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  1. A new dancer will have their chance to shine on Mnet’s “Hit the Stage”! On August 24, the show confirmed that Nicole will be joining its line-up. They state that she will be participating in the competition that will take place on August 28, and will be aired at a later date. They also clarify, “It has not been decided whether it will be a one-time appearance, or if she will continue on with the show.” Many people are looking forward to seeing Nicole, who was known for her dancing abilities since her days as a KARA member. “Hit the Stage” showcases K-pop stars as well as professional dancers who team up with each other to face off in a fierce battle of performances. With a different theme every time, idols such as INFINITE’s Hoya, SHINee’s Taemin, and more, are being highly lauded for their intricate and dynamic stages. It currently airs every Wednesday at 11 p.m. KST. What are your thoughts on Nicole’s addition to the show? src: soompi
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  4. Actresses Ryu Hwa Young and Han Seung Yeon, former girl group members of T-ara and KARA respectively, share a kiss on the lips! On the July 29 episode of JTBC’s “Age of Youth,” characters Kang Yi Na and Jung Ye Eun get into a fight over a cup of juice. During the episode, Kang Yi Na, portrayed by Ryu Hwa Young, takes a phone call as she drinks from a cup owned by Han Seung Yeon’s character, Jung Ye Eun, who grows irritated and snatches her cup from Kang Yi Na’s hands. Kang Yi Na apologizes, but Jung Ye Eun proceeds to wash the cup and snaps, “Is it enough that you’re sorry? It’s dirty. I know the things you’ve been doing with those lips.” Kang Yi Na retorts, “You’re saying my lips are dirty?” Jung Ye Eun answers, “That’s right, they’re dirty. Haven’t you been going around sticking your lips everywhere? Hearing this, Kang Yi Na loses her temper, bolts toward Jung Ye Eun, and forces a kiss on her lips. source: soompi ============= check out the behind the scene below!
  5. Former leader of KARA and now actress, Gyuri, sat down for an interview with Arirang TV's 'Showbiz Korea' on August 3, where she revealed how much she keeps in touch with her former members. When asked whether they give one another advice on acting, Gyuri answered, "Honestly, we know one another so well that we probably think in our hearts, 'This kind of role matches you well.' However, rather than giving rash recommendations, we're the type to give a lot of support to the opposite leads. These days, we constantly ask one another how we're doing, whether we're doing well, and talk about everyday things." Gyuri also talked about her movie 'How to break up with my cat' and more which you can watch in the interview below (interview begins at 8:50 mark). source: akp
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    uuwwwww~ seungyeon's original voice anyone knows what's for? is the full clips released? my bad, @am_shy19 already released it several weeks ago above!
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    sorry for late post~ Gyuri LINE blog update. It's korean, but a lot of good photos~ go save it~ http://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=4732977&memberNo=30108322
  8. Seungyeon stood in as a representative for Korea on the July 25 broadcast of debate/talk show 'Abnormal Summit.' A topic for a segment on the episode was on sharing, whether it be material goods, food, or personal hygiene items such as a toothbrush. The members of the show heatedly debated whether they would share a toothbrush with their significant others and asked Seungyeon her opinion. Seungyeon replied coolly, "I think sharing a toothbrush is okay." When MC Sung Si Kyung questioned her on what she wouldn't share, Seungyeon answered, "Things that are expensive? I get attached to material goods but since a toothbrush is an easily dispensable product, I don't really feel any particular way about it." Seungyeon further explained, "A while ago, I lent a camera to a friend, and she had placed it carelessly in her bag and completely smashed it. I asked her how she's going to fix it but she said to me, 'We're so close yet you care more for your camera than you do for me. I feel hurt.' She is a really good friend of mine but when money is concerned, I think your attitude can change a bit." source: akp
  9. Former KARA member Jiyoung opened up about her career as an actress in Japan. Jiyoung held an interview for the upcoming movie 'Kataomoi Spiral' and shared, "I learned how to discipline myself in Japan. 'Today, I won't read the screenplay and sleep,' 'Today, I'll skip out on class.' I was tempted by those things, but I always made the decision. I was in a group until then, so I did experience loneliness. If I didn't become stronger, I would fail. What I made the most effort for is Japanese." She added, "When I practiced conversations, I was very careful with it. At first, it was the biggest stress. Staff would be beside me to fix my errors, but these days, there aren't as many." Jiyoung also mentioned how happy she was that people are still paying her any attention. She said, "People don't ask me anymore about leaving KARA, and they listened to me about my movie and promotions in Japan," adding, "I always want to receive love. A rookie award for film. I think it's the best to receive an award after doing various work. I'd be happy if my acting was acknowledged. I think I want to do more in Japan and Korea as well as other places in Asia." Source : allkpop
  10. Gyuri will be expanding her acting career under a new label. On July 19, entertainment label Motion Media announced that they recently signed on with Gyuri. The idol has been actively pursuing her career in acting through a variety of dramas such as 'Jang Young Shil', 'Nail Salon Paris', 'Secret Love', and more. She also took the female lead in the movie 'Two Room, Two Nights'. Gyuri is expected to greet viewers more often on screen under Motion Media. source: akp
  11. Seungyeon guested on the July 25 installment of 'Abnormal Summit,' discussing the discomforts which inevitably arise when living with roommates. The idol-turned-actress said, "I think it's only normal that it feels uncomfortable [living with roommates]. When you live with other people, there are moments when you will receive stress and which will make you want to cry." Seungyeon continued, "I don't want to show that side of me to others but if someone else is there, I can't cry comfortably." MC Jun Hyun Moo, who was listening with a sympathetic ear, tried to lighten the mood with a joke, teasing Han Ye Ri, "I feel like if I cried in front of Han Ye Ri, she would scold me." Han Ye Ri denied the MC's teasing with, "Not at all. I would cry with the person." source:akp
  12. On a recent episode of “Abnormal Summit,” former KARA member Han Seung Yeon and actress Han Ye Ri revealed that they wouldn’t mind sharing a toothbrush with a boyfriend. The topic arose as they discussed the main question “Is it abnormal for people to think that living with others is uncomfortable?” During the conversation, the actresses discussed what the limit would be in terms of sharing items with a boyfriend or a friend. The MCs then asked if they would hypothetically be willing to share a toothbrush with a boyfriend. Both ladies willingly responded, “I think sharing those things is possible.” When asked, “Then what are some things that can’t be shared?” Han Seung Yeon replied that she couldn’t share expensive items. “There was a time when I let a friend borrow an expensive camera, but she accidentally fell backwards and caused the camera to shatter,” she said. Han Seung Yeon added, “When I asked about compensation, the friend asked me why I was asking about compensation and not if she was hurt.” The actress proceeded to talk about not being able to receive compensation when her car bumper was damaged. “Whenever something happens, I can’t ask for compensation, so from the beginning I don’t let people borrow stuff.” Be sure to catch the episode of Abnormal Summit featuring Han Seung Yeon and Han Ye Ri! source: soompi
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    more --> http://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=4724570&memberNo=1609562 *sorry for posting in really hurry, posting only one image
  14. I guess some small fights/misunderstanding between kara members isn't avoidable But I believe they're really loving each other right now~
  15. Seungyeon had her first ever solo fanmeeting in Korea! On the 24th, she held her '2016 Seungyeon Time' with her Korean fans. During the fanmeet, she revealed her song "Him and I", a song she participated in the lyric writing herself. Fans from all over Asian from Japan, Philippines, and China came to see her on stage. She said, "It's my first time having a fanmeeting by myself in Korea. I thought I'd be okay, but I'm really nervous. But still, seeing fans is such a big strength. Please support the other KARA members and I'm going work hard to only show you the best, so watch over me. I hope we last a long time like today, and I think my birthday today will remain in my memories for a while. Thank you so much." Check out her song above! Source: akp
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    160725 JTBC Abnormal summit Seungyeon cut credit to uploader / ElJunRa Seungyeon on Arirang:
  17. KARA member and idol-turned-actress Seungyeon recently took part in a chic pictorial with 'Grazia', where she talked about a few different topics. To the question on her ideal man, she described, "A very detailed person. Someone who has sense of humor in speech, and it'll be the best if he can lead me. I am weak when it comes to decisions, so I hope he's someone who is good at decision making." Seungyeon also brought up KARA during the interview, cautiously, yet firmly emphasizing that the group has not disbanded. However, she said, "But I can no longer greet [people] with the words, 'Hello, this is KARA's Seungyeon.' It's the same way for my autographs. I used to write KARA next to my autograph all the time, but nowadays I barely do." She then requested, "My fans tend to be disappointed by that, but for now, can you look at me as just Han Seungyeon?" source: akp a note from me:
  18. Happy 8th Debut Anniversarry, Jiyoung & Hara!
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    Ah wow, thanks for considering indonesia on the poll! I'm Indonesian but i don't know how much kamilia here. Indonesia is huge, tho.
  20. Hara's Instagram is back! She disabled her account a week ago. It's unsure if she brought her account back, or, since Instagram only allows for temporary account suspensions, her account was brought back automatically. In either case, it's impossible to know, as Hara herself hasn't used her Instagram since 4 weeks ago. You can still follower her @koohara__. source: allkpop
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  22. Han Seung Yeon is dropping her first solo release since KARA’s disbandment. The singer is teaming up with producing team Sweetune, whom she has worked with in the past, for a fresh digital single entitled “I Am Her” (working title). The song will be a medium tempo track featuring the acoustic guitar. “I Am Her” is slated to drop on July 25 at midnight KST via online music sites. It will be available for preorder starting July 15. Meanwhile, Han Seung Yeon recently wrapped up a successful fan meeting in Japan. She has also been cast as a lead in JTBC’s new drama “Age Of Youth” (working title), which will premiere on July 22. Are you excited for Han Seung Yeon’s solo release? Source: soompi
  23. For reasons unknown, former KARA member Hara has deleted her Instagram. Panicked fans noticed that her account no longer existed, and trying to access any of her photos bring an error. She didn't give a reason as to why she deleted the account. Some are wondering if maybe a hacker got a hold of her account or perhaps she deleted the account because of hackers. source:allkpop ===================== edit by me: as 7 July, her old instagram account came back with same username, content & followers