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  1. I came back to this thread again and read my awful post ahahah. But back to the point Nicole was really cute on FO the first time! Im glad she was on it! She really made things fun with her 4D personality!
  2. Awwww Nicoles too cute!♡ I love and miss watching her on SGB! Its sucks to not see her out and being her fun little self on more varieties! If you watch SGB her segment level with me(?) was something i think a lot of people enjoyed! Even though they had a hard time figuring out the answers ahahaha
  3. IM SURE YALL HAVE BUT HAVE YOU SEEN THE DANCING VIDEO WITH JERMAINE BROWN? I really think that she improved! And i hope that her comeback will show how much shes improved and how shes definitely an amazing dancer!♡
  4. I'm just hoping her comeback will suit her and not be all over the place! But ill support our lovely Tweety! Im also looking forward to seeing her perform and go on varieties and interviews! By the way does anyone know when her comeback will be?
  5. Just saw nicoles episode!! AHHHHHHHHH shes so cute >.< i really liked this episode, but it might be because Nicole is in it. Watching all the episodes felt so short :c i kinda wish id see nicole acting some more
  6. I decided to do a poll to see who you all think is the most athletic in different categories. Unfortunately i could only do five polls :c but heres some more.... 6. Who has good leg strength or jumps really well? 7. Who wrestles the best ( im not really sure to explain it but you know the one where the have the cloth on their legs and body and they wrestle like that ) ? 8. Who has the most endurance? 9. Who would be able to finish a challenge best if given to them? 10. Who is best at Limbo? Heres my ranking of them all : 1. Hara 2. Gyuri 3. Jiyoung 4. Nicole and Hara 5. Nicole or Hara 6. Nicole 7. Hara 8. Hara 9. Nicole 10. Seungyeon As you can see most of these are Hara and Nicole. Nicole does really well in Lets go Dream Team and Hara is really good in Running Man. I wish Nicole would be in RM and Hara would be in LGDT though. Gyuri seems to have a lot of upper body strength and Jiyoung seems to be stronger body wise. If youve seen IY2 ep 20 you can see that she pushes hyoyeon an her partner back into the chicken coop. And Seungyeon isnt very athletic haha xD but in God of Victory she does really well in the Limbo part
  7. At first i was confused as ti why everyone disliked season2 but then when i watched season 1 i realized why. Season1 they actually did a lot of work the did a lit if chores or farming things and it was enjoyable however season 2 they tend to more have fun and do less work and just give tours to people . I dont hate season 2 though i just why a lot of people disliked it. But i liked season 1 more. They seem to like ad care about each other and stuff. ^__^
  8. Theyre all beautiful but i voted for nicold just because overall i think she was best. Hara has a slim hip which is so petite and pretty. Gyuri and Seungyeon have my ideal legs. Theres something about their legs that i just really like. Jiyoung has height. On one of her photoshoots she looks beautiful and tall with her long legs! And then Nicole. Her abs are amazing! Her body is slim and toned and her thighs are not too skinny an evenly toned
  9. KARA fits any style! I like how they did a sexy and cute concept in one. For example Pandora and Miss U
  10. Nicole definitely gets my vote! Shes soooooo cute and adorable and when she laughs she has a beautiful smile that just brightens the room. ( thats why shes KARAs Tweety ^__^ )
  11. I voted for Gyuri even though i love nicoles eyes They all have beautiful eyes but when it comes down to it Gyuri's are too beautiful. Have you seen her on magazines? Her eyes are piercing my soul x.x Gyuri is definitely a goddess
  12. Seungyeon has a baby face definitely! Jiyoung does too but her face has matured more and her babyness has gone away ( but youll see it again when she smiles c: )
  13. Im stuck between Gyuri, Hara, and Nicole. But i think Hara wins for me. Gyuri looks beautiful in the serious photoshoots especially the way her eyes look in magazine photos. Nicole is more of a person who looks good on an off camera. Like most of her photos in magazines shes always smiling and laughing. However Hara she looks AMAZING on camera ( not tht the other girls dont ) but she has so many looks and facial expressions when you see her on magazines so i chose her ^___^
  14. KARA looks great in all colors n_n so i put rainbow
  15. Im younger than KARA so that makes them my unnies? ^_____^