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  1. Well you're a super mod and you're doing a great job~! I can retire in peace. LOL!! XP

  2. 우리 딸!!! 최고이야~!! kyaaaaa~~~ =D

  3. it's okay~ i love you the most.

  4. i love you~! ♥

  5. baby~ I love you too ♥

  6. ^ [Gyuri.t] When recording for a magazine shoot.. The picture that was captured on the computer monitor made my face turned out to have cross-stripes =ㅁ= - [Gyuri.t] Got my nail art done at One Carat*. Great mood now! * One Carat is manicure shop at Gangnam-gu, Seoul.
  7. Wooohoo!! IKR?! How long has it been.... since all 5 of them were together on a Korean variety talk show.. Star Golden Bell during Lupin promos?! That's a year! I think it'll air the week after next.
  8. Kara records for SBS Strong Heart, all 5 members were present! Kara resumes their activity since their internal discord and feud with their parent company by attending in the recording for Strong Heart today. A representative (of Kara) told Newsen today (May 12th 2011) that "all 5 members of Kara was present for the recording of SBS Strong Heart today". At today's recording, Kara members Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, Goo Hara, Jung Nicole and Kang Jiyoung talked about their hardships and how they felt during the discord with their parent company, DSP Media. In addition, Goo Hara also talked about her experiences as debuting as an actor for the anticipated upcoming SBS drama, "City Hunter". It was disclosed on the 19th of January that the 3 members that were in the lawsuits against DSP Media, was Kang Jiyoung, Jung Nicole and Han Seungyeon. During the 100 days of the lawsuit, the 3 members and DSP held alot of discussions in order to come to a compromise to their contracts. It was an utmost importance to maintain the 3 members in Kara in which case DSP has made a public apology to the fans since the lawsuit was settled. Much to the delight of many, DSP has asked for the fans for forgiveness and has promised that Kara will be resuming their activities very soon. DSP adds "The confusion between DSP and Kara has been a misfortune, but it is often said that bad luck often brings good luck after. Kara will continue to do their very best in the future." SBS Strong Heart will be Kara's first kickoff to their resumption of their activities. Meanwhile, Kara will have an official fanmeet on the 11th of June 2011, 6pm in the evening at Jamsil Stadium which is just right around the corner. Source: NEWSEN Translated & Edited by benbenkr @ Karaholic Please take out with full credit.
  9. First post udpated with Yoo's subbed cut for the phone call with Jiyoung. Totally cutee~ Thanks to Yoo for the subs.
  10. Kara's leader Park Gyuri and maknae Kang Jiyoung displays their friendship on a phonecall. On MBC Pyojun FM 'Shindong, Park Gyuri Shimshimtapa', Park Gyuri and Kang Jiyoung had a phone call conversation with one another, displaying their close friendship. Jiyoung said "I'm currently still having lessons and schoolwork". After picking the phone up Jiyoung jokingly said "Who.. am I~???" to which Gyuri replied "I wouldn't know.." and "eii~ Gyuri unni you're the one that was calling me just now". Jiyoung adds "These days theres been a little bit of free time so I've been attending lessons in school. I'm 18 but I need to hurry up and get ready for college soon." Jiyoung's puppies were recently revealed, "I have 4 of them. Their names are Jisook, Myungsoo, Hongsun and Boksili." Shindong jokingly said "Does it have double eyelids like Park Myungsoo (MC and comedian) though?" While Jiyoung replied "Ah luckily my Myungsoo has big eyes too!". It was also revealead that Jiyoung likes foot ball and her favourite football player is Park Jisung. With that, Shindong and Gyuri ended the segment by playing Kara's Rock U, to which Jiyoung said "I love it!".. Source: TVREPORT Translated & Edited by benbenkr @ Karaholic Please take out with full credit. Jiyoung's call on Shindong, Park Gyuri's Shimshimtapa! Thanks a million to Yoo!
  11. That's what happened in the manga. So... yea, they have to follow it? No kissing scenes probably.
  12. 3 new stills of Hara on the drama~ Those pony tails seriously screams "cuteeee" all the time!
  13. ~ Translation ~ In celebration of resuming tweeting.. Here's my baby pic too:) hehehe Her name is KkingKangie (3months old, female). Cause' I'm Gyul my baby is KkingKangie..>_< -- Everyone, it's been a long time since I tweeted..! I miss you all..^^ I'm gonna start tweeting again~~
  14. Not exactly sure where she was when this pic was taken, but according to some Koreans she was at the filming site for City Hunter. Either ways~
  15. Oh? The translation hasn't been posted up yet? Here: 많이.. 기다렸죠? 長い時間待っていたよね!사랑해요^^ 꺄웅>_< You... waited long right? I love you all! ^^ Kyaung! >_< trans by melukia
  16. Another shot of Hara for the IBIZA Highper Tanning Studio... featuring giant baby~!
  17. Some extra info, since Nicole didn't mention it in her english tweet but she did in her Korean one. In the first pic, the puppy on the left is Mocha. The puppy on the right is Chino. So remember, the smaller one is Mocha, the bigger one is Chino. So Yuda, flip the 1st and 2nd pic on your post. The 2nd pic you posted is actually the first pic keke~
  18. Glad you guys liked it. I'll put up a second verse next. Then something from IOA since it's requested.
  19. Created a Jet Coaster Love ringtone by cutting the first verse out, for everyone to use. Surely "hara hara tocchi setsunai yo" never gets old right? Jet Coaster Love 1st verse ringtone: [Mediafire] Jet Coaster Love 2nd verse ringtone: [Mediafire] Bonus! Jet Coaster Love message-tone. [Mediafire] *I remixed the message tone, basically took "hara hara docchi setsunai yo" and combined it with "kiss kiss/me" directly after. I think it's cuter that way... Probably will put up the second verse as well. Enjoy!
  20. Jung Yong Hwa clarifies scandal about Goo Hara On the 21st of April, CNBlue's Jung Yong Hwa guested on KBS2's Happy Together. Regarding the scandal with Goo Hara, Yong Hwa was there to clarify the truth on the matter. Not too long ago, pictures of Jung Yong Hwa and Goo Hara being intimate with one another led to a scandal. However because the scandal did not have any basis, Yong Hwa did not say anything about it in hopes that the matter would dissapear on it's own. Now though, Jung Yong Hwa has this to clarify on Happy Together: "We (Hara and I) were recording for the program that day and many of us idols got friendlier and closer to one another. Hara was just playfully hitting me, but the picture ironically captured her hand on my chest.. and I think that's how the scandal broke through." "Hara is a good sister to me" Source: TV Daily Edited & Translated by benbenkr @ Karaholic Please take out with full credit. I just watched the cut on this part... hilarious stuff there. Yoo Jae Sook was teasing Yong Hwa to no end.
  24. PERFORMANCES / EVENTS [2008.12.02] Kara's comeback after two months on Dec. 4 [2008.12.06] So Hot + U-go-girl = Cute and Lively Kara? [2008.12.08] Kara to perform at 2008 Korean Game Awards [2008.12.11] Pretty Girl: Kara's version of So Hot? [2009.01.11] Kara: "Hanbok-Bunny Girl-Doll..." Colorful Clothing Performances Emit Charm [2009.02.17] Kara's first Fan meeting since their debut two years ago... A chocolate party with 1000 fans [2009.03.24] 1,800 fans at Kara's fan meeting, stopped after 30 minutes [2009.03.28] 10 of Kara's fans put an ad in the newspaper that caught people's attentions to celebrate their 2nd anniversary [2009.05.27] KARA holds their first ever mini-concert [2009.08.14] KARA to perform 2PM's 'Again & Again' [2009.09.12] The snowy road of KARA's past fanmeetings [2009.09.28] Kara's First Official Fan Meeting, A Joyful Meeting with Fans [2009.10.06] Kara's hot night at Bangkok-- Butt dance explosion! [2009.11.21] Kara feat BEG in MAMA 2009 [2009.11.30] KARA to hold first showcase in Japan [2009.12.05] KARA girls shake their booties again to 'Mister' on Music Core [2009.12.12] 2NE1, Brown Eyed Girls, KARA, and SNSD to have a joint stage @ Melon Awards! [2009.12.14] Kara's Japan Fanmeeting Success! [2009.12.16] Kara shakes their butts at the Melon Music Awards! [2009.12.20] SBS Gayo Daejun HOT lineup revealed! [2009.12.24] Brown Eyed Girls, After School, KARA and 4Minute for special joint stage on KBS Music Bank! [2009.12.26] Performance lineup for KBS Gayo Festival revealed! [2010.01.05] Kara explosive reaction in Japan 'Another fanmeeting thanks to large sales of the first one' [2010.01.12] Kara to perform at Starcraft OSL Finals [2010.02.05] Kara won't make this years New Year Specials [2010.02.08] Kara's fFirst arrival in Japan Press Conference report [2010.02.22] Countdown to the showdown of 'Black SoShi' and 'Lupin KARA' [2010.02.22] Kara and Rainbow to perform alongside SS501 [2010.03.06] Seungyeon takes a hard fall during Music Core performance [2010.03.24] 2PM and KARA for joint fanmeeting coming 10th April [2010.04.10] KARA's self-made ranking charts. [2010.05.11] [ Japan TV] KARA Japan Handshake event, 4000 lucky Japanese fans. [2010.05.27] Kara, opening Japanese fan club first showing the backstage [2010.08.15] Japan's Reaction to Kara's "Mister" [2010.08.16] KARA, Japan Handshake Event gathered more than 10,000 fans [2010.08.12] Panic! KARA’s live street performance ended abruptly in 3 minutes! [2010.09.17] Rain, 2AM, KARA will perform at 'Asia Songs Festival' [2011.06.01] KARA’s fan meeting in Korea to be shown live in movie theaters across Japan [2011.06.11] Kara thanks their fans @ Fan meeting [2011.06.21] Fan Meeting Behind the Scenes Cut [2011.08.07] KARA holds fan meeting at Yokohama Arena, promises to hold a concert in Japan next year [2011.08.10] KARA to promote K-pop Cover Dance Festival [2011.11.09] BoA, SNSD, 2NE1 and Kara will appear in a year-end Japanese Music Festival [2011.12.01] Kara Will Be the Opening Stage for the Japanese's Show 'Kouhaku' [2011.12.30] KARA to hold first concert ‘KARASIA’ in 2012 [2012.01.11] KARA To Hold First Asia Concert Tour [2012.02.18] KARA sheds tears while holding their 1st solo concert in 5 years, ‘KARASIA’ [2012.04.13] Kara in Singapore to launch their fragrance with a showcase [2012.04.14] KARA Kicks Off First Japan Tour Fascinates Total of 12,000 Fans [2012.04.16] Fans Help Kara Stand Tall in Its First Japan Tour Concert [2012.05.24] MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia Makes Spectacular Return To Sunway Lagoon On 14 July!
  25. VARIETY TV / RADIO VARIETY TV [2008.10.19] Coldened Han Seungyeon Koo Hara's "Dramatic Gift-Exchange Reconciliation?" [2008.12.11] Kara gets physical on MBC Every1's Idol Show Season 3 [2008.12.23] "It's Kara's Time?" Kara becomes Wang Biho's Sacrifice at the Gag Concert [2009.01.03] Kara puts on Hanboks--A sudden Pretty Girl Transformation: New Year's Greeting [2009.01.09] Gyuri and Seungyeon on Star Golden Bell [2009.01.11] Kara: "Hanbok-Bunny Girl-Doll..." Colorful Clothing Performances Emit Charm [2009.01.15] It's Kara's Time! 7 New Year's Specials [2009.01.16] KARA on Ootchasa [2009.01.18] Kim Heechul and Lee Hongki's <Pretty Girl> [2009.01.31] Infinity Challenge's Yoo Jae Suk, No Hong Chul: "We are KARA fans! Ye Ye Ye Ye!" [2009.02.13] KARA's <Honey> promotion starts, this time is naturally pure! [2009.03.15] Kara Nicole is a genius? [2009.03.22] Suju Hankyung, leveled with Kara Nicole? [2009.03.23] Kara screaming with joy after finding out their MC spot on 'Idol Show' [2009.03.27] The member in Kara who is the most greedy for lines is? [2009.04.07] MTV KARA's Meta Friends [2009.04.18] SS501's Kyujong to Kara's Nicole's "Grow up quickly our baby~" [2009.05.21] KARA's MetaFriends first episode on May 26 [2009.06.13] Do I Go with KARA or 2PM? Do I Go with Soshi or SS501? [2009.07.08] MTV <Kara MetaFriends>, Long-awaited wrap-up [2009.07.16] Goo Hara appears with MC Mong for his show [2009.08.05] SBS Inkigayo Summer Special - Girl Group special [2009.08.06] KARA's Nicole, 2PM's Jaebum and Lee Sung Jin join Bonanza [2009.08.14] Nicole - MinJi - GaIn - HyunA for special dance battle on SBS Inkigayo [2009.08.29] FT Island, KARA and other popular singers for new campaign on SBS Inkigayo [2009.09.23] KBS 'Undefeatable Youth', seizing the girl-groups [2009.10.04] KARA shines bright at Chuseok specials [2009.10.08] Kara To Make Drama Cameo Appearance [2009.10.10] Confirmed... KARA for the Cameo Role in Hero. [2009.10.14] Kara on 'Strong Heart': Love triangle and Nicole's complaints? [2009.10.16] Infinity Challenge finally meets KARA! [2009.10.18] Kara on 'Quiz to Change World': Seungyeon's confession/Gyuri's long toe [2009.10.19] Kara's concert within 'Hero', first 500 fans allowed to enter [2009.10.20] Nicole to be part of new segment on Sunday Sunday Nights (for 4 weeks) [2009.10.21] 'Star GoldenBell' signature corner 'Level with Me' has ended [2009.10.22] "Nicole doesn't think Gyuri is a goddess?" [2009.10.23] Yang Jungah and Kang Jiyoung's Mom Are One Year Apart? "Mommy~" Nickname Causes Laughter [2009.10.24] "Kara, Kim Bum and Epik High harvest rice with Infinity Challenge" [2009.10.30] 2AM's Jinwoon explains about his 'love triangle' with KARA's Nicole and Hara [2009.11.05] "MBC delays the airing of Hero" [2009.11.12] Lee JunKi hugging Nicole of Kara? [2009.11.14] "Kara to be in the second season of Mnet's Crown Bakery" [2009.11.19] Kara becomes bakery CEO's in 'Kara Bakery'! [2009.11.24] Kara can receive bank loans for bakery up to 70,000,000 Won (EST. $60,000)' [2009.11.24] Goo Hara & Lee Hwi Jae join the hunt for boars [2009.11.26] SHINee MinHo goes on a levee date with ideal girl KARA Goo Hara [2009.11.27] Is SHINee's Key in love triangle with Kara members? [2009.12.01] Kara is NOW HIRING! [2009.12.02] Kara Bakery gets flooded [2009.12.05] SS501 doing KARA's buttdance! [2009.12.08] Gyuri's ideal guy works at Kara's Bakery? + [uPDATED - Ideal Man Unveiled] [2009.12.21] Filming for Oh! Brothers begins [2009.12.23] MBLAQ to make a cameo on Kara Bakery! [2009.12.24] KARA Nicole and So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany will make guest appearances for SBS Family Outing. [2010.01.10] Preview of Kara's Nicole on Family Outing [2010.01.13] Daesung, The female idol member whose contact number is in my mobile phone is KARA's Kang JiYoung [2010.01.24] Big Bang Daesung and KARA Jiyoung clear up the scandal [2010.02.28] "Kara's dads choose SNSD as their daughters' rivals" [2010.05.10] Invincible Youth PD "1 or 2 member changes.. But not Season 2" [2010.06.02] SBS finalizes the 12 member female cast for new variety show Heroes [2010.07.08] The HahaMong Show visits KARA's dorm [2010.07.13] Goo Hara, Lee Chun Hee and Song Ji Hyo to guest on Running Man [2010.07.15] KARA's Seungyeon and Jiyoung will host an animal program [2010.07.15] Which SBS Heroes Members Are the Most Popular? [2010.11.09] KARA Challenges Actress Roles for the First Time [2010.11.16] Why was KARA naked in the car? [2010.11.18] KARA to reveal their daily lives through “D-day KARA” [2010.12.03] KARA featured in MBC Star Audition: The Great Birth Kara mc audition for 'Sakigake Ongaku Banzuke~EIGHT~' [2010.12.12] Happy Together KARA's & 2AM's Ratings Effect Instantaneous [2010.12.25]Teaser for KARA’s upcoming drama, “URAKARA”, revealed! [2011.01.09] PR for "URAKARA", Speaking In 2 Languages Was Fun [2011.01.11] KARA holds press conference for upcoming drama, “URAKARA”+KARA featured on the cover of “Only Star” [2011.01.17] KARA's URAKARA received high ratings despite being aired at midnight [2011.01.28] 02/04 URAKARA will be a digest of Episodes 1-3 [2011.02.01] SBS New Year special show; Who is the king of idols [2011.05.12] KARA resumes activity by recording for SBS Strong Heart! [2011.05.14] Information about KARA on SBS Strong Heart [2011.05.16] KARA's crying moments in the upcoming episode on Strong Heart revolves around "misunderstanding" [2011.05.18] KARA’s first TV appearance on Strong Heart – What did they say? [2011.10.21] Compilation Articles from KARA's Radio Star [2011.12.07] Kara Will Make Appearance on 'Immortal Song2' Christmas Special RADIO [2009.05.04] Han Seung Yeon, Park Gyuri, Evan; Urgent Substitutes as Radio DJs [2010.01.15] Girl Groups will have a sports battle on [2010.06.24] Shindong & Park Gyuri promise to dress up as Avatar if Korea advances to the top 8! [2010.07.13] Shindong & Park Gyuri deliver snacks to ShimShim Tapa's listeners [2010.11.18] Shindong and Gyuri to throw a party for test takers [2011.05.11] Gyuri calls in to Jiyoung on Shimshimtapa