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  1. Album

    Omg yes it's a mature/classy/elegant concept! ^O^ GyulHamCole look sooo gorgeous in this. I really hope their performance outfits will be similar to what the girls are wearing now, just that they'll be easier to dance in (cause you know, the concept photos rarely ever look like what the girls are going to perform or the music video itself) Tracklist seems promising so far, hopefully our girls will have the chance to work with different songwriters and producers again. And if I'm not wrong this is probably the first time the title track is the third track on the album (for KARA). Usually it's the first or the second... anyways this comeback looks like it's gonna be mindblowing, anticipating~!
  2. Album

    Ah thank you so much for clarifying. as much as I can't wait for SY's solo to be released, I guess I'd still prefer 5 new songs to the rumoured tracklist - only 1 new song for this long awaited comeback would be too wasted. Well I'll be anticipating both releases then. XD (though this will cost an arm and a leg)
  3. I had a hard time choosing between GyulCole - Gyuri cos she's so motherly and responsible ; and Cole cause she's a great cook and a very cheerful person. But in the end I still chose Cole, mainly cause it would be a dream come true (personally) to have someone cooking to look after me, like what Cole always does for her bff Hara during the wee hours of the morning. Idk, i just find it really touching and heartwarming:) but honestly all KARA members are the perfect-older-sister material. It'd be so fun to have them as siblings. xD
  4. Album

    I think it was just confirmed that the minialbum will only have 5 songs? -correct me if I'm mistaken- And anyways does this mean that they will not be releasing the girls' solo songs through Pandora? (I'm a bit disappointed cause I was really anticipating Seungyeon's Guilty~) --- just some things I hope to see in this comeback: 1. More ballads. or sentimental-ish songs. I Am (ing) was/is beautiful and I'm sure our girls can pull it off again. 2. In addition to the ballads, I kinda want to hear KARA's rock sound lol. Something like Jing's Wanna Do would be awesome. ^^ 3. A MV with a storyline. DSP has improved a lot these days, but there's still room for improvement. I would totally love it if there were a storyline to the MV. Plus our girls can act so i'm gonna cross my fingers for this. yup that's about it. xD
  5. I completely disagree with this statement. K-Kamilias don't care about KARA? what are you talking about? K-Kamilias may not be the largest fanclub out there, but they are certainly one of the most devoted and dedicated ones. After all they have followed our girls for many years, so please don't say such things about them Plus, regarding J-Kamilias, while I agree that some wotas are really supportive, most of KARA's sales in Japan come from casual fans or any person who is mildly interested in K-artists. Even with KARA's many achievements, they have yet to build up a solid fanbase in Japan (but I'm sure they can achieve this soon). I am sorry but you need to update your facts. KARA no longer lives in a dorm; they live separately now. And yes, DSP is using KARA as a source of income, but same goes for any other entertainment company in the music industry. In fact after the lawsuit, DSP really stepped up in their marketing strategies and our girls are better treated now. Just saying. I hope my post didn't seem too harsh. As for the article..... I hate to say this but it is perfectly true, especially when KARA is not from a Big3 company. Personally, awards DO matter to me and I'm sure they matter to our girls as well. I don't think they'll win anything in 2011, though with some luck a Bonsang is possible. However, hopefully in 2012 KARA will gain more love, success and finally a well-deserved award (esp the GDAs) in their home country. KARA fighting~ <3
  6. Album

    Today Super Girl is #2 with 12 925 copies sold Total: 319 507
  7. Album

    If I remember correctly, last year the date was December 15 so it's probably mid December-ish As for my previous post, sorry I was just wondering it's just that I'm still very unfamiliar to Jpop and I hardly pay any attention to yearly charts~
  8. Album

    With their 1st week sales, how does Super Girl fare on the yearly chart (so far)? Is Top 10 possible by mid Dec? And I'm so happy for the girls, this achievement was truly unexpected
  9. So they may be debuting in Taiwan/China next year? If possible I'd prefer them to focus on Korea + Japan only (they're already so busy) but I guess a Chinese debut may work with the right promotions. KARA will need to work on their Chinese pronunciations though :/ On the other hand, I'm really excited for their expansion into the acting market. Hopefully they'll be able to take on tougher roles (DaHye in City Hunter was a little disappointing for me) and showcase their acting ability 2012 looks really promising for KARA, I can't wait Hwaiting!
  10. Album

    If I'm not wrong, orders from Yesasia are also counted in the weekly boost. And I want 250k for 1st week sales now. KARA's consistency pwns. Proud Kamilia here
  11. Album

    I don't think SG will hit 250k within its 1st week, even with KARA's impressive weekend boost. Nonetheless, SG sales have been great though, I'm really proud of my girls <3 It's going to sell 200k in no time And I just bought Version C today, the cover is simply gorgeous. I can't stop staring at it (esp Gyul) xD
  12. Album

    ^ Preorders =/= sales. But we can expect first day sales to be sky high though
  13. Album

    Isn't Winter Magic the lead single for Super Girl? So I'm guessing WM's pv is the 'new music video' you're talking about. Correct me if I'm wrong ^^" As for predictions, I'm never good at them but here goes: First day 95k First week 210k
  14. I'm really excited for this DSP has improved so much lately. I just hope that our girls will have enough rest with so many activities.