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  1. never get bored watching this~ hehehe, just spazzing
  2. Waiting fo KARA4 comeback and Nicole comeback!

  3. ahhh, yes, I watched the shorter version for Seungyeon and Hara. I don't know if they cut some part of the video...
  4. I'm now browsing to Nicole's cyworld. Even I can't read anything, just click and click anywhere, hehe found sooo many old kpop songs, really really pulls my heart to go back when I was in junior high school 2pm's songs (i forget the title, just know the songs), 2ne1-stay together, snsd-star star star, ss501-love like this, shinee-jojo, taeyang. etc arghhh my heart going crazy :s anyone know how to translate the cyworld? google translate can't translate it... or maybe there's nicole cyworld translation here?
  5. At first, this is a tough question for me, they all have killer smile! But I decided to choose Nicole because not only her lips smile, love her "eye smile" too!
  6. just finished watching all of the episodes this morning, But sorry, I can't make the ranks, I rarely watch any drama. I watched this because KARA. Hehe For seungyeon's episode : the timeline can't synchronize with my brain. gyahaha. i wrote in a piece of paper to understand it. But I confused when she is go back from the time machine, she's forget about her boyfriend too? for Nicole's episode : I don't get the loveline between nicole and kwangsoo. Am I missing something? The ending is sad. And she's so tempered there. Missing her original image in real life. Usually she's really energetic, smiling, laughing, her tongue . Okay I understand this is drama. 1 Hour is too short for me. Even variety show like running man can be 1h 40m. 90-120 minutes may make the stories more detail and more easy to understand (my brain isn't synchronized, sometimes I paused and figure it first) Anyway, Thank You to Seungyeon, Hara, Jiyoung, Nicole, Gyuri, Directors, TV Staff, and others that made this drama episodes.
  7. ^ yeah, gyuri maybe is the most busy in this year among other kara members, she host many events and tv shows, and as a KARA leader with so many heartbreaking news that maybe made gyuri more tired... in contrast, Where is Hara? Long time not see her in TV or magazine... (hope you enjoy your free time, and fighting with the comeback!)
  8. Spazz

    ^ Whoa. You even noticed seungyeon's sandal Hahahaa
  9. Yes, he said that he likes jiyoung. But I know he's prefer snsd than kara
  10. what kind of shots that did you took? she suits really well in that morning episode, energetic in talking in the morning, much smiles and laughter~
  11. so sad to hear my 2 friends, are now hating her because of this, even one of them is jiyoung-biased. my heart breaks hearing that... reading the comment from allkpop comments, seems some people tell jiyoung is a liar....
  12. yeah agree with poster above too. everyone in this world have own stories, with many chapters inside it, KARA is one of several chapters that Jiyoung made. I hope Jiyoung can make a new, great chapter of her life. Sorry, Jiyoung If I and some people around this world, have a negative thinking for a while because you leaving KARA. now I'm bit more understand, and wish you all the best for your comeback, Jiyoung
  13. ah yes. I agree for that. Seungyeon and Nicole was quit from school too for her singing career... Or this because DSP treatment's? Even my fathers tells me to quit college If I offered a job in a reputable company. For Sunghee, If I'm Sunghee, I really really really regret to quit kara just for exam scores. Jiyoung goes to London. Nicole go to US for training there for 3 months. Now she's already back to Korea. But, it's bad to judge Jiyoung this time. Maybe Jiyoung take this way to make her life better. We don't know exactly what happen to her, and why she's prefer to quit KARA. I think that's not a small problem, because leaving a successful girl group is more than leaving a diamonds. Gonna watch Jing's secret love episode tonight...
  14. they both comeback at the same season. argh, why you leave kara, Jing? You said that you want to study, now you go back to japan as an artist? Why why why you leaving kara? You've hurted me But, It's okay if you want to be an artist, not a singer... I still support you . Sorry if I rarely watch drama's. I'm not really into it. Nicole departure from kara is because dsp treatments to her, I acknowledge that, nicole should go out from dsp, move to new agency, but still a kara member. But sadly dsp refuse that... Goodluck for your comeback, Ji Young.
  15. Spazz

    that will be awesome, you can kiss her everytime, without a drama scenes! lol hahaha! oops. this is seungyeon's thread
  16. Spazz

    But at least we can do it yourself with your precious wife, unlimited times and everytime when we're already married *if you married* hehehe
  17. Yes, I think that Hara seemed cold too at first. But actually she's very fun and witty person. In IY, she even eats whole garlic to make others laugh hard. I'm laughing like a crazy when I see that. Hahaha
  18. I don't know. Jaeho said that because kara members (except gyuri) want to end contract with dsp. Thats old story, and the situation is now changed, not because the members conflict with dsp, but they have own way. Hope sweetune will continue to compose for KARA... Sorry i'm offtopic...
  19. Yes when there's conflict issues from kara members to DSP. PD Jaeho (sweetune) helps to re-unite kara members... This is about in 2011...
  20. Album

    Ahh, I want this album, but not found any in local store... They have only girls forever, in every store...
  21. Love to see her when she spreads kindness and giving advices from her heart♥
  22. Gyuri really amazing... I think rarely korean girls brave enough in front of camera without make up. Even for selca's Gyuri looks didn't have makeup when she shooted for a bluray! Found that in CD2 karasia 1st japan tour, when she practice on the stage! Totally bareface! And I found it still very beautiful! Other members have a little makeup that day... Amazed for your self confidence, Gyuri!
  23. Voted But why Ima okuritai arigato got soo low vote? I really really like that song! Listen to that song from the release time, until now, I still like to listen that song!
  24. thx for the add :) , you should read this :) hehe bit.ly/1sMh5dZ