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  1. haha wow, a goddess eating chicken with beer in 2AM but it's fine actually, since she's old enough already keke. i just hope she'll be fine and open up to the other members
  2. congrats to the girls! what a confusing mistake.. they shouldn't do that again. poor T-ara keke i just happen to love Kara and T-ara :3
  3. wah.. their answers are so jjang that's why i love Kara. they're so loving <3
  4. woah, this is awesome! i was surprised when i just logged in a few minutes ago, since i'm busy with school.. so uh.. thanks! we'll always support you guys
  5. oooh her sisters are really pretty! and they look similar lol maybe she'll look exactly like her sister when she's in her 20s :3
  6. haha cute maknae. the very first pic really looked like she was sleepwalking. hehe.
  7. i think she's the cutest maknae among the girl groups! she reminds me of a reaaaaaally cute puppy lol :3
  8. hmm. i think Minho and Hyukkie would look good with her esp Hyukkie, since that Starking clip.. it's just so cute! :3
  9. i first knew Kara when they started promoting Honey and i thought she was the maknae at first keke she reminds me of a pretty doll because of her appearance (long hair, round eyes) keke :3
  10. omg i really love that clip! keke. i was smiling the whole time while watching it (creep LOL) because they're so cute! and since then i ship for HyukHara..
  11. she looks exactly like a doll. a pretty doll to be exact but i prefer her smiling :3
  12. she sure covers both of her ears well maybe it's her long hair.. since she never had her hair short yet
  13. huh? i didn't even realize that.. i'm sucha bad fan. =='' anyway, hope she takes care of herself better now
  14. haha her immature jokes are <3 i love how people's reaction to her jokes are like.. =='' haha!
  15. i pick onew! hehe. both of them are really cute. what would happen when the strong ham gets married with a tofu? xD