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About Me

I'll be restarting this part of my Korean "word of the day soon".

Please look forward to it!

Well because I have not much to write about myself, I'll make use of this space for something more worthwhile than reading about a person like me. <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="tongue.gif" border="0" alt="tongue.gif" />

I'm putting up a log of my <b><i>Korean Word of the Day</i></b> that I run daily on the sbox for those that miss it here.

While I don't know if anyone would even read this or not, but nonetheless I hope it helps and if it doesn't... no harm done! <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="tongue.gif" border="0" alt="smile.gif" />

<i>*Log of words started 14/01/2010</i>

<b>- May 2010 -</b>


캍이 (katchi) - <b><u>together</u></b>

혼자 (honja) - <b><u>alone</u></b>

<b>- April 2010 -</b>


내일 (naeil) -<u> <b>tomorow</b></u>

오늘 (oneul) -<u> <b>today</b></u>


잠깐만요 (jamkkanmanyo) - <u><b>hold on / wait a moment</b></u>

이것 (igeot) - <u><b>this</b></u>

저것 (jeogeot) - <u><b>that</b></u>

<b>- March 2010 -</b>


귀신 (gwisin) = <b><u>ghost</u></b>

유령 (yuryeong) = <b><u>spirits</u></b>


힘세다 (himseda) - <b><u>strong</u></b>


포도 쥬스 (podo jyuseu) = <b><u>grape juice</u></b>

건배 (geonbae) = <b><u>cheers</u></b>


침대 (chimdae) - <b><u>bed</u></b>.

베개 (begae) - <b><u>pillow</u></b>.

담요 (damyo) - <b><u>blanket</u></b>.

<b>- February 2010 -</b>


비상구 춤 (pisangu chum) - <b><u>Emergency Exit Dance</u></b>. Yes, the one and only.... <img src="style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=" :51333867:" border="0" alt="biggrin.gif" />


객실 (gaeksil) - <b><u>room in a hotel</u></b>.

방 (bang) - <b><u>room at home</u></b>.


북한 (bukhan) - <b><u>North Korea</u></b>

남한 (namhan) - <b><u>South Korea</u></b>


성공 (seonggong) - <b><u>success</u></b>.


인기 있다 (inki itda) - <b><u>popular</u></b>.


중국 설날 (jungkuk seolnal) - <b><u>Chinese New Year</u></b>. You can just say 설날, it means New Year and its the same thing.


신이 나다 (sini nada) - <b><u>excited</u></b>

신나는 (sinnaneun) - <b><u>exciting</u></b>


모든 종류의 (modeun jongnyu i) - <b><u>every kind (of)</u></b>

매번 (maebeon) - <b><u>everytime</u></b>

어디든지 (eodideunji) - <b><u>everywhere</u></b>


모든 (modeun) - <b><u>every</u></b>

모든 사람 (modeun saram) - <b><u>everyone</u></b>

모든 것 (modeun geot) - <b><u>everything</u></b>

매 (mae) - <b><u>every</u></b> (shortform)


여자 (yeoja) - <b><u>woman</u></b>

남자 (namja) - <b><u>man</u></b>

소녀 (sonyeo) - <b><u>girl</u></b>

소년 (sonyeon) - <b><u>boy</u></b>


저녁 식사 (jeonyeok siksa) - <b><u>dinner</u></b>

점심 식사 (jeomsim siksa) - <b><u>lunch</u></b>

아침 식사 (achim siksa) - <b><u>breakfast</u></b>

식사 (siksa) - <b><u>meal</u></b>


아침 (achim) - <b><u>morning</u></b>

오후 (ohu) - <b><u>afternoon</u></b>

밤 (bam) - <b><u>night</u></b>


나방 (nabang) - <b><u>moth</u></b>.

예쁘다 (yeppeuda) -<b><u>pretty/beautiful</u></b>.


키스 (kiseu) - <b><u>kiss</u></b>.

뽀뽀 (bbobbo) - <b><u>smooch</u></b>. A cuter way of saying kiss.

토요일 (toyoil) - <b><u>Saturday</u></b>.

금요일 (geumyoil) - <b><u>Friday</u></b>.

목요일 (mogyoil) - <b><u>Thursday</u></b>.


수요일 (suyoil) - <b><u>Wednesday</u></b>

화요일 (hwayoil) - <b><u>Tuesday</u></b>

<b>- January 2010 -</b>


월요일 (wolyoil) - <b><u>Monday</u></b>.

일요일 (ilyoil) - <b><u>Sunday</u></b>.


뷔페 (bwipe) - <b><u>buffet</u></b>.


행운을 빕니다 (haeng.unuel bib(m)nida) - <b><u>Good Luck</u></b>.


태양 (taeyang) - <b><u>sun</u></b>.

달 (dal) - <b><u>moon</u></b>.


뭐라고 하셨어요 (mworago hasyeosseoyo) - <b><u>pardon me</u></b>.


고추 (gochu) - <b><u>chilli</u></b>. Can also be used for pepper.

후추 (huchu) - <b><u>black pepper</u></b>. Used to specify black pepper.


화나다 (hwanada) - <b><u>angry</u></b>.

우유 (uyu) - <b><u>milk</u></b>.

국수 (guksu) - <b><u>noodles</u></b>.


금 (geum) - <b><u>gold</u></b>.

정말 (jeongmal) - <b><u>really</u></b>. To state something in regards to be "really" good.


감자 (gamja) - <b><u>potato</u></b>.


이만해 (imanhae) - <b><u>huge</u></b>.


잘한다 (chalhanda) - <b><u>very good</u></b>. You'll hear this ALOT in korean shows.

굴 (gul) - <b><u>oysters</u></b>.


저질 (jeojil) - <b><u>crazy</u></b>.

물 (mul) - <b><u>Water</u></b>.

불 (bul) - <b><u>Fire</u></b>.


양고기 (yanggogi) - <b><u>Lamb/Mutton</u></b>.


어제 (eoje) - <b><u>yesterday</u></b> .


영화 (yeonghwa) - <b><u>Movies</u></b> . Very important word, so make sure you remember it.


졸린 (jollin) - <b><u>tired</u></b>, as in sleepy.

피곤한 (pigonhan) - <b><u>tired</u></b> but as in tireness from doing something (working, playng sports, etc.).