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  1. From that and the original Korean message, no. Just weird that there hasn't been nearly as much mention of said Korean comeback in comparison to the Japanese single, which is why I noted I never heard anything of it (until seeing the fancafe message, as everything else looked to be rumors at best and nothing actually confirmed) @_@
  2. Never saw anything on her Korean comeback, but she announced her Japanese single back during her last fanmeeting.
  3. We’d like to thank you for always kindly supporting Nicole. We had put out a notice at a recent event about her second single due for December, but the CD release has been delayed due to the production schedule. Because of this, the scheduled CD sale commemoration event for October 24th in Tokyo is also postponed. We hope everyone is still looking forward to the CD release, as well as meeting Nicole again. Please accept our sincerest apologies. ●December 2015 – CD release ⇒ sale postponed ●October 24th – CD sale release event ⇒ date postponed We are putting in the effort to meet everyone with a better piece of work. We will post a notice on the Nicole Japan Official Site when the CD release date has been determined. Additionally, October 25th’s scheduled “Mezamashi TV presents T-SPOOK 〜 TOKYO HALLOWEEN PARTY” will continue as planned. As Nicole is always looking forward to meeting everyone at her different appearances, by all means all are welcome to come. We apologize again to everyone who was looking forward to the CD release and CD sale commemoration event. Thank you for your continued kind support for Nicole. Source: http://nicole-cjve.jp/news.cgi/view/37 (thanks to Lupang for the point out) Translation: dubious
  4. Honestly, even if they opt to leave DSP specifically, I don't think the group itself will disband. They do have the option of going to another agency and continuing on from there.
  5. Usually on my phone or iPod through headphones, sometimes on my laptop through the same means. I'm too lazy to unplug my speakers from my old desktop to use them with my laptop (and its built in speakers suck) lol :< On rare occasions I'll actually pull out one of my CDs and listen to that on my laptop instead.
  6. That ending part by Gyuri makes it seem more like KARA really will be disbanding soon-ish :< Regardless, seeing a reunion at some point after with SNSD, Wonder Girls, etc., would be interesting.
  7. KARA: Hello everyone, it's KARA. Gyuri: Yet again this year, the opening for our concert tour KARASIA has been decided! Hara: We are going to some areas for the first time, which we're also looking forward to. Seungyeon: Since it's more places than we've been to so far, I hope everyone we're near will go. [Horrendously loose translation in my opinion, but gets her point across.] Youngji: We look forward to meeting everyone, everyone please come and have fun. Gyuri: That said, let's meet at KARASIA~ KARA: That's all, this has been KARA. Also that concert logo is odd. Might just be too used to the more cute-looking ones they've used in the past D:
  8. Fixed, I always forget hide tags are a thing >.>;; I posted the separate link though because someone else noted that they were getting a login request when using the OP link, while mine just takes you to the newsletter without needing a Google account. Though to be fair... I think you need a KH account to even see this thread, so it's not the worst of issues.
  9. good night sweet prince o/

  10. For some reason it links to an actual Google Drive account, which I presume is why it wants the login. [hide]Try this link (goes directly to the newsletter).[/hide]
  11. CDJapan still seems to be able to get type A and B (they only have one of the former in stock though) along with the regular edition. Though looking at HMV myself, they just list all the copies as a future release, meaning they aren't sold out (the only note is bonuses might be out of stock, but Nicole's single has no first press bonus to begin with). edit: Worth pointing out that CDJapan doesn't have an option to buy all three copies at once, and HMV still looks to allow buying of each version separately.
  12. Name: dubious Country: Canada Message: Happy birthday Seungyeon! Hope your day is wonderful, and here's to many more :> Take care~
  13. Uh... Jiyoung's would be closest to mine, and I wouldn't even call it close (as her birthday is in January and mine is in March) :<
  14. The only thing I find MAMA has over Something Special is the dance, as it shows Nicole's dancing ability better. Outside of that, Something Special wins all the way in my books
  15. Something along the lines of Jappy's and viperion's suggestions probably. Don't really have suggestions of my own ;~;
  16. Seungyeon @_@ Gyuri would have been my preference (but I knew that wouldn't be what I get), but Seungyeon is a bit of a surprise.
  17. Best Girls was their compilation album that French Kiss was included on and was their last (album) release as the five member group.
  18. I was beginning to wonder what happened to her Japanese debut, good to see it wasn't abandoned :> Also good that it was pushed to June, as I won't have any money until then at the earliest to buy the single ( ; ; )
  19. So it's not even worth waiting for someone to post a rip of the DVD/BD anywhere? The only other concert I've seen the TV and official release of is the Happy New Year one, and that's pretty much the same with some slightly different angles for parts, better VTR transitions and the KARA the Animation promo removed in the official release. I'd think they'd have kept to that for this concert too and kept the cut down to the duet stages, but now it just sounds like they didn't care as much for the DVD/BD copy as they did for the TV airing ;-;
  20. Because the JASRAC has taken down YT uploads lol D:
  21. There's a lot of groups like them who have said they're splitting up, then got back together for a concert or reunion album or what have you. Korean groups tend to follow a different path though, so I wouldn't actually expect the same of KARA. Maybe until the girls are around their 40s, but that might be it. As for future predictions, most of the members seem to be aiming for acting anyway. Nicole and Sunghee are notable exceptions, as Nicole is more suited for following a music career and Sunghee opted to leave on her own accord so I don't expect her to come back.
  22. Yes unless there was a major request for a softsub copy (which would likely just be done in mkv format considering distributing a subtitle file requires providing the correct raw copy and requires the end user to have all the fonts used installed on their computer).
  23. Seeing multiples of the notebook and lip keychain make me a bit jelly, I wish I could have found someone who could have gotten them for me :<
  24. Happy 8th anniversary KARA :> Here's hoping for many more