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  1. Type A Ended up ordering and just received Type B (the previous one was for a friend) and got one of the photocards I wanted!
  2. Scan

    forgot to say thanks for sharing!
  3. You're right! Only got to see one page My friend showed me from his album but I could not find it anywhere in my version. If I had known this I would have bought both types for myself xD
  4. Are the photobooks for Type A and B different? My Type B is for a friend so I can't open it to check xD
  5. Spazz

    Yeah, I like the song! Can't wait to listen to the rest of her album when I get my copy from the mail. I hope we get another pop rock song like her guilty too one day xD
  6. Just got KCzLLuF.jpg photo set and m-card(?). Now to wait for her album!

  7. It's out for online order through the link in the previous post now
  8. I -think- it's going to be sold from tower records only (for online orders), so you'll have to use a proxy buying service. A ) So you have to make an account with tower records guide and to get a tenso japanese address/service that will deliver to your real address after they deliver it to your Japanese address (since tower records doesn't deliver overseas). I'm just refreshing everyday to see if it pops up yet on tower records seungyeon, I believe it should pop up on the site on the 8th. or B ) You can skip all of that and buy it through a proxy buying service (which is fine to use if an order won't sell out before you pay them to order it for you) such as http://fromjapan.co.jp/
  9. When is it possible to order online?
  10. Added Seungyeon stuff


  11. Spazz

    Just got my Seungyeon poster and photo set. Just ordered her calendar too!
  12. Call Center

    link to 2nd part isn't working anymore -edit- never mind, link still works it's just there's an extra - after the = sign.