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  1. I'd take Hara. Because... . I have a great imagination, so I dream & fantasize about these situations (meeting/dating Hara) all the time... I could even write fanfic stories about them. LoL.
  2. Welcome to Karaholic!!! :)

  3. Welcome to Karaholic.

    1. Dammu


      Thank you!

      Interesting thing - I also love KARA more than the Beatles. xD

  4. Hi! Welcome to Karaholic!

  5. Umm... sad, but... only about 2 weeks ago. And how? Interesting thing... I played Osu! and loved to play the song "Step" there. It sounded good, so I looked it up on youtube and then.... I fell in love. I did not know much about kpop before that. I'm so new...
  6. Thanks. Well, the song I really can't stop listening to is "Step". It's basicly everything I want a song to be - energetic and melodic with some cuteness. But I also like Mamma Mia, Jumping and Mr. But also Secret Love by Hara (because you know... Hara).
  7. Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay with us and don't be afraid to be active in our discussions!

    1. Dammu


      Thank you!

      I'll try to be, even tho I'm so new to this and might not always know what to write or may be unfamiliar with some stuff. :D But I guess all that matters is that I love Kara and I'm learning something new about them everyday.

      Glad to be a part of this awesome community.

    2. flamestalker


      Haha, the best part is that there is no real way to be a fan of KARA. So explore as you wish and go on your own journey to ultimate KARA randomness hahaha

  8. Hey. I'm actually really new to KPOP and Kara. Started listening like 1-2 weeks ago (instantly fell in love with Kara). But.. but... my favourite is Hara . She's just soooooo cute and I love cute girls. I even watched her On&Off reality. So... yeah.
  9. Welcome to Karaholic, Dammu :)