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  1. Does anyone know whether the writing that has been visible on Seungyeon's right arm in some recent photos is a real tattoo or some temporary thing for some photoshoots? I mean pictures from 2016 summer, taken clearly after this thread and info has been written. Seungyeon doesn't seem to be the kind of type that would get tattoos, but I read some place that it is allegedly a real tattoo saying "She flies by her own wings".
  2. I could imagine them doing a 10 year celebration tour or something, if their agencies allow that. If they were smart, they demanded some kind of "KARA clause" on their new contracts which would allow them to do group activities outside their current companies. If they don't have such clauses, it will be a legal nightmare to sort it out between three companies + DSP who can simply deny the whole thing as KARA as a brand is under their control. But anyway, this statement does give some credibility to the view that KARA still exists as an inactive one girl (Youngji) group for the unspecified future. Hopefully they will get something together, as I was never able to see them live, sadly. I guess Youngji would be involved in the future regrouping, as she has nothing else to do than being Youngji at the moment. Gyuri, based on her comment, yes. Hara, maybe. Seungyeon, let's hope so!!!! As for the others, who knows. We can only hope that this will happen in the next 1-2 years, instead of being some nostalgia act 20 years in the future.
  3. Renewing/not renewing contracts, except for Youngji, who has a different situation. This happening the same time as Somin leaving April is were the rumors got started. Personally I always thought Somin should be in Kara, so this might be as good an opportunity as any to get make her a member, either by adding a new member or by replacing a member who wouldn't be willing to extend a contract. Then again, I'm not sure about Somin anymore. She used be very hardworking and pretty. Now that there's the whole issue of preparing for April debut over a year and then leaving after one month, and also the alleged plastic surgeries and all, I'm not so sure it would be beneficial for Kara to have her as a member.
  4. Is this the new trend? SNSD's Taeyeon was reported to be doing just the same last week. And there was also some fan movement to hunt down people posting negative stuff about Girl's Day. Not that taking actions is entirely wrong, but perhaps the best way would be to ignore those comments. Then again, I have no idea how widespread this thing is in Korea, and what kind of laws (if any) they have about moderating internet and so on.
  5. Doctor, doctor give me the news I've got a bad case of lovin' you No pill's gonna cure my ill I've got a bad case of lovin' you
  6. Yeah, Youngji is surprisingly talented in rapping. I'm always disappointed hearing Nicole's rap parts that were given to Hara, as they would be much better done by Youngji.
  7. Kara's Japanese albums have always been in Japanese (the Japanese re-releases of Korean albums being an exception). Also, Kara's Japanese albums have never had title tracks, and it seems that's the case this time too.
  8. Hopefully they come up with some more original dance moves than "shooting an arrow". It has already been used by SNSD at least in three songs, so seeing Kara do the very same would be disappointing.
  9. So is this album having the same songs in a different language than their Japanese release, or is this something completely unrelated, but just happening simultaneously?
  10. Where in the heck is the CD+Blu-ray version? I mean DVD... come on... Girl's Generation have Blu-ray bonus discs for their Japanese releases, I wouldn't expect anything less from Kara. In fact, I'm expecting more.
  11. Seriously, are they going to use that name??? I said somewhere jokingly that whatever their Japanese albums are going to be called, it's got to be "Girls" something. Apparently I wasn't wrong. Once or twice would be OK, but if their previous albums have been called Girl's Talk, Super Girl, Girls Forever, Fantastic Girls there's sure not much notable difference in the theming of those albums. Their Korean album names make much more sense. If they were called Girls' Generation or something, adding the word "girl" every time might make some sense, but this seems just unimaginative. Fortunately their music has been good... so far.
  12. I would gladly let Goo Hara buy stuff for me. As for the poll though, fake maknae, obviously.
  13. I have special editions of their Japanese full albums and all limited edition Blu-rays, but that's about it. Not sure if it's worth taking a picture, as those CD/Blu-ray covers are all over the Internet.
  14. Whatever it takes to get Somin to become a KARA member is OK in my book.