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  1. I love Kara, but not only Kara )) They are for me the best of the all girls' groups) But even so, I tend more towards the male groups)))
  2. Of course the child will have baby face)) Maknae )) Jiyoung! )))
  3. 1. Nicole 2. Hara 3. Jiyoung 4. Seungyeon 5. Gyuri. Sorry, Gyuri-omma~
  4. Nicole! Because her smile could make anyone smile back)) She is very sweet and positive person, looking at her become happier)
  5. Now after the scandal, which I think is just a silly misunderstanding, and after the departure of Nicole from the group, I think they are not so popular. But I hope that the girls will once again become popular in their own country with their new songs and albums)
  6. After the show Heroes, where I saw Nicole, I'm became interested in)) So I learned about the group))
  7. I listen to music with headphones only, and often at night)) in complete silence)
  8. Best Nicole, worst Seungyeon This is just my opinion))
  9. First when I saw the whole group on the show (taxi) thought that the leader is Seungyeon... Her behavior, activity, all of this led to this idea))