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  1. Hi there, Can someone please send me various images/videos/interviews of Jiyoung with her awesome triumph of a hairstyle from Pandora era/2012 I feel I haven't seen all videos from this time period and that bothered me greatly, thus the need for this post. I would also love more screenshots of her around this time from when she was on Invisable Youth. The thread for her time on Invisable Youth no longer display all the photos anymore (It was so long ago maybe the photo host doesn't exist now?). I haven't fully watched Invisable Youth because I don't always have lots of data.....If someone would like to make a few more cute cuts of Jing from her time on the show that would be awesome (Then I can cheat and just watch Jiyoung's moments keke)...I have found only one cut on youtube, there definitely is a window there for someone to make edits You can post here but if you would like to send me a private message and reply to my wanted ad there...please go ahead Thank you very very much P.S. Here's a video to get the ball rolling
  2. Hi there, This is my first time posting but I have been a long time in the shadow's here *Edit* Then I see I have done 6 post's LOL I didn't remember...I'm gonna go see what they were now I hope it's the right place to put this Ahhhhhhmaziiiiiing Jing😍😍😍😍 I call it now....Jiyoung is going to be rolling in award's. Wow just wow, I can tell her performance is going to cause an international tissue box shortage hahaha
  3. Lovin Jing in the sporty casual Brooklyn jersey Thanks for the quality scans
  4. *Throws Pokeball at Arcanine*....AKA you :P

  5. Spazz

    @loveaction OMG Nikori Croft needs her own comic book Nic verse two Tigers=Epicness Link me if there are more Nikori Croft pics okkk? Thankyou ^^
  6. Thanks @lukas_95 for greeting me here ^^ I've been reading this thread in the shadows because I hadn't signed up and I really really wanted to join in but I've only got the chance to sign up now >.< For sure I'll have fun being a part of the action now Bring on the new Jing news
  7. Hi guys, this is my first time in the Jing thread <wahhh I love these Rabbits btw LOL I really wanted to thankyou for making this Jiyoung encyclopedia here, it has Jing's time from when she was in Kara and her future as an Actress is unfolding right now Please please don't stop posting, this thread is awesome...now I'm going to page one to see everything Jing has ever done hehe Thanks again guys Cheers
  8. I wonder if *coughs*anyone* will recognise me from my username?? :P

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      Dad is that you????? lololololol

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      Mini The Mouse

      @ilovekaramorethanthebeatles YES XD Luke I am your Father LOL

  9. Welcome to Karaholic, Mini The Mouse :)

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      Mini The Mouse

      Wahh thankyou, it looks like an awesome place here :D