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  1. Gyuri's new movie is set for release on November 3rd, with both the media and VIP screenings happening on October 24th (former is at 4:30 while the latter notes it starts around 8:20-8:30). Also some new jpgs of her:
  2. That'd definitely be nice, assuming Gyuri is able to travel out of country at the moment (since her movie is opening soon).
  3. Gyuri's been posting to Insta lately about seeing musicals, having gone to see Fiestar's Linzy in Peste and Yewon Kim in Jack the Ripper. https://twitter.com/oyagyuri/status/779310122518519812 https://twitter.com/oyagyuri/status/781681739869593600 Also she posted a penguin jpg to Twitter: Her new movie will also have a preview event on October 12th, though tickets to it have to be won. It'll also be shown during Korean Cinema Week 2016 in Tokyo, specifically on October 26th and the 29th.
  4. We sincerely thank you for always supporting Nicole. At this time, due to her contract expiring with her Japanese agency CJ Victor Entertainment, we'll be closing the Nicole Japan Official Site on October 14th. No matter the time, everyone gave their unchanging love to her, we'd like to thank all the fans from the bottom of our hearts for supporting her Japanese activities so far, and give a profound apology for the sudden announcement. Going forward, please continue to give Nicole your warm support. 2016.9.30 Nicole Japan Official Site management team source: http://nicole-cjve.jp/news.cgi/view/137 translation: dubious
  5. Jiyoung has a LINE account now: @Jiyoung This is the auto message it sends upon being added: Hopefully some of the others make accounts in the future ;w;
  6. Somewhat quick translation, but here: 行動でもっと伝えて 甘い言葉なら no thank you! Your actions are more telling, if they're sweet words, no thank you! 大人への階段ステップしたい メラメラメラメラメ I want to step towards the stairway towards adulthood, burning, burning up 迷ったりなんてしないよ さよなら私の少女 I won't get lost, goodbye my girl 振り返ったりはしないよ さよなら私の少女 I won't look back, goodbye my girl
  7. It doesn't specify how many pages there are, not sure why. I'd imagine it's similar to others though? (So 24-36 pages more than likely.) Also off-hand: the regular edition of the single was released today on iTunes.
  8. AAC format (.m4a)/196 kbps Length: 4:41 [hide]Download[/hide] Source: Lilac Kara (for the full episode, the song itself was personally pulled) Same as the last one, just tossing this up for anyone who wants it :>
  9. I'd be open to this if it's on the east coast in any capacity. But yeah, the fact that all of us in Canada alone are spread out might make it hard either way ;~;
  10. Adding this here: both Yuda and I translated the part regarding KARA, and it's pretty obvious from both that akp decided to write that part to make it seem like Seungyeon wanted to be entirely separated from the group, when in reality she merely wants it to be known that she's focusing on her solo work right now. Likewise, Seungyeon pointed out it was an improper translation from them on her twitter (which I realize you noted already, but felt it needed to be pointed out again). But, I suppose some have nothing to do but try and stir up drama, even if it's by misconstruing someone's words ;w;
  11. AAC format (.m4a)/196 kbps Length: 4:26 [hide]Download[/hide] Source: gadu @ Karawa (for the full episode, the song itself was personally pulled) Basically tossing this up in case anyone wants it, even though it's a radio rip ;w;
  12. Full audio of "Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto": There was a longer version of the PV floating around too, but it seems to have been taken down ;~;
  13. Saigo no Sayonara BTS video, it's kind of short given it was only available through her fanclub :v
  14. Type A (CD+DVD+photobook): Tracklist: CD: 1. 好きな人がいること [suki na hito ga iru koto; there's someone I like] 2. Hello Mr. 3. 夢先案内人 [yume saki annainin; dream guide] (Momoe Yamaguchi cover) 4. 好きな人がいること-instrumental- DVD: 1. 「好きな人がいること」 Music Video 2. Music Videomaking of 「好きな人がいること」 Comes with a offshoot photobook with pictures taken by Jiyoung and her staff. Type B (CD+DVD): Tracklist: CD: 1. 好きな人がいること 2. Hello Mr. 3. 夢先案内人 4. 好きな人がいること-instrumental- DVD: 1. 「好きな人がいること」 Music Video+α Regular edition (CD-only): Tracklist: 1. 好きな人がいること 2. Hello Mr. 3. 夢先案内人 4. 好きな人がいること-Piano Slow Edit- Jiyoung will be releasing a new single on August 31st. The website notes it's a tie-in song for the drama of the same name and that there's three editions available. The song's PV will also be included with both DVDs, while an alternate version of the title song will be included on the CD-only edition. The first press bonus is stickers of the covers, with each coming from a different chain: Tower Records has type A, Tsutaya Records has type B and Amazon Japan has the regular edition. The first press edition also comes with a randomly picked trading card from five types, regardless of the store it's bought from. Links: CDJapan: CD+DVD+photobook: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/SRCL-9121 CD+DVD: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/SRCL-9123 CD-only: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/SRCL-9125 HMV Japan: CD+DVD+photobook: http://www.hmv.co.jp/en/artist_Jy_000000000654563/item_Suki-Na-Hito-Ga-Iru-Koto_7135386 CD+DVD: http://www.hmv.co.jp/en/artist_Jy_000000000654563/item_Suki-Na-Hito-Ga-Iru-Koto_7135387 CD-only: http://www.hmv.co.jp/en/artist_Jy_000000000654563/item_Suki-Na-Hito-Ga-Iru-Koto_7135389
  15. Apparently Jiyoung finished recording some new music, meaning she should be releasing a new single soon. From her Twitter: Everyone, it's been a little while. JY as of late has been... Honestly, she has finally finished her song recordings♪ These pictures are of her "JY bread" gift V( )V (The two hashtags translate as "anyway, look forward to it, okay?" and "inside the bread are sandwiches".)
  16. The fanmeeting itself wasn't sold out (unless the tickets sold out after that tweet, but it doesn't look like it), the one that was is the lunch event two days after it. Still good though. The other thing is that was the presale tickets, there's more tickets going on sale starting tomorrow at 10 in the morning for both the fanmeeting and lunch events.
  17. Yeah, I thought that's what I typed but seems having to type Girls Talk more than once got that title stuck in my head, not to mention Girls Talk type B doesn't even have a DVD lol Thanks for the point out :>
  18. That's noted in the OP, unless you're referring to how disc 7 and 8 say "TBA", which is due to that being what the site says for their contents right now in the part mentioning what each disc specifically has. I imagine that's mostly because they don't know what play order to put stuff in yet and/or entirely what they're including. Don't think so, the site doesn't indicate they do anyway (the address part of the sign up form doesn't list "overseas" or other countries as options, just prefectures).
  19. Info: Price: 41000 (before tax)/44280 yen (tax included) Part 1: All Japan Tours Side All Japan tours from Karasia 2012 – 1st Japan Tour to Karasia 2015 – 4th Japan Tour Includes the making of videos for each tour Part 2: All Japan Clips side Includes all Japanese PVs from “Mister” to “Summer☆gic” (doesn't make mention of alternate versions of any of said PVs)(no alternate versions or making ofs are included) Also includes all Korean PVs previously released on the “KARA Best Clips” DVDs/BDs Part 3: Bonus Disc side Bonus footage from the limited editions of albums and singles, such as fanmeeting live footage and making of offshoots (specific contents will be noted on a later date)(specifics are listed below) Also includes a special booklet and customizable jacket cards. One side of the booklet has KARA5 from the Mister era while the other has KARA4 from the Summer☆gic era. Currently is only listed on Universal Music Japan's site, and has to be ordered by May 29th Tracklist: 1. ALL JAPAN TOUR side - KARA 1st JAPAN TOUR 2012 KARASIA 2. ALL JAPAN TOUR side - KARASIA 2013 HAPPY NEW YEAR in TOKYO DOME 3. ALL JAPAN TOUR side - KARA 2nd JAPAN TOUR 2013 KARASIA 4. ALL JAPAN TOUR side - KARA THE 3rd JAPAN TOUR 2014 KARASIA 5. ALL JAPAN TOUR side - KARA THE 4th JAPAN TOUR 2015 “KARASIA” 6. All JAPAN CLIPS side - KARA ALL MUSIC CLIPS List of PVs (ones in italics are Korean): 1. Rock U 2. Pretty Girl 3. Honey 4. Wanna 5. Lupin 6. Mister 7. Jumpin' 8. Jumping 9. Jet Coaster Love 10. GO GO Summer! 11. Winter Magic 12. Ima, okuritai "arigatou" 13. STEP 14. Speed Up 15. Girl's Power 16. Electric Boy 17. Orion 18. Bye Bye Happy Days! 19. Pandora 20. Wanna Do by Jiyoung 21. Lost by Nicole (feat. Jinwoon of 2AM) 22. Secret Love by Hara 23. Hakuchuumu by Gyuri 24. Guilty by Seungyeon 25. French Kiss 26. Mamma Mia! 27. Summer☆gic 7. Bonus Disc side - KARA JAPAN HISTORY (from "Super Girl JAPAN TOUR Special Edition") - Live at Yokohama Arena (from "BEST CLIPS II & Shows") - Real Girls Talk (from "KARA BEST CLIPS") - Special Girls Talk (from "KARA BEST CLIPS III") - MTV ZUSHI FES live clips 1. Mister (MTV ZUSHI FES 10) 2. Summer☆gic (MTV ZUSHI FES 15) 3. GO GO Summer! (MTV ZUSHI FES 15) 8. Bonus Disc side - KAMILIA SCHOOL ~KARA FAN MEETING 2013~ (from "FANTASTIC GIRLS (Type A)") - U-EXPRESS LIVE 2013 (from "FANTASTIC GIRLS (Type B)") - Valentine's Party 2015 @ Shintakanawa Grand Prince Hotel (from "Girl's Story (Type B)") Links Universal Music Japan store: http://store.universal-music.co.jp/product/pdxn1002/?sci_campaign=4374&utm_source=&utm_medium=official&utm_campaign=karabox
  20. For covers, the normal edition is much better than the other two. Type A's has her face too hidden for me, and type B is... just an odd choice honestly. Song-wise, Lucky Day and LUNAR would be the two best for me. Least favorite is recall, but I didn't like it when it was first released to begin with. The Japanese version of MAMA... could have been much better. Not sure why they altered the instrumental firstly (though I guess it kind of distinguishes it a bit from the original), but my main issue is how lazy the lyrics are to me. It comes off more as a direct translation of the Korean lyrics that someone altered so it was singable to the song's melody instead of an actual Japanese version D:
  21. Noticed that too, and decided to see if it was like that in the single's book... it's not lol Wonder if it's just a typo in type B or if all bliss editions did that though D:
  22. Do you want to take a pic of that text spot there? Also my copy shipped early yesterday, and probably won't show up until Friday... ;~; But it has the extra track so it's worth the wait since I've been waiting for a Japanese version of MAMA since the Korean one came out.
  23. More or less. The memory thing might have also been provoked by Seungyeon, as her current project had a page open for people to send in their memories of/with her.