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  1. Okay so we all know that Kara disbanded and that's hurt us all but even then, they left as one of the most iconic girl group out there and this have a lot to do with their songs, one of their most iconic song is STEP and it's been already 5 years since we are streaming the song but now it's time to step it up me and some fellow kamilia who are my friends created a project to help STEP reach finnaly that 100 millions views and as we know this community is one of the best place for kamilia like me so please I'm begging you as a kamilia and as someone who like Kara please let's make that video reach 100 millions and we will not stop until then, as a first step into this project we gonna do a Mass Stream on the 11 February so please let's stream a lot that day to increase the views thank you and please spread the messagehttps://pbs.twimg.com/media/C38X51IWcAYsPdt?format=jpg&name=large