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  1. 0g_helsa Instagram Video BUBBLE POP(HYUNA), Youngji dance(not sing). Heo sisters
  2. I can't insert video on IG here therefore I can give the reference only: My baby cries
  3. It's so a pity that all Kara has publicly ignored a solo debut of Youngji. Even Seungyeon. It so upsets((
  4. This day has come! Delightful and lovely Youngji song
  5. Already tomorrow solo debut of Youngji! I can't wait! Loading of Youngji to a debut
  6. Perfectly, perfectly, perfectly! I look forward to her a solo debut! I already want to hear everything the song!!!
  7. It's fine healing song!!! At Youngji amazing voice, so with pleasure and beautifully
  8. Best-10 Comments on Naver Article abt Youngji throwing the pitch for Nexen Heroes