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  1. My thoughts really on the whole thing. Youngji might be fine as a KARA member, and I think she could get prepared enough for a Korean comeback in about a ~two month time span, but her Japanese skills are definitely not ready for her to join the group for Japanese promotions at this point. This was why I was under the impression that the August comeback would be for Korea only, because it makes the most sense to do when including a new member. The Japanese comeback in the same month should only be for Gyuri, Seungyeon and Hara. As for the process being "lax", DSP picked girls out of their trainee roster, three of which have already debuted in Japan. A "lax" choice would have been auditioning new people altogether and having those people be the candidates for KARA, at which point the idea of KARA Project would have been laughable at best. Picking trainees they already had with the company was the better route to go overall, my only issue is that I wish expert votes had a little more weight to them than they did in the overall vote count as opposed to the fans getting the large majority of the votes.
  2. Then they're going to have rather short promotion spans for both areas then. I was under the impression they were releasing for one area one month, then moving to the other later on, not doing both at once. I just think a Korean release would be a bit safer first because they just got Youngji added who is clearly not well off in Japanese. Give her time to learn the language more, etc., then release a single in Japan.
  3. Wouldn't it make more sense to have a Korean release first before a Japanese one...?
  4. 21 years old, which puts me into the third option (which looks to have the most votes ).