> The group that is going to have their 9th year debut anniversary this year, KARA! They are the representative girl group of Hallyu who was also the first girl group to ever held a solo concert in Tokyo Dome. Member Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, and Goo Hara whose contract will expired in the 2nd of February this year, is in the process of signing with a new agency. This is a fact that we all know. The representative reveals that, "It is already confirmed that the 3 member are leaving, it's been in talk since last year about the new agency they're going to sign with". KARA's agency has only says that, "There is nothing confirmed with their contract". Original News: here Translated by: Chiaro
  14. In the middle of the group breaking up rumors, KARA's member, Youngji appeared alone at a Japanese variety program. Youngji appeared in a program by AsahiTV called 'Innocent Walk' which was aired on January 11th as a guest. This is the first time Youngji appeared on a Japanese TV program alone without the other KARA members Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, and Goo Hara. The broadcasting station and the company has let us know that the member that will appear on the broadcast alone is Heo Youngji. Original article: here Translated by: Chiaro
  15. IDK if it's just me but she looks Japanese in this photo and I don't know why. It's probably her make-up but yeah.