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  1. Feels good, Looks good, simply epic-liscious! Shocked when i logged in that day, it was mindblowing. Thanks for making it such a much wonderful place than before!! AWESOMEEE!!!
  2. Aww i think what stars like them really want is for people to understand their feelings. This shows how much they have to go through to get so far. Hara Fighting!!
  3. OMG OMG OMG! Finally its here! Lupin sounds good and very original indeed. Cant wait for the teaser XDDDD
  4. I think they are the first group to receive the top 10 but no specific position.. Congrats girls!!!
  5. 1 million employ KARA as part timers? That's awesome! I would definitely if i can play too =D And also it speaks volume of kara's popularity if female gamers love kara characters as well! KARA fighting!
  6. Wow now they don't even have to make an appearance to make a CF!
  7. I think SY. She seems to have a great sense of responsibility. I realised that since i watched 'the teacher is coming'.
  8. I like that she have this natural small frame so she doesnt look unhealthily skinny.
  9. No questions about it > Hara!!! Although i thought JY came out good in photos as well.
  10. New fan.. First saw them with Wanna when the ghost hand thing came out. After that i started listening to their songs and actually liked first blooming better. But the current members are still my favorites
  11. It shouldn't be a surprise haha. Afterall she's pretty famous. I think it would be a surprise if no one tries to take photos of her in school instead
  12. Hara hunting boars? I kinda feel worried for her but at the same time excited about it