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  1. If you're referring to CDJapan noting that, then disregard it. DVDs that come with CD singles and album are always region free. Also nice, the PV gets released tomorrow morning. Good way to start off a holiday :>tonight, I keep forgetting Japan uses the 24 hour system. Either way, something to look forward to later :>
  2. I'm wondering how to go about getting something here too, as I'd like to get that notebook.
  3. Most sites list the price as it is before Japanese taxes (which you don't get charged if you're out of the country), before shipping and before possible customs fees (which is assessed once something you get comes into your country and varies, so stores have no control on this aside from marking things as gifts or not and what they opt to note the package value is).
  4. They're selling it at the same price as other places (doesn't list the catalog number though), so I don't see why they wouldn't. I never use Amazon though so someone else who is more familiar with how they work might be able to give you a better answer.
  5. I thought I posted in this thread, but anywho... Song: Had to grow on me, as I still consider it one of KARA's weaker comeback songs. The plus is it's a slightly different sound from typical KARA songs, so it helped with it being a comeback for the changed member lineup, but if that was the intention they could have had "So Good" as the lead track for Day & Night/the Japanese single and it would have worked better in my opinion. PV: It's okay, nothing to write home about, definitely not the worst I've seen but also not the best. I'm also pretty impartial to most PVs for anything though, so unless you've got something like a STEP-type PV don't expect me to really be swayed either way. Korean or Japanese: I like it when I can understand my songs usually, so this is obvious. That and the Japanese version flows just as well as the Korean one in terms of the lyrics not sounding off melody/trying to fit too many words in too short a time frame, so no awkward sounding parts + understandable lyrics = Japanese version wins. PV or live: Live performances are always better to me, regardless of song (unless the artist is lip syncing, which I haven't seen KARA do very often). If I want to hear the song itself, I'd rather play it on my phone or play it off the CD as opposed to watching the PV
  6. Expensive? @_@ Even in Canada a book similar to this one would be around the same retail value (maybe a little less), more so since it's hard covered and has a plethora of pictures in it. But I'm going by the price I paid for it without shipping, which was 30$ (48$ after shipping was added). I noticed on places like eBay though that people are selling it for a lot higher -- around the 70-80$ range, which is upselling it a bit much. That said, it's definitely a good book. The 100 Q&A section was a good read, especially with some of the answers Jiyoung gives for what she's asked (namely the one asking if she would pick to be male or female).
  7. The solo versions have a picture label of the member on the front and have a different set of photocards within them in comparison to type A/B and the regular edition have. Track-wise, looks to be the same as any other version unless they decide to add a solo song later on at some point (though doubtful as they probably would have announced such a thing with the single as a whole).
  8. The pun title the first song has already caught my attention, and it sounds nice from the short preview posted. Not sure though if I'd want to order type A or the Gyuri version though, or maybe both since there doesn't seem to be bonus tracks to sway my opinion towards one or the other...
  9. Ditto this, made me laugh to the point of tears when I first saw it. This performance of KOH+'s "Kiss shite" is also a favorite.
  10. Nicole's reaction after seeing Hamada hit Matsumoto is one that comes to mind :3
  11. The word "date" to me typically stands as being in a relationship with someone, and I'm not even single so it's not a possibility lol In terms of just hanging out with any KARA member for a day though, I would probably pick one of Nicole, Gyuri or Jiyoung, and would probably ask the one who I was with what she at least doesn't want to do/doesn't enjoy doing so figuring out where to go and such is easier and not as boring to whichever of the three is with me :>
  12. Nice to know this is sitting around on here :> Just off-hand though, Gyuri only performed "Hush Hush" (the song itself samples "I Will Survive," but it's not a song switch).
  13. I'm guessing it's because there seems to not be any Korean translators around (I think anyway...), but if there is a Japanese variant of the article you linked I'd be glad to post the translation.
  14. Threeway tie between Nicole, Jiyoung and Gyuri, but put Nicole as my vote in the poll.
  15. Do subtitles even get included in DVD releases of concerts normally? I mean in terms of Japanese/Korean ones, as next to no Japanese releases of anything have English subtitles to begin with D: Also disappointing the duets are gone, I like Gyuri and Seungyeon's performance :<
  16. Got this in the mail today, which was surprising given there was a blizzard in my area today @_@ Also have: - Pandora album + poster - First Romance + poster (yes, it's a Nicole album but it counts I'd think) - Mamma Mia! type C - a decent amount of the star card sets (thanks to k0uki) And I have a copy of Super Girl type A that was shipped out today. Maybe at some point I'll gather stuff together for a proper jpg.
  17. Hopes: 1. Nicole x KARA duet (either Nicole with one of the KARA members or the group and her doing a new song as I don't see her actually rejoining KARA) 2. New Japanese release that doesn't consist of remakes 3. Second solo collection, language doesn't matter 4. English debut? Fears: 1. Group splitting up ;~; Predictions: - 5th Korean album - 5th Japanese album - Japanese Karasia tour #4 - At least one of the members being in a new show (outside of Youngji being in Roommate as that started last year)
  18. I knew of KARA since about 2011, didn't actually start checking out their music fully until early 2012 though D:
  19. In terms of Japanese stuff (songs, things said in concerts and TV interviews, etc.), I can understand it pretty well with sometimes that off-hand word I might mishear, or if it's a subtitle text or a lyric sheet I might need to recheck what a kanji character means at most. Korean stuff though, I understand maybe a couple of words or so at most and need it translated to another language to fully get what's going on. Unfortunately, I have little motivation to learn Korean, at least for now. Maybe at some point I'll be more willing to add a fourth language to fully understand every piece of KARA material (among other things), but for now just having three is enough on my brain D':
  20. Image = Nicole's Instagram Former KARA member Nicole advertised the music video for the title song "MAMA" from her solo album "First Romance." On the 19th, Nicole posted on her Instagram, "The music video for 'MAMA' is finally here. Please watch all of it," alongside a YouTube link. In the photo unveiled at the same time, Nicole made an appeal with a mature charm in her sexy costume. In particular, Nicole's provocative pose invites one's gaze. Nicole's solo album "First Romance" was produced together with production team Sweetune, who she worked with back during her KARA activities. Nicole participated in all the processes from the music, choreography and costumes to appeal with a new charm. Article source: http://news.kstyle.com/article.ksn?articleNo=2008277&categoryCode=ET Translated by: dubious
  21. If they still have orders up for it in the next few weeks I'll consider it given the price (especially since it'd be my first time getting an autographed album lol), but otherwise I'll be happy with the copy I already ordered :>
  22. On the 16th, former member of girl group KARA Jiyoung attended a release event for her photo collection "Jiyoung Monogatari ~Umaretate no Watashi~" in Tokyo. Since joining a Japanese agency in August, Jiyoung started her activities as an actress. When asked," do you prefer acting over singing?" by reporters, she carefully thought and answered with, "I want to make a new me. I want to show a new image." Source: http://news.kstyle.com/article.ksn?articleNo=2008038&categoryCode=ET Translated by: dubious