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  1. This Hara addict is back ^w^

  2. I will be back..

    1. lukas_95


      Long time no see! I havent seen you spazzing hara's choco chip cookies / alohara. Hope you already listened to them...

  3. Name: Karl Country: Philippines Message: Seungyeon noona! You're already near 30s! Tho you still look so young so you'll always be the fake maknae of Kara! Happy Birthday to you and I hope you get a lot more! Thank you for always working so hard and being with Kara! I wish you more success and fame. Please visit the Philippines with Kara sometimes! TT Take care and always do your best!
  4. I'm back in action fufu

  5. At my grandparent's house! Will be gone for awhile! ; ;

  6. Youngji's drawing everyone was like "what's that?" she's so cute tho
  7. CUPID IS SO SEXY!! <3

  8. Haraaa! Haraaaaaa Can't wait for group teaser!!
  9. My Goddess Hara swinging that hair left and right! The dress is unique and different but it's perfect on her
  10. Kara comeback please <3

  11. Welcome!! I'm guessing you're a Seungyeon baised? x3

  12. Hara is so pretty!! My eyes were on her the whole time