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  1. Unfortunately it doesn't seem so but you can always always trying buying it from sites like Buyee (its kinda like eBay) I found this from Japan Yahoo! Auctions but you should make an account and see if the seller will ship to your country, etc. - Buyee
  2. The release date for Seungyeon's 1st Kihno single / photobook '그앤 나' has been revealed to be July 25th! This is essentially the Korean version of her Japanese photobook, '19880724 Ohatsu, Me' but since its a whole different product I decided to make a new thread for it. - Comes with a 100 Pg. photobook (less than in Ohatsu, Me) - Kihno music card (Kihno cards are only for Android phones though) - Post card set Kihno Card Tracklist 1. 그앤 나 2. 그앤 나 (Inst.) Order Links: - DVDHeaven - YesAsia - KPOP+
  3. Honestly I'm kinda sad she unfollowed the KARA members but I'm sure everything is fine. She seems to be doing well, though!! She uploaded a picture of herself scuba diving and her friends have been uploading pictures with her on vacation. As long as our honey bun is happy and well I'm glad ^^
  4. Seungyeon is such an angel <3 I really love her photobook so much. I definitely recommend buying it!! I think its really special. ;u;
  5. The short version of her PV came out and the song sounds so amazing. I'm so excited to see the jackets!!
  6. The Korean version of her photobook will be out July 24th! I'll post links of where to buy it when they're posted. By the way Hammie's photobook is topping pre-order charts on HMV and Tsutaya:
  7. Me too! Got my copy secured on pre-order. I'm sure the Korean version won't be all that more expensive than the Japanese version though hopefully it'll have different photos or something different to make it worth the buy.
  8. Me too with Jiyoung's photobook and Nicole's last album I'm completely broke Same I was hoping it would come out on CDJapan but it seems Pia Books is only selling it in certain stores.
  9. Seungyeon mentioned in her latest Instagram post that we should look forward to a Korean version too! Hopefully it'll be made available on places like KpopTown so everyone can get a copy ;u;
  10. Gyuri is so funny and cute. Sounds like she had a fun time shooting the movie!
  11. Seungyeon is releasing her first photobook '19880724 Ohatsu, Me' on July 1st through Pia Books! - 140 Pages, all color - Contains photos of her travels in Japan (favorite spots, cafes, etc.) - Comes with a DVD of the making of and a new single 'He and I' (described as 'French pop tone') as the back ground music - According to Seungyeon there's going to be a Korean version, too! It's coming out July 24th! Order Links: - Pia Books (Japanese): Bonus comes with a lottery post card to her fanmeeting on July 9th in Tokyo - HMV Seungyeon's announcement video More preview pics:
  12. Already got mine on pre-order. It was so expensive but her last photobook was so high quality it was definitely worth it.
  13. Hope - I just want everyone in KARA + JiNi to be healthy and happy in 2015, 2016, forever haha. I hope that they'll all stay busy doing what they want. - For Hammie to finally find a boyfriend. <3 - For Gyuri's movie to be a success. - More selcas from everyone too!! Fear - That there's some kind of conflict within the group. Prediction - That I'll still be in love with every single member.
  14. Get you cupid chu ♪