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  1. I love it! It's super bright, but I'll get used to it eventually.
  2. The MV was so awesome. Hopefully someone will sub the Hitmaker show episodes
  3. I can't wait to see the video of this! She definitely has the legs for a marathon. Thanks for sharing
  4. Description: The Dream Team goes to volunteer. 214 people share a warm deed. They join Sean in a project to raise the temperature of Korea by 1 degree. 214 volunteers donate 25,000 charcoal briquettes. “Dream Team” shares a warm spirit. Source: KBS World Youtube
  5. I love her long red hair the most But honestly she can pull of any haircolor.
  6. I loved that moment too when I saw that video! <3
  7. Youngji posts the best photos! So happy that she joined Instagram.
  8. Haha that photo looks so real! I love watching Running Man and I think I would go crazy if Youngji comes on for an episode. It would be so awesome! I would especially love it since she is no longer going to be on Roommate.
  9. Younger has the best laugh. That picture is perfect!