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  1. I created a topic relating my experience. Please check it out if you didn't yet. I got upset with their version because of my part. Like I clearly say I am a fan since Rock U and they subbed as Rocky. Looks like I am flooding tbh. Could you please merge my comments?
  2. Thank you for the your writeup on meeting Gyuri.

    1. osbmandark


      You're welcome. I am glad that you liked it. Thank you

  3. I was so sad. I am glad that I have awesome people around me. I feel so good!

  4. Please read. It took some hours to type. http://t.co/3yhkvjs6T8

  5. Nicole's is my favorite mv and song. It isn't time to release another collection. An album with 3 singles would fit very well, but I guess we will need to wait some time because DSP was in a hurry to release something. I like Day & Night though
  6. I don't see any similarity. Maybe on old Gyuri
  7. Sorry. I can't start a new topic there yet. Everything is ready to be posted Edit: Thank you. I can do it now
  8. FYI I clearly said "I am a fan since Rock U single". It is not my fault if the subber typed "ROCKY".

  9. I can't even joke with my own friends that strangers take it seriously and try to offend me

  10. Happy belated birthday, Nadia!

  11. RT @gyuri88: 쇼챔 1위... 감사합니다! 비가와서 미끄러운 바람에 무대 제대로 빡세게 보여드리지못한게 아쉽고 죄송하네요.. 앞으로도 열심히할게요!

  12. They upload it on YouTube with Eng subs, you just need for it. I am sure that sooner or later someone will sub it
  13. Thank you @kbsasong4you for selecting me to A Song For You with KARA. You made my day. I love KARA so much!! http://t.co/v3nrKYrFu9