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  1. This really sucks. For the past couple of years KARA was honestly the only group I was interested in. I love all the girls, past and present, and I'm gonna miss them so much. I hope they all continue in entertainment separately (especially Seungyeon I hope to go on a solo career - bias talking, but she is an amazing singer) and I wish them all the luck in the world.
  2. This baby came on mail today^^ That clutch bag is so cute <3 and so is the photo card!
  3. I'll be ready to bet my whole KARA collection that at least one of the shows in Yokohama will take place in Yokohama Arena. Also nice coverage of the whole Japan, wish I could be there during the tour *sigh*
  4. You can vote several times *hint hint*
  5. I made it to uni. Ordered Type A last night, can't wait <3 Edit//: was shipped last night.
  6. I've decided that I'll get the Type A if I make it to university, as a reward^^ if not, then I'll get the regular version.
  7. Got my copy today <3 the whole thing is cute as heck <3 the songs, the concept, the style of the girls, everything!
  8. Look what came in the mail today <3 It's so beautiful!!
  9. I only wish her rap part was a bit louder, other than that it's perfect <3 and I definitely wanna hear more of Youngji's rapping, she's so good at it!
  10. I hate working out but damn those KARA the Fit things make me wanna start to!
  11. Seungyeon is so tiny <3 Also the whole video is super cute, what I was able to decipher with my very basic Japanese.
  12. HamHeo taking over my life~

  13. My copy was shipped last Friday and according to YesAsia's delivery times it should be delivered next Monday the earliest (estimated delivery time from Hong Kong to Finland (Europe) is 6-14 days, my last two deliveries took 8 and 9 days, so I'd say Wednesday or Thursday, probably, but fingers crossed for Monday^^) I'll put up some photos when I get it^^
  14. I got Seungyeon *dances and squeals* I think that thing read my mind xD
  15. I was super impressed with Youngji's rapping! I mean I knew she was good but now she just completely blew my mind. She did such excellent work, I wanna hear her rap more!