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  1. @G4M3_BO1 ur so cute i think you should

  2. RT @dumbandfunn: oh I am so over it (today in general) https://t.co/vZZMH9Rzzr

  3. RT @Drebae_: Just stepped on the scale & it said I gained 10lbs. We inside this summer I fear https://t.co/YRwaPsa8rU

  4. RT @whotfisjovana: https://t.co/iDaTAz0vKC

  5. RT @daisyjonesswift: I'll tell my kids these were the old and new testament https://t.co/s1WZeTgYp6

  6. cassie and i are going to be SEATED and eat so good https://t.co/fUhYFcZdwL

  7. RT @jasminericegirl: https://t.co/tHJeBuTrJx

  8. granny doesn’t deserve his 8-pack but i do!!! 🧎🏽‍♀️ https://t.co/OHvjQ5FXTH

  9. me at this tessa bailey signing https://t.co/EccokVRBFU

  10. no bc i would have done the same exact thing https://t.co/aMzrwHH2M4

  11. RT @SomaKazima: It was XTINA feat DIDDY https://t.co/lH8pH51eAf

  12. @xxi_jacee oomf fetishized era

  13. @G4M3_BO1 https://t.co/e1Nr6r8ufE

  14. m3gan noticing the lack of female vocalists and said hand me the mic https://t.co/Htpe8rLUW3

  15. not my two worlds colliding now he did this for me https://t.co/mBYCOMNFYT