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  1. really love it when she shows her sexy side when dancing.. omo unni you are the best and the cutest.. fighting, i really hope you are doing well.
  2. i also don't think it will be awkward.. and not much interaction would be seen on stage.. i think most of their interaction would be off-stage
  3. i can distinguish all of their voices, especially Cole's and Gyul's.. though at times i'll get confused by jing and hammie because they both have this sweet and soft tone in their voices..
  4. hammie.. jing's action is choding like while hammie unnie's face may have matured through the years, she still does not look her age
  5. your efforts are very much appreciated, and if it is not so much of a hassle i think the last option is best.. consolidate all episodes into a single thread
  6. Merry Christmas! Stay strong, stay positive and believe in KARA
  7. i knew them since debut but wasn't actually a die-hard fan, i listen to other kpop songs and liked SJ, WG, and SNSD, but i never felt so attached with them like i feel with KARA and never made an effort to know every member like i did with kara, so i can say that i am a pure kamilia